Squirt. What is it and how to achieve?

Squirt. What is it and how to achieve?.

What is this? Myth or reality?

Squirt is called an orgasm that occurs with vaginal stimulation, in which a whitish liquid sharply comes out, which is often called female ejaculation. According to a common representation, the sensations of a woman with a squirt is deeper and stronger, and such an orgasm itself lasts longer, the usual clitoral or vaginal.

How to achieve?

To achieve a squirt, you have to try. Remember that it is important to find the za g that you can do in an excited state – it is a hillock located in the area of the front wall of the vagina, which is the reverse side of the clitoris. After you find it, the most difficult thing will remain – stimulate and stimulate again, as pleasant as possible and using certain techniques.

If it does not come out, then?

There are no such techniques and practices that are suitable for everyone and at once. In addition, the effectiveness of their application depends on the emotional state and other factors. So, if it does not go to bring the case for Squirt – do not be upset, enjoy the most intimate process.

Basic rules for receiving squirt:

– Several positions

1. Knee-elbow. In this position, point G can be stimulated not only with fingers, but also by penis. The pelvis of a man should be higher than the level of the female position, and the penis must be directed down.

2. On the back. The partner needs to introduce vaginally a few fingers so that the palm is directed up, after which you can proceed directly to stimulation.

– The technique of stimulation with fingers

Gently start with massage of the woman’s clitoris, gradually exciting her, immerse your fingers into the vagina. After a woman is sufficiently excited, you can find a G-fifth. Press your fingers as much as possible to the vaginal wall and press a little on the woman’s stomach, massaging the necessary area. Gradually increase the stimulation rate. When a woman begins to fidget and feels a desire to go to the toilet – you are close to the goal. To ejaculate to come out, the woman should be as relaxed as possible.

– Sufficient excitement

Remember that excitation for squirt should be maximum, otherwise nothing will come of it. If a woman says she wants to go to the toilet – she is close to completion.

– Do not wait for squirt

If you wait for him, then take the whole head with these thoughts. It will be difficult for you to completely relax and enjoy. Even if it did not occur, do not be upset, you can always try again.



Use lubricants to avoid uncomfortable sensations with intense vaginal stimulation. In addition, exciting lubricants can help very for squirt, the enjoy will be stronger due to increased blood flow in the genitals.

Stimulant (for G-zone)

Use a stimulator for the G zone, which will affect the necessary area. For squirt, it is recommended to choose stimulants with a wide area of exposure.

Additional stimulant

With additional stimulation, you will be more excited, and this will in any case guarantee a bright orgasm, regardless of whether there was a squirt or not.

Vinyl sheets

To avoid getting wet, you can use vinyl sheets, and then you will not have to score your head with unnecessary problems.

Precautionary measures

– Do not start vaginal stimulation with sudden movements, increase the pace gradually;

– Before the intimate process, it is advisable to empty to avoid an incident and an awkward moment;

– Do not immediately proceed to vaginal stimulation without the necessary excitement;

– If the partner begins to experience uncomfortable or painful sensations, it is necessary to slow down the pace of stimulation.

Hand processing measures if it is done with hands

It is necessary to take care of cleaning the hands and genitals. In no case, foreign microorganisms should not get inside, otherwise it can lead to unpleasant consequences.

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