The size of men’s testicles – norm and deviations

What size should there be men’s testicles?.

Guys often worry about what their size male testicles should have. Having received a specific answer, they feel more confident. Deviations from the norm may indicate the existing pathologies, which sometimes require instrumental diagnosis, and then medical actions.

Normal size of men’s testicles

The norm in this aspect has long been determined by specialists studying the features of the male system of reproduction. It was found that testiculas should approximately correspond to the dimensions of the fetus of large plums.

The size of men’s testicles – norm and deviations

To find out exactly what the size of the testicles depends on, a man may, turning for a urologist for advice. The doctor will perform the study by a special device called the Prader orchidometer. Normal dimensions of eggs are a rather conditional concept. Each guy has an individual structure of these organs, often going beyond standard indicators. Personal characteristics are not always abnormal, they cannot be immediately considered a pathology.

Why are eggs of different sizes?

Doctors do not recognize a defect if one egg exceeds the dimensions of another. A similar situation with different heights of testicula, even a noticeable sag of any of them. This condition was initially thought out by nature. It helps to prevent constant friction of the glands when walking or running. Therefore, the average size of the testicles is definitely difficult to calculate. This genital organ is special, its type and dimensions are individual. Doctors offer only conditional indicators of the norm, and to focus on them is not always appropriate.

The reasons for increasing the testicles

The increase in one or both testicles is influenced by various factors. The probable reasons are the following:

  • benign or malignant tumors;
  • varicocele;
  • Cross of seed channels;
  • hernia;
  • Epididymitis.

Benign formations

The size of men’s testicles – norm and deviations

Such growths are characteristic of the middle age. They can be detected independently, performing probing the back surface of the testes. Classify several options for pathology:

  1. Spermatocele. So call the cyst of the testicle itself or its appendage. The contents of the tumor are liquid. The main sign of the problem is an increase in the volume of the scrotum that does not cause pain that does not lead to a deterioration in sex. Discomfort occurs only with a significant increase in cyst-because of this it becomes inconvenient to sit, walk, fuck.
  2. Hydrocele. So they call the situation when up to 100 ml of fluid accumulates in the egg shell or scrotum or scrotum. In adults, a similar problem is found in reproductive age. Provokes its penetration of infection or injury.
  3. Hematocel. The accumulation in the membranes of the testicul of blood cells causes a tumor. The situation develops after mechanical damage to the organ or the appearance of a malignant neoplasm.


When the veins passing in the seed cord are expanding due to varicose veins, the testicle is also increased. This situation is characteristic of men whose age is 17-30 years old. In practice, they usually observe only the growth of the left seed, although there are exceptions.

Malignant tumors

A dangerous condition causing an increase in glands – lymphoma. This problem occurs more often in elderly men. Autoimmune diseases, a viral infection, a weakened immune system, and radiation or chemotherapy become factors provoking the emergence of a neoplasm.

Other options for non -benign tumors are at an earlier age. They are accompanied by severe pain, the appearance of traces of blood in the ejaculate. In addition, other characteristic symptoms are also manifested: weakness, subfebrile temperature, increase in lymph nodes, fatigue. Having identified the cause of the disease, it is important to start treatment in a timely manner. Otherwise, a previously healthy body will become a huge problem.

Shit the testicle

Pathology is usually found with an ultrasound scan. The problem is the interweaving of seed ropes, which is why the vessels are squeezed, swelling of the scrotum occurs. A man experiences painful pain, he is constantly sick, even loss of consciousness is likely.

Inguinal hernia

The size of men’s testicles – norm and deviations

Pathology occurs as a result of intense loads, lifting large weights. After this effect, the bend of the large intestine is able to fall into the inguinal canal. A sign of this state becomes that after the adoption of the horizontal position of the gut returns back, temporarily improving well -being.


This term refers to inflammation of the appendage. The situation can manifest itself in a man of any age. The disease provokes infectious lesion, hypothermia, physical strain, urological disease, random sex, riding. The main symptoms: severe pain, surrendering in the groin and peritoneum, captivating the entire crotch to the lower back. Temperature growth, redness and swelling of the scrotum, the appearance of a feverish state are characteristic.

Why male eggs are reduced?

The situation when men’s testicles decreased is much less common. This condition may depend on some diseases or external irritants. Provire the problem of congenital or acquired factors.

Atrophy and hypotrophy

These diseases are sometimes able to cause a decrease in the dimensions of testicul. The pathology provokes varicocele or some other problems:

  • The shift of the testicle is that with non-ordering timely help, an atrophy of the organ is possible due to the lack of blood supply;
  • dropsy, in which the accumulation of fluid in the scrotum occurs;
  • mechanical damage to the inguinal region, surgical interventions;
  • infectious inflammatory processes;
  • replacement therapy performed by testosterone (prolonged use of hormonal drugs);
  • reception of estrogens or anabolics;
  • prolonged heating or cooling of the scrotum zone;
  • a failure of the correct functioning of the endocrine system;
  • The development of neoplasms in the field of testicles.

The result of surgical intervention in the area of the inguinal canal or scrotum may compress the artery of the seed cord. Because of this, there is a violation of the blood supply to the organ that provokes its atrophy. Also, traumatic consequences include damage to the spine in the lumbar region, causing a large problem – the innervation of the testicles.

In the list of risk factors – obesity, alcohol abuse. These problems help reduce testosterone producing. The main sign of atrophy is the death of tissues. As a result, there is a decrease in the dimensions of the testicles. Their consistency changes, they lose their elasticity, resemble a tactile empty bag, although the ability to have sex persists.

Due to the reduction of the testicle, the production of testosterone falls, a smaller sperm volume is synthesized. Atrophy processes occur gradually, arising even with intrauterine development. This is manifested by the fact that testiculas do not fall into the scrotum.


The size of men’s testicles – norm and deviations

The most common cause of reducing the dimensions of the testicles is varicose expansion of the lumen of the veins in the seed cord. It provokes a situation in which blood enters the organ in excess. After that, the testes lose almost 20% of their usual size, the member may also decrease.

Vascular expansion often occurs on the left side of the scrotum. This explains, because of which one egg becomes less than another. Dimensions are reduced with a significant violation of blood supply, when the vascular system of the scrotum is crowded.

Yaichk hypoplasia

This term is called congenital underdevelopment of testicul. It provokes a lack of steroid hormones necessary for the natural functioning of the male reproductive system. The reduction of dimensions is manifested in different ways: from a slight “weight loss” of the glands to the complete absence of testicles. Underdevelopment is unilateral or the problem captures both organs. Usually one testicle in most guys less than another. The dimensions of the glands can differ significantly-0.5-2.5 cm. The cause of hypoplasia is a violation of the formation of testes at the initial stage of the development of the embryo.

If a man is worried about the size of his scrotum, you should certainly visit a urologist. The doctor will help to identify the cause of the problem, and then solve it by minimizing possible complications.

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