Swedish family – what is it and how it lives

What is a Swedish family.

Surely, you have heard about the existence of Swedish families in your life at least once. In our conservative society, this concept does not sound as simple and usually as, for example, in European countries.

So, the Swedish family, what it is? In this article, we will figure out in detail the essence of this concept. This phrase arose in the Soviet Union in the 1960-1970s. It was at that time that the iron curtain between the USSR and European states began to fall.

What does the Swedish family mean? Today, this expression also means the opportunity for people to live not traditionally in pairs, but several people at the same time. So, several people together lead one farm, engage in sexual intercourse, raising children. In general, they do everything that ordinary families do.

Swedish family – what is it and how it lives

But the Swedes still do not understand why this expression has some kind of attitude towards them. Note that all European countries at that time were filled with slogans – “make love, not war”, including Sweden, Spain, Norway, etc. P. But for some reason it was believed that the Swedes are more liberated in sexual. Even America introduced into its terminology the phrase “Swedish sin”. There is an assumption that all this was done only because the Swedes refused to enter NATO, which was created under the auspices of the United States. So, around the world, Sweden became famous, like an immoral country, without any principles, especially in sex. But in defense of America, we can also say that the Swedes were really particularly democratic in terms of love and creating extraordinary families. They introduced specialized lessons at their school, which were aimed at teaching schoolchildren sex and all the concepts related to it. Later, this trend swept through all civilized countries, but the Swedes were still the founders of this current.

In addition, in the 1960s, a video was shot on a sexual topic, which was found out all over the world. The video was shot in the research genre, but this still shocked the world of the elite.

At the same time, at the peak of popularity was the world -famous musical group of Abba. The group included two young girls and two guys who have repeatedly hinted that they live together. They looked sexy at all concerts, in short shorts, skirts, topics, etc. P. Their songs were also about the love and relationships of the sexes.

Swedish family – what is it and how it lives

Today, the Swedes do not understand why the concept of “Swedish family” is used in this form, and today they consider themselves chaste. The Swedes argue that in their society there is a place of prostitution and treason, but in no case they cost communal families.

Sex with the family?

Statistics confidently say that about a third of families break up due to change. Many scientists think about the fact that in fact a person is not monogamous, and living with several people at the same time is quite normal. So, the question arises-“Swedish family sex is still depraved or honestly before all partners?”. People who live together are completely open to each other, which means that they are honest and satisfied with life.

Many participants in Swedish families claim that their life is more active, sexual sex, and the psychological state is constantly on top. Experts assure that satisfied people are more attractive outwardly, and in addition, they realize themselves, both in a professional plan and in relations with the outside world.

People living a few pairs note that it is easier for them to solve household problems. This applies to household chores, such as cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, etc. P. Home duties are performed by all family members.

Swedish family – what is it and how it lives

Today in a civilized society there is a question about whether the whole world can ever be adequate to Swedish families. From the law, the main difficulty consists in raising children, because when several parents decide to disperse, it is not clear who the child should still stay with. In any case, according to the documents, the child should belong only to two parents, which means that when divorced, the baby may remain with one of the parents.

Previously, a similar problem arose in Canada, and the justice of the peace decided that in the laws it was necessary to make changes. The whole world is constantly changing, which means that laws should also be subject to regular changes. Children’s interests should be above all.

Some countries have already recognized Swedish marriages by official. For example, in the Netherlands and Brazil, people can create families of three or more people. This is good, because since same -sex marriages are allowed in the world, why you can’t create marriages of several people. The modern world is striking in innovations and discoveries, which should be treated with understanding, even if you were brought up in a conservative society. But today, not all countries are ready to legalize polygamous marriages, but many people hope that in the future everything will be much easier, and each person will choose where, how and with whom to live.

The pros and cons of the Swedish family

Many modern men have a positive attitude to the idea of creating polygamous marriage, but they do not even imagine what they agree to, because they do not know all the nuances of living in such a family.

Swedish family – what is it and how it lives

The main thing is to remember that the Swedish family is primarily responsibilities and responsibility, and not just regular sexual relations with several partners at the same time. The Swedish family whose sex should be in the foreground is a frequent misconception of young people. Sexual intercourse is, of course, very important and necessary, but it should not always be in the foreground.

