Vulgar stories from life – pictures and description

“Fill my loins” – a vulgar story.

My friends and I planned a joint vacation for many years, during which the three of us we will wallow on the seashore and enjoy communication. Finally, we managed to cut out for dense working graphs for several weeks, we packed our suitcases, left our guys at home and rushed to the resort. After checking in comfortable numbers, the women’s company went to swim. Tired by the flight, I, Olga and Arisha, settled on the sandy shore and began to tell each other vulgar stories that they laughed at from the heart.

Vulgar stories from life – pictures and description

Very vulgar story with pictures

Despite the overall fun of our little female company, as I deepen into the sexual topic, it became somehow not comfortable. The reason was covered in my emotional state, which I would describe as excessive excitement. It was provoked not only by obscene stories, but also by an erotic novel read during the flight, after which it was not possible to engage in self -satisfaction. As a result, for almost a day I had to walk in advance, acutely reacting to everything that somehow relates to sex.

In the place that we chose for rest, it was quiet and calm, in the distance there was a girl with a guy who was passionate about each other and not noticed anyone around. Our appearance apparently violated their plans, so they hastened to leave. After my friends and I bathed into the sea, lay down on the bedspreads and began to sunbathe without bras so that there were no white stripes on the body. One of the friends decided to tell vulgar stories about her guy with a detailed description. At the same time, she, portraying him, began to pester me, touching her hips, breasts. So we were fooling around for a while, but, the fatigue of a long road, in conjunction with hot sunlight, made themselves felt. Girlfriends dozed off, and I could not fall asleep, as comic caresses caused a wave of excitement in me. Due to the swollen nipples and the warmth diverging throughout my body, a blush and light evaporates appeared on my face.

Vulgar stories from life – pictures and description

To hide the condition, I pulled the bedspread to the chin and closed my eyes, pretending to be sleeping. Meanwhile, she began to represent herself in the arms of a beautiful, pumped up partner for sex
. By nature, a violent fantasy allowed me to recreate a picture of passionate sex with a stranger in my head. The hand spontaneously began to wander around the body, stopped in the chest area, her fingers began to fidget the nipples. The excitement intensified with every second, my breath became more frequent, and I made a moan, after which I looked at my friends, frightened that they were caught by me. Not noticing signs of awakening on their part, I continued my fascinating occupation more confidently. When my hand got to the clitoris, I imagined that I had sex with my imaginary macho, which after hot affection began to hammer my hot bosom with a powerful tool. Putting the middle finger into the vagina, she began slowly, then with the acceleration to introduce it as deep as possible and extracting it out, thus imitating the act itself. When I began to wriggle under the veil, I felt someone’s hand on my chest, which carefully caressed the nipples, scrolling them around and easily pinching them. Opening my eyes, I saw in front of me one of the friends, awakened from my moans and decided to join. It turns out that against the backdrop of vulgar stories, Arisha also started up, simply did not give a look.

I did not tell my friend that it was not a lesbian, since I was very pleasant her touches, which the body responded with a slight tremor. We merged in a kiss during which the tongues intertwined, exploring every millimeter in his mouth. Mutual caresses brought us to such an extent that a pleasant tingling arose between the legs, and the panties were wet. Despite our games, accompanied by deaf moans, the third friend continued to sleep with a strong sleep, well, or she pretended not to see and did not hear what we are doing. Meanwhile, we began to rub the bodies, Arishi’s hand reached my crotch, fingers tightly pressed to each other, plunged into my cave. I groaned, with one hand I began to pull my chest, and put the second in her panties and began to play with the clitoris. Previously told vulgar stories from life left their mark, so we discarded shame and constraint, tried to satisfy each other.

Life story of girlfriends

Vulgar stories from life – pictures and description

At some moment, I remembered that we were in a public place and in order not to lose control of reality at all, I invited my friend to go to the room. Waking up the third girlfriend, we collected things, and went to the hotel, dumping into our rooms. To lull her vigilance, we had to wait for some time, after which I heard a slight knock on the door. Opening it, on the threshold I saw Arish, who quickly entered and passionately pressed her body. For a couple of minutes we hugged, kissed, after which I took her hand and led her into the room, where I previously spread the bed. Turning on pleasant music, we drank a glass of wine for courage, as we did not have lesbian experience.

