Until how many years a man can become a father

Until how many years a man can become a father.

Considering the topic of how many years a man can become a father, it is important to consider not only the physiological characteristics of the body, but also the moral side of the issue. Paternity is not only conception, but also raising a child. Although today, of course, we will talk more about the possibilities of fertilization and intercourse in principle.

Given the features of the male psyche and the generally accepted norms of society, we can conclude that a man needs to become a father no earlier than 30 years old.

It is by this age that he accumulates a sufficient amount of knowledge, finds himself in life, becomes responsible and thinks about the family.

It is already more or less clear than a man does, how he earns a living and what can give his children.

And if with minimal age it is more and less clear, then with the upper threshold there are many ambiguities. Until how many years a man can become a father from the point of view of physiology and how not to miss this last car, let’s try to find out now.

To conceive a child from a man, two steps are actually required. Firstly, you can’t do without sweating, otherwise to deliver sperm where you just need to work out.

And if this problem can be solved with the help of modern medicine, then the quality of sperm will not work out. Let’s go about everything in order.

Until how many years a man can become a father: committing sexual intercourse

For an erection, it is necessary that a man has a sexual desire to a woman and the blood vessels are healthy.

For the first, testosterone is needed, which is reduced over the years, but never disappears at all. That is, interest in the female body is actually preserved until death.

But this is one interest, and the physical ability to raise the penis is highly dependent on the cardiovascular system, since the blood flow should be provided with something.

Smoking, alcohol, fatty, fried, salty and containing a large number of fast carbohydrates, food can make a man with impotent even at 35 years old.

Some age when a man ceases to be interested in women or is physically unable to commit sexual intercourse, it all depends on the lifestyle of this man.

Therefore, if you suddenly ask the question of how many years of men a member stops standing, then you need to know that such an age does not exist.

Proper nutrition and activity allow him to enjoy intimacy until his death. And from this point of view, he can become a father at any age without restrictions.

Until how many years a man can become a father: the ability of sperm to fertilize the egg

However, enter a woman and finish the act of ejaculation of half. Sperm quality should be sufficient for fertilization. Let’s find out what affects the ability of male seed to lead to the conception of the child.

It is important not the presence of sperm itself, but the number of sperm in it. Unfortunately, even in young men, this indicator is reduced due to a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and malnutrition.

At least 15 million spermatozoa should account for 1 milliliter of sperm. With age, this indicator may decrease, but it does not reach 0 if the man is generally healthy.

A few more indicators reflect the quality.Color, acidity, dilution period, viscosity, percentage of living sperm.

All this also does not depend directly on the age, that is, to say how many years the quality worsens is impossible.

With a healthy lifestyle and proper preparation for conception, healthy children easily appear in men aged 70 years.

There are absolutely incredible examples in history, when a 90 -year -old man became his father. In fairness, it should be noted that this is rather an exception, but there is such an opportunity, it is important.

The last factor in determining the quality of sperm is considered to be mobility of spermatozoa. This indicator just like everyone else is connected exclusively with overall health and is practically not tied to age.

Men under 30 years of age are incapable of conception due to low mobility of spermatozoa as well as after 40.

Again we conclude that a man can become a father at any age, although over the years the quality of sperm is still reduced.

But while maintaining activity and the absence of chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, the ability to conception does not reach zero never.

How to maintain the ability to become a father at any age

It is obvious that a heartily vascular and genitourinary system affects the opportunity to fertilize a woman. The main enemies are diseases of the vessels and the heart muscle, as well as naturally prostate.

To preserve the performance of these organs and systems of organs, it is necessary to completely abandon smoking and alcohol, to minimize the consumption of fast carbohydrates and fatty foods.

Motor activity plays a decisive role. Men who walk little, risk losing the ability to conceive a child after 35 years.

At the same time, the age recordings in which they became fathers all as one claim that at least 10 kilometers passed in a day.

This simultaneously strengthens the heart, keeps the vessels in tone and is the best prevention of prostatitis. In more detail about the benefits of walking, be sure to read here here.

Do not forget about the massage of the male organ, which is easy to perform using a special prostate massager. Previously, be sure to consult a specialist. Be healthy and manly strong!

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