What changes in the girl’s body after the first time

What changes in the girl’s body after the first time.

What changes in the girl’s body after the first time? We are interested in this issue, because the female body at the beginning of sexual life is really rebuilt. Starting from the rupture of the virgin rod, which more affects the psyche and worldview of the girl, to chemical reactions at the hormone level. What exactly is happening, today we will discuss.

It is only important to understand one simple difference – physiological changes are not directly related to the penetration of the penis into the vagina, this is more important for the visual perception of the world.

Recognize the fact of sexual intercourse, boast of friends or finally replenish the ranks of those who “became an adult”.

Otherwise, only the fact of excitement and removal of this excitement matters, which may well occur from conventional masturbation.

What happens to the body after entering into a sexual life: the process of excitement

To understand what changes in the girl’s body after the first time, you need to understand the process of her excitement. Until a certain point, there are no reaction to the opposite floor of girls.

However, then, due to the development of the body and increasing the concentration of some hormones in the blood, the first signals begin. When the object of sympathy appears, the idealization mechanism starts, which is controlled by the psyche of the girl.

At the level of physiology, there is a swelling of the chest and nipples caused by the expansion of blood vessels. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how how old is the girl, 15,16,17,18,19 or more.

Sexual contacts up to 15 years can lead to unpleasant consequences in the future, according to gynecologists, most female diseases overtake those who have started having sex too early. But this is a retreat, let’s continue.

At the same time, the uterus rises up, the very feeling of butterflies in the stomach arises, as if something filled the flesh from the inside, the movements in the lower abdomen are also felt.

There is a blood flow to the clitoris, which can cause an acute desire to “scratch”. This is what the girls mean when they say that someone was combed out.

Against the background of all of the above, the natural lubrication of the vagina is distinguished and the panties become wet.

This is what the first reaction of the female body to the object of adoration looks like. Parents should talk about this with their daughters so that such an event does not become a shock.

Long -term changes in the body of the girl after the first sexual intercourse

Regularly collecting information on the topic for the preparation of publications, I have to deal with both the arguments of doctors and the search queries on the Internet.

Unfortunately, sexual literacy in the world is lame on both legs and the Internet has become the only source of information.

Girls usually use forums to discuss pressing problems. And there is a real mess about changes in the body, because the horror stories from the series “You will bleed, and the pain will be such that the living will begin to envy the dead” are in the top of any floodplain.

From the point of view of medicine, everything is very dependent on both the structure of the genital organs of the girl, and on the structure of the genital organ of the guy. And the matter is not limited to the structure, because it is much more important than the properties. For example, fabric elasticity.

In almost half of cases, the virgin does not break at all during the first sex. It is important to know that the hole was always there, and if you add the ability to stretch, it becomes clear – the act of defloration is not simple.

If the partner is well excited and does not feel fear, then no rupture is likely to happen right away.

When this happens, it will take some time to ensure that the muscles and tissues of the vagina are rebuilt and get used to the new functions for themselves.

With regular sexual life, it occurs quickly enough and unpleasant sensations disappear during sex.

If the penetration occurs with difficulty, you can read our publication on what to do if the girl has too narrow.

What changes in the girl’s body after the first time at the hormone level

Now let’s find out what changes in the girl’s body after the first time at the hormonal level. Together with the restructuring of the vagina, hormonal changes occur. Firstly, the menstrual cycle may move or unexpectedly begin.

According to gynecologists, young girls very often form with such a question and always have to explain that such shifts are only reaction of the body at the beginning of an intimate life.

The sensitivity of the nipples and the clitoris increases over time. This is due to the constant flow of blood and irritation of the nerve endings.

Irritation in a good way, because the more often the effect on the clitoris occurs, the stronger the orgasm becomes.

For this reason, there is a belief that the truly sexuality of a woman is revealed after 30 years. But if a partner does not surprise the Clitorium, then a woman can easily live all her life without a real orgasm without revealing her capabilities. In this case, sexologists recommend buying a clitoral stimulant and not torment yourself.

Also, after the first time, endorphins will begin to throw into the blood more actively. The girl becomes much more resistant to pain and stress, her mood stabilizes and emotional jumps disappear and disappear.

The condition of the skin improves, the immunity is enhanced and the mood is stabilized. True, all this is possible only with regular sexual life. After one time and the very fact of the deprivation of innocence, positive effects will not occur.

Monthly passes much softer in those who have a regular sex life. This condition in the future can be violated if the girl is left without a partner for a long time.

In the commoneria, this situation is called unnecessary, medical terms are slightly more complicated. But the interruption of an active intimate life does not bode well. But does not lead to death either, this is a plus.

Instead of the result

In short summarize everything that happens after the loss of innocence, you can make a certain list. Nothing global will happen, however, important transformations should be expected and ready for them.

The behavior of a girl with the beginning of sexual activity becomes more stable. This is caused by the release of hormones of oxytocin and serotonin.  It is very important that sex is regular and high -quality with a partner to which a gentleman representative experiences tender feelings and complete confidence.

The walls of the vagina are gradually being rebuilt and get used to new realities. Due to the regular penetrations of the penis and the flow of blood, the tissues become more elastic and this generally favorably affects female health, preparations for the possible conception of the child begins.

Psychologists note growing elements. This is due to new sensations and emotions. During excitation, the uterus rises slightly up, and the clitoris is filled with blood. The effect of butterflies in the abdomen receives discharge during sex with penetration and this is perceived by a girl as an attribute of adulthood.

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