Vibricol. What are needed for. How to use

Vibricol. What are needed for? How to use?.

For what and who needs vibrors

Vibricol. What are needed for. How to useReducing the duration of the erection, weakening the elasticity of the rising member or rapid ejaculation – All this may not only like this to you, but your partner. Constant dissatisfaction after sexual intercourse leads to domestic problems and quarrels in relationships, and in some cases – To betrayal and change of sexual partner.

Do not tempt fate. Take a sex toy with you to bed specially designed to return the former male power and pleasure to a woman.

Vibricol (vibration rings) are one of the varieties of erective rings. The erection rings are primarily intended for a temporary obstacle to the outflow of blood from porous bodies of the phallus, thereby prolong an erection, make a rising member of stone-driving, give it an elegant form due to the allocation of veins and, in some cases, delay ejaculation.

Adding vibration to the rings due to simple electronics opened new opportunities for both partners to control the degree of pleasure in bed and receive unforgettable orgasms. The improvement of erection rings, along with the extension of sexual intercourse, has an additional stimulation of erogenous zones, both in a woman and a man.

What types of vibrors are. And how they work

By the method of attaching the vibro -ring, they come with single and double fixation. The former are fixed exclusively on the barrel of the phallus or near the scrotum, the second – have an additional mount around the scrotum itself. The second type of mount is considered more reliable.

There are models with attached anal sleeve, which serves as an additional point of fixation and stimulation of the anus in a man.

The vibrating element can be aimed at additional effects separately on the woman’s clitoris and separately on the male scrotum. In more advanced models, stimulation is carried out simultaneously on the erogenous zones of both partners.

Vibro element control can be implemented through the control buttons on the ring itself or through the remote control panel, which synchronously with the ring makes vibrating movements. Remote control allows you to more conveniently and subtly control the process of sexual intercourse, adding or removing the effect on sensitive zones.

An even more advanced tool control tool is to adjust the speed of vibration. Reducing or increasing speed, a woman can lead herself to the peak of pleasure at the same time as a partner.

Rules for care and safe use

Vibricol. What are needed for. How to useLike any vibro-ring sex toys require careful care and competent use.

Before the first use and after each use, the ring must be cleaned with special means. If the design of the toy allows, then it can be washed under warm water and soap.

Luburbicants are applied only to the head of the penis after putting on the ring – too slippery surface can cause a toy slipping at the most inopportune moment. In the case of using a condom, contraception is dressed lastly.

Particular attention should be paid to the use of the vibro -ring. Doctors recommend not to squeeze the genitals for more than 20-30 minutes. After that, the ring must be removed and the outflow of blood is the natural speed. Neglect of this rule can lead to problems in the veins of the phallus, cause inflammatory processes and lead to irreversible consequences. The hardest of them – The death of tissues, gangrene and amputation of the genital organ.

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