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What is a vibroyaite.

Arrayvibroiyiso is a small vibrator that is immersed in a female bosom. Its movements enhance excitement. You can use such a sex toy in a pair or alone. And the distance vibro -yield can also be used to wear. Such a sex toy is not expensive, but it can replace full-size devices. But how to choose a vibroya man so that it gives only joy?

Vibroyaite what is it

Vibroi is vibrators in the form of an egg. The length of the submersible part rarely exceeds 9 cm. The diameter of the device is different – from 2 to 4.5 cm. It is better to choose a vibroyaite to wear with a diameter of 2.5-3.5 cm. This size does not interfere with movements, does not interfere in the body, but at the same time gives fullness.

Inside the vibrator, the motor, which makes the device move. The intensity of vibration depends on its power. And the more speeds and modes, the more interesting the use.

The egg can work from batteries or batteries, different management is possible. The price depends on the internal content, material and capabilities.

Vibroyaite for girls does not look like a phallus. Most often looks harmless, and others can not always understand the purpose of such a thing. This is convenient for families where there are young children or adult parents. And because of compact sizes, this item is easy to take with you on travel.

Why do you need a vibroyaite

Buy a vibro -yard is worth any pair. This is a universal toy that can be used to stimulate different zones. It is not necessary to enter it inside, you can touch the nipples, clitoris, perineum or even stimulate a man’s scrotum. At the same time, intimate goods are easy to hide, as it takes very little.

  • For women who want to have fun in different places. A vibro -tank for wearing can be turned on at any time. And you will get an orgasm at work, on a walk, in a cafe or in training. This does not just excite your imagination, but allows you to radically change your sex life. It is worth trying wearing at least once, and you want to return to him again and again.
  • For women who love masturbate. You can use a vibro -tie with a remote control for sexual discharge. Use it together with submersible sex toys or separately. It allows you to stimulate the clitoris if you do not enter it inside, or zones in the depths of the vagina. Changing vibration modes, you can delay or bring the peak of pleasure closer.
  • For people who have to hide sex toys. Vibro egg is imperceptibly, compact and almost nothing weighs. It can easily be hidden even in a regular closet. If a person does not want others to know that he uses intimate goods, then the egg does not comply with it.
  • For couples who like vibration. Any vibrator is able to diversify the lives of two people. It is suitable for studying each other’s bodies, for stimulating a variety of areas. For example, a vibrating egg can be used even for massage of the feet. And it is also worth touching the place under the knee, between the shoulder blades, in the coccyx area. The vibrating thing can become part of an exciting prelude.
  • For people who love to experiment together. If you put a vibro -yard on the clitoris during vaginal sex, the woman will experience great pleasure. And it can also be inserted into the bosom when making anal sex. Apply such a sex toy will turn out in different ways, and it is only important to freeze a little. And the two of them to do this is much more fascinating than alone.
  • For women who are engaged in strengthening the vaginal muscles. Kegel’s exercises are recommended with vaginal balls, but is suitable for this and vibroyeiso. It can also be held in a standing or lying position, pushed out of the body or compressed with different intensity. And if you also include vibration during use, classes will certainly end with an orgasm. And such practices will become an excellent prevention of many female diseases, increase sensitivity and activate the desire to make love more often.

Do you need to buy a vibro egg? If you want to have a universal, but not expensive sex toy, then it is definitely worth. This vibrator is useful in dozens of different situations.

The best vibroyaite

In order not to make a mistake in choosing the best model, we recommend paying attention to the parameters. The more modes and speeds, the more interesting to experiment with a sex toy.

It is important to pay attention to the material and charging. And it is also worth reading reviews about the vibrations, this is the opinion of real people who have already bought certain products. They talk about the pros and cons, which is very useful.

In our catalog there are always many different vibrations from dozens of manufacturers. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia.

Materials of vibrations

Modern models of vibrations are created from different materials. Most often there are two options:

  • Silicon. From the Median silicone, only a vibration coach is made. This is a delicate material that is safe for frequent use. It does not cause allergies or irritation. In the body can be without a break up to 6 hours. To the touch is smooth or velvety. Easy to be cleaned under ordinary water. Can be stored anywhere far from direct sunny better. Used with a lubricant only on water -based.
  • Plastic or ABS. Plastic – light material, rather dense to the touch. It is recommended to keep a vibrating egg from such a composition in the body for no more than 3 hours in a row, then you need to extract and pause in wearing. Plastic – practical material, serves for a long time. But it is worth washing carefully, if the device passes the liquid, then the sex toy can easily be broken if you place it under a water crane.

The period of use, the method of care and storage depends on the material of the goods for adults.