Imagine a family that consists of two men and one woman. In this union, a woman was lucky – she always has someone to have sex, she is brought two salaries, good men help to clean up and cook. In addition, healthy competition arises, and husbands in front of each other fill their wife with all kinds of gifts and flowers. Sex with a family in this case means sex with two men, but most often this does not happen at the same time, but in turn.

It happens so – one husband and two wives. Here a man will have to be more difficult, because he now needs to buy two gifts, satisfy two female bodies, listen to gossip and conversations of two women. But there are pluses in this – one cooks, the other removes. And sexual intercourse simultaneously with two beauties cannot but rejoice a man.

But remember that the cons of such a life also exist. We note a few disadvantages of the Swedish family:

  • The main disadvantage is to frequent misunderstanding of each other.
  • The constant resistance of society, which can be expressed in bad words, regular condemnation, possible clarification of relations by the power method, and t. P.
  • Some of the partners will be in unofficial status all their lives, which also causes jealousy and discontent of another.
  • You also add relatives – mother -in -law – mother -in -law, test, mother -in -law, mother -in -law. They do not always positively relate to the creation of such unions, which means you will communicate either in high colors, or even lose contact with your family.
  • The minus is also that you will have to cook several times more, clean and wash more often.
  • Many women are quite jealous, so they are faced with problems of jealousy to the second wives and husbands.
  • Wives can argue worriedly among themselves, and disputes often grow into fights.
  • It is very difficult to pay equal attention to all family members, which is why there are also disagreements.

Because of all these of the above minuses, such polyamor families rarely live for a long time.

Swedish family – what is it and how it lives

Thus, several satisfied wives are, of course, good, but unsatisfied women are a big problem that requires a lot of attention. But still there are families who are satisfied with such a life, which means they are happy together. Therefore, this type of union has the right to exist.  

Debauchery or trust

What does the Swedish family mean? Polyamoria is a sexual relationship between several people. Polygamy is prohibited in many countries, therefore, for example, Muslims officially marry only once and this is their main legal wife. And then they just bring girls to their harem, which is constantly complemented.  Sexologists note that monogamy with subsequent treason is more depraved than polyamory. There is still no evidence that a monogamous marriage can be something better than polygamous. These are just completely different formats of relations, and therefore can be suitable for different people.

Polyamoria differs from debauchery by ordinary human honest relationships. This is not a betrayal, it is a voluntary consent to the creation of an extraordinary family. This type of relationship is increasingly gaining popularity precisely because of openness and mutual respect. The Swedish family can be based only on certain principles, first of all, it is trust, respect and mutual understanding.

Sexologists claim that the betrayal is that you were silent or lied about treason. Treason itself is not a betrayal, it is a conscious choice.

Swedish family – what is it and how it lives

Many countries decided that polyamoria is normal, so they decided to change the laws for such families. Men have several wives in such countries – Myanmar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and other countries of Africa. Americans are still fighting the creation of Swedish families, but this struggle is not always successful. Some African marriages allow polygamy only with the written consent of all family members, special attention is paid to the choice of the first wife. Many Muslim countries relate to the problem of polygamy through fingers – as it were, they do not prohibit, but there is no law allowing their existence. Some states limit the number of wives. The main restriction is that men cannot feed their family, which means they do not have the right to expand it.

The modern country of Singapore is distinguished by the opportunity to create Swedish families, if it is allowed by the Supreme Court.

There are several of the most popular Swedish families that have already gone in history, we list some of them: Nekrasov and the Panaeva family, Mayakovsky and the Brik family, Kuznetsov with the Bunin family, the famous philosopher Nietzsche also consisted in alliance with several women, the king and Queen of Spain plus themfriend, etc. D.


Thus, it turns out that a person can simultaneously love several people at the same time. We can love several children at once, why this cannot be done with adults.

If you realized that you do not accept ordinary monogamous marriage, it is better to immediately inform your partner about it. Yes, perhaps you will encounter a wall of misunderstanding, but this, in any case, is better than to live or tolerate betrayal. So you will be open to your loved one. 

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