The man’s eggs hurt – why and what to do

A man has eggs: reasons and help.

The guys have a specific zone on the body. Testiculas are located outside, in special bags called a scrotum, they are permeated by many vessels and nerve fibers, which is why they are so vulnerable. .

Can eggs hurt in men when abstinent?

Certain discomfort in the scrotum is often experienced by boys with strong, but unrealized sexual arousal. This happens when a prolonged erection does not end with ejaculation. The problem is easily solved by masturbation or the adoption of an anesthetic. Also, unpleasant sensations are likely with prolonged abstinence, which provokes stagnant phenomena in parenchyma. Do not keep sperm in yourself: find a girlfriend who is not averse to blowing her here.

Mechanical damage to the scrotum

The man’s eggs hurt – why and what to do

Often the reason why the problem arises in this area is the injury. It causes a sharp pain accompanied by subcutaneous hemorrhage and swelling. .

Often the male gender makes a mistake, ignoring the need for medical care. It happens that damage leads to squeezing blood vessels, crossing the cord, even rupture of the shell. Such complications can provoke a deprivation of the ability to fertilize.

Painful overlap of the seed

This problem can often arise in both adolescents and mature people. It is caused by the following factors:

  • sharp movements;
  • close linen;
  • mechanical injuries;
  • physical exercise.

If there is a sudden pain in men in the testicles, accompanied by their swelling, a change in the color of the scrotum, an increase in testicula, a decrease in their mobility – there is an occasion to suspect precisely the torment of the cord. The disease needs immediate medical care, since blood flow to the organ stops, which ends with necrosis of its tissue.

The man’s eggs hurt – why and what to do

Pain in the testicles as a symptom of the disease

Often discomfort is characteristic of the development of inflammatory processes caused by various pathologies. Without their adequate treatment, complications in the form of abscesses, infertility, gangrene are likely.


The seed appendage looks like an elongated formation, tightly in contact with the rear surface of the testicle. It is connected to the duct that removes sperm. Healthy organ is soft, easily felt. With inflammation, it swells, provokes severe pain when pressed.

Prostate diseases

The problems associated with the prostate gland are discomfort in the testicles: adenoma, prostatitis, neoplasm. The symptom directly indicating this becomes a lumbago, groin, leg. In the acute course of the process, the paroxysmal nature of the problem is noted, which calms down only by taking analgesics. Pull in the scrotum for a couple of hours, after which the sign of malaise is somewhat subsides.


Such a diagnosis is made if the seed is inflamed. The cause of the pathology in children is mumps. This is a viral infection that affects the first thing the salivary glands, after which it gives complications. After the incubation period, a pronounced swelling is noticeable under the lower jaw, after a few days they begin to hurt, the testes swell (more often on the right side, although both can).


The man’s eggs hurt – why and what to do

The disease is detected with varicose veins of the scrotum. Usually, the valves do not pass back the blood, which in this case cease to function. Because of this, it is discharged slowly, the walls of the vessels swell. The causes of the problem are a genetic predisposition or increased pressure that arose after infringement or overvoltage.

Usually diagnose the disease in the left side of the testicula, the right appendage is very rare. Visually a noticeable change in the surface of the skin of the scrotum occurs. At first, the pathology proceeds asymptomatic, only tingling is periodically observed during physical exertion. After they are added to the feeling of severity, with sexual contacts or sexual excitement there is a dull pain, shelters and aches are possible.

Why do eggs hurt with renal colic?

Very rarely, but it happens that discomfort is not directly related to impaired functioning of the reproductive system. Unpleasant sensations can appear with some kind of damage to the ureter. He passes the urine from the kidneys, directing it to the urethra. Nearby is the sexual nerve. When a tumor is formed in the organ, it presses on it, provoking the lumbar pains giving out the scrotum.

What to do if the eggs are sick?

If the injury is mechanical, you should immediately visit a doctor. Only in the very first hours can I move the testicle to its natural position manually, and even then, only in adolescents and young children. When the manipulation is performed successfully, the pain immediately subsides. Adults need an urgent operation. With its timely conduct (no later than 6 hours after damage), complications are rarely observed. The seed is removed if the blood supply could not be restored in 15 minutes.

The man’s eggs hurt – why and what to do

When the testicles hurt due to their twisting, the only thing to do is to urgently operate. In the situation with prostatitis, the patient first examines the urologist. It determines the pathogen, then prescribes a diagram of taking drugs. .

The therapeutic course for orchitis and epididymitis is based on the following principles:

  1. Strict observance of the regime. You must not allow the testicles to be injured. To this end, the man must rest more, not violate the half -floor condition, wear a special bandage fixing the scrotum.
  2. Taking drugs aimed at guaranteed destruction of the entire pathogenic flora. Typically, bacteria become the causative agent of inflammatory processes, so the patient is prescribed antibiotics. With inpatient treatment, it is recommended to give ceftriaxone, clarithromycin. In the situation with outpatient conditions, offloxacin, amoxiclav or levofloxacin are used.
  3. To stop pain, while eliminating edema, anti -inflammatory drugs are needed. Most often used drugs such as: ketorolac, citimon, nimesulide or ibuprofen.
  4. In order to restore the natural functioning of the testicula after recovery, they resort to the physiotherapeutic course.

Since varicocele progresses due to venous problems, a man is prescribed medications that can strengthen the walls and vascular valves:

  • Angioprotectors: Detralex, Tagist, Actovegin and Troxerutin;
  • vitamins PP, C and E;
  • Combined drugs: ascorutin or tocopherol.

Sometimes only surgery helps. The surgeon performs sclerosis. This allows you to stop the symptoms of pathology, level the risk of a repeated occurrence of a problem.

Many are interested in what needs to be done immediately when the renal colic. It is important even before the arrival of medical workers to attach to the lower back, as well as the peritoneum, dry heat. For this, an elementary rubber heating pad filled with hot water is suitable. Some drugs allow to slightly weaken spasm: no-shpa, drotaverin, ramlgin or spasmalgon. But they are guaranteed to eliminate troubles, they are not capable of, the help of a specialist is required.


The man’s eggs hurt – why and what to do

To forget about such an unpleasant sensation as pain in the entire scrotum caused by a problem with eggs, or never know it, every man must perform some preventive measures:

  • avoid damage to the genitals, for which, during sports games, put protective devices on the inguinal region;
  • wear only free linen that does not interfere with movements that does not violate natural blood circulation in the groin;
  • protected in sexual intercourse with unfamiliar women;
  • avoid excessive physical loads;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • carry out a timely urological.

The discomfort in the eggs will certainly alarm any man, although they rarely make them hurry to the doctor. Most are self -medicated, focusing on the sensed signs that in such a situation it is extremely unreasonable. It should be understood that impotence or infertility is not the most dangerous consequences.

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