We practice Ezhing

We practice Ezhing.

Can this really improve sexual life?

Get ready for truly intense orgasms!

The achievement of orgasm for some couples looks like a real military operation on the degree of preparation, development of a strategy and calculate possible losses. What they will say that some people, approaching orgasm, deliberately interrupt any stimulation in order to postpone its onset. That, real madness?!

In fact, this is precisely what is called ejing from the English word edging (edge, on the edge).

What is Ezhing?

We practice Ezhing

This is the practice of bringing yourself to the verge of orgasm, and then stop before affording yourself to feel an orgasm. You bring the degree of excitation to the peak and… Stop to lower the intensity. Then again and again. But when in the end you reach orgasm, the sensations promise to be much more like a real explosion than usual.

Meanwhile, in men, Ejing also plays a more practical goal. On the one hand, this enhances its sensations in the finale, and on the other, it significantly prolongs sex with penetration, so that the partner with a much greater degree of probability will also have time to achieve orgasm.

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In fact, practitioning Ezhing is not the simplest thing, because you need to be able to stop in time. If you do this a little earlier, it will reduce the voltage in the process, and if a little later… orgasm – do not tram, barely starting, not to stop it anymore! Therefore, you need to perfectly know your body, its reactions and sensations that signal the approach of orgasm.

The following six tips will help to master the Edinga technique perfectly.

Start the solo

It is recommended to start practicing this technique alone. Nobody and nothing will distract from control over your own feelings. After all, now your goal is not just to get an orgasm, but to do everything to achieve it, but to stop literally a step away from it (this in itself can become an interesting sensual experience). And then start all over again. Masturbation is perfect for such a task.

Study your body

Ejing, like no other technique, allows you to find out the reaction of your body to an approaching orgasm. Pay attention to what parts of the body begin to strain, which to twitch, how and when the blood rushes to the chest and head, how your breathing and heart rhythm change… Whatever the slightest processes happen, pay attention to them and remember them. At the next attempt, you will be much better aware of your proximity to the point of no return to the orgasm.

The orgasm proximity scale

Try to mentally evaluate your sensations from 1 to 10, where 10 is an orgasm. Your task is to learn how to stop yourself at 8 or even 9. Try different types of stimulation, observe how your body reacts to each of them. How will you caress yourself at 2, 5, 7, 9?

Use toys

If you can easily achieve orgasm only with your hands, this is great. However, intimate accessories are created in order to exert such stimulations that cannot be achieved by hand. This is provided by delicate materials, and various types of movement (vibration, pulsation, rotation), and many forms. UV! Stop! Remember that your goal is not 10, but 8 or 9 points several times in a row.

Priority with a partner

The ability to achieve orgasm with both partners at the same time is a real art! But get excited up to 8 and 9 levels, so that later it stops together without crossing the line – the matter is completely impossible. Therefore, it is best to do it in hard. Develop a signal system that will tell your partner and you, when you should enhance stimulation, and when it should be stopped. Ideally, both of you must learn “read” each other to see the border to which your partner is approaching. After all, when you are already at the level of 9 to stop very, it is very difficult!

Choice pos

Since Ejing requires very subtle control over the situation, choose the positions where the situation is controlled by the partner who is now on the way to number 9. For men, this is a position from above or behind a partner. The provisions are also suitable for women when a man is behind, since with such poses to stimulate the most accessible clitoris. And yet, of course, all poses “Woman on Top”.

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