Vibro -yield management

All models of vibrations are controlled in different ways. 3 of the most common options can be distinguished:

  • Vibroi with a remote control on the wire. Budget model with lace. Only at home can be used, since the wire prevents the vibrator in a crowded place. But then you do not need to reach for the sex toy at the time of use, you can choose the speed on the remote remote control. These are not expensive models that are suitable for beginners.
  • Remote Vibroyatzo. Turn on from a remote remote control. You can choose different modes on it. Convenient thing for wearing. Before buying, it is important to clarify – at what distance the remote control works. Typically, for him, separate batteries are still required. The wireless vibro -yield model is more expensive, but there are much more possibilities. Suitable for both home and walks.
  • Vibroyaite on the smartphone. Using a special application and Bluetooth, you can combine the work of sex toys and phone. This significantly expands the possibilities, since you can create a huge number of different vibration modes, regulate their intensity. And individual models of vibroyas can even move to the beat of music. Now you feel your favorite melody will turn out inside. And also to entrust management is easy for a person at a distance. To do this, you also need to install applications on his phone, synchronize smartphones and toy. This setting is ideal for virtual sex.
  • Vibroi with buttons on the case. The simplest vibro -yard is turned on the button on the device. To switch the mode, you have to get it. This is not the most convenient form of sex toys, but the cheapest. If the advantages of the vibrator are incomprehensible, it is worth buying this option, try. And if it does not suit, it will not be a pity to throw it away.

Which vibroyaito to buy so that it really likes it? Choose the most perfect models. Options connecting to a smartphone are the most interesting models. Famous companies create them, and in addition to a huge number of user functions, excellent quality awaits.

The power of the vibration

The convenience of using a vibrating egg for women depends on the charging method. There are two options most often:

  • Vibroyaite on batteries. The number of batteries is always different, depending on the power of the motor. Batteries are inserted into the egg itself. The life of 1 to 4 hours, then the power sources will need to be replaced. Sometimes batteries are inserted only into the remote control, but the service life is similar. A vibro -tie with batteries is cheaper than an option with a built -in battery.
  • Relayed vibroyaite. Sold with a charger cord. Connects to a USB port or ordinary outlet. No additional details need to be purchased. Waste for up to 3 hours after 2 hours of charging. Practical and durable option.

Is it worth overpaying for the possibility of reloading? This is decided by the buyer. But instead of batteries, you can always buy batteries and a charger, and this may be more profitable in finances.

Functions of vibrations

A vibro-yard can be used in different ways. And he can also have different functions.

  • Vibration. The inner motor makes a sex toy move. Moreover, he can work with different intensity. Vibration modes are the alternation of certain movements, for example, strong and weak vibration with certain time intervals. Modes can be from 1 to a huge amount. And each regime can still work with different power exposure. The more vibration speeds and patterns, the more interesting the device, but higher cost.
  • Myostimulation. This effect is current. Sensations from light tingling to tangible blows. Present only in separate models. It is impossible to compare such experiences with other types of stimulation. This is really bright and exciting.

Additionally, a sex toy can still heat up. But today vibro -foils with such a function are very rare.

How to use a vibro -yard?

There are a lot of applications of vibrating objects. Most were mentioned in the article. But let’s choose the most popular.

  • For wearing a vagina. The vibro -yard is placed in the bosom and is included in different places. You can wear it for work, a walk, a gym, a meeting with friends. When turning on, the vibration will be felt inside. In this case, women who are more often finished from vaginal caresses will be able to test the orgasm. It is not worth experimenting so who knows what a jet orgasm is. If suddenly the release of liquid begins, all the clothes will get wet.
  • For wearing in panties. You can arrange a vibro -tie at the clitoris in panties. This is already a more noticeable option for wearing, does not fit with tight trousers. But under the skirt it will not be visible. Turn on the toy for the caress of external erogenous zones. Bright orgasms are also possible. When choosing a vibrator for such experiments, the volume of work is very important. For walks it is worth choosing a model that vibrates silently.
  • To stimulate the erogenous zones of women. The vibrator can simply touch the girl’s body to strengthen her desire for intimacy. It is very nice to feel vibration on the neck, on the nipples, on the inner surface of the hips. With the help of a vibro -yield, you will get a “tease” partner. And then during sex you can apply a sex toy to the clitoris or crotch.
  • To stimulate erogenous zones of men. Vibrators can significantly strengthen the impressions of oral sex. During a blowjob, when a girl begins to get tired, you can touch a man’s scrotum with a vibration. Vibration will enhance its sensation, help to finish faster. Can also be carried out on the head of the penis, which will also cause a positive response.

The price of vibrations

Wireless vibro -yarde costs much more than a thing with a cord. The price may be several times higher. But the convenience of such devices is obvious.

Another price for Viraiiteo depends on the manufacturer. Chinese and Russian models are cheaper than American or European. But you need to focus not on the country, but on the presence of a guarantee from the manufacturer. And if there is a guarantee, then if something is out of order, the model can be replaced with a new.

The cost of vibrations starts at 500 rubles. These are simple wired models. The most expensive vibrating eggs are controlled from a smartphone, their price starts at 6,000 rubles.

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