In turn, they took a shower and stretched naked on the blanket and began to recall vulgar stories from their life. I remembered that I read several stories in which there were funny and even ridiculous intimate scenes. Such conversations raised a sown wave of excitement in us, and my hands reached for her stomach, reached my chest, began to caress gently. In response, Arisha reached my lips to mine, and we merged in a kiss. I studied her elastic body with a tongue, stopping on a papilla, began to suck it and bite gently. Her hand at this time fiddled on the clitoris, fingers fingered the labia, examined the vagina. As a result, the juices flowed abundantly from the gap, filling the entire crotch. Feeling this, Arisha began more active actions, lowered her head to the cave of passion, widely pushed her petals with her fingers and clicked her lips to the clitoris. Her wet and cool tongue examined the flesh, forcing me to wriggle and moan, since from every touch the body seemed to break through an electric discharge.

Vulgar stories from life – pictures and description

A girlfriend licked my crevice more and more, trying to suck all the juices to the last drop. In parallel, she introduced two fingers into my vagina, because of which I screamed and asked to do it more actively, as deep as possible. Arisha tried to strengthen the effect, added her fingers one at a time during imitation of intercourse, and in the end she managed to bring the whole hand in the trembling cave. Feeling her hand with every cell of the vagina, I screamed, as my body shook the powerful orgasm. A friend did not stop the movements, her fingers, located inside the vagina, continued to easily stroke his walls. A new wave of excitement caused me an acute desire to try Arishi’s pussy to taste. She realized what I want to do, so gracefully threw the leg through me and opened her seductive, wet hole in front of my face. I could not resist and clung to this buto of the rose with lips. Equally caressing, sucking her clitoris with her tongue, tried to drink every drop of spicy juices. Not wanting to stop, I entered my tongue into this burning cave, forcing Arish to moan. Feeling that she was barely restraining, she put her fingers in her vagina to the maximum depth and began to fuck her. A friend screamed, her body hid in cramps and went limp.

Having rested a little, we decided to finish at the same time. Having already received some experience of lesbian pleasures, they tried to stretch the pleasure as much as possible, using examples from vulgar stories and porn stories. Our hands began to caress each other gently, our fingers seemed to study every piece of bodies. The tongues joined this game, which, after passionate kisses, took turns descending to the breasts. My palm reached the crevice of my friend, my fingers felt for the clitoris, which was very swollen. The juices flowed from her hole, which I waved along the pubis, crotch, stomach. Arisha could no longer concentrate on my chest, so she moaned and wriggled. Throwing the leg on me, it settled in such a way that her pussy is in contact with my crevice.

Vulgar stories from life – pictures and description

Friction about each other, the stimulation of the clit has led to a new surge of emotions, the emergence of a frantic desire to be fucked. I asked her to stick my fingers into my vagina, they entered so easily that Arisha very actively began to wield a cleft with her hand inside, periodically clenching her into a fist. Pushing her crotch closer to me, I began to stroke her clitoris, forcing her to breathe feverishly. After she began to drive her fingers on the labia, went on the offensive, put her deep into the hole. Our movements in the bosom of each other either became more frequent or suspended. We fucked each other for ten minutes when I felt that the vagina of my friend was starting to contract. She clung to me with her free hand, tightly squeezing her shoulder, because of which I cried out, but this pain was sweet, which made me beat in ecstasy. Our bodies shook from orgasm, which could be compared with a fall from a height and a sense of free flight. In complete exhaustion, we lay on the bed, hugging, all wet from sweat and our spicy juices.

As soon as the forces appeared, Arisha started a conversation about what had happened. We together came to the conclusion that lesbian sex is not at all like traditional, causes a storm of new emotions, a lot of unearthly pleasures. Despite the fact that we were both in relations that did not think to break, decided to continue experiments and meet periodically. At the same time, the third girlfriend is not planning to inform about her secret connection, but if she is in a conversation about the desire to try sex with a woman, then we will invite her to an intimate party.

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