What depends on the size of men’s testicles

What depends on the size of men’s testicles.

There are a lot of stereotypes and erroneous judgments in human life. For example, large eggs of a male are considered a sign of his sexual gigantism and a pronounced sign of a good lover. But are these facts related to each other and what the size of men’s testicles actually depend on?!

The logic is certainly understandable. The more testicles, the more sperm in them, therefore, the owner has a high level of testosterone and the whole reproductive system works well.

In fact, this is rarely true, but nevertheless there are such beliefs and you also need to work with them. Let’s find out.

Normal size of men’s testicles

In order to adequately talk on the topic of size, you need to decide on the norm. Indicators of a healthy male body have certain boundaries that indicate that the organ or system of organs function as expected.

The size of men’s testicles in the scrotum, according to the conclusions of urologists, ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 cm wide. Moreover, the volume of one testicle is on average from 12 to 30 ml.

It is the volume that is of interest among the representatives of the gentle sex, because the content of testiculas is very important for fertilization.

First of all, this is of course sperm. Also, the testes produce the same testosterone. Hence the conclusion – the larger the eggs, the more sperm and testosterone, which means the man is a real male.

Retreat from the norm

But not only a large amount of seed is important to the ladies. It is known that we choose each other in a number of parameters, the main of which is general health.

The situation when the man’s eggs are very small, speaks not only about the low level of testosterone and a meager amount of sperm, but also about possible diseases.

Reducing the size of men’s testicles often indicates problems such as viral inflammation, hydrocele, atrophy, a failure in the endocrine system, and neoplasms.

Also, the cause of the treatment of testosterone, taking hormonal drugs and anabolic agents is often the reason.

When the cause is hypoplasia, the size of the testicles will not be the only manifestation. The small size of the penis, reduced libido, infertility, impotence will also become obvious.

In general, partially the logic about large eggs is true – if they are large, within normal limits, then the man is the owner of good chemistry.

He develops a lot of sperm and testosterone, he is most likely an insatiable lover and, in the absence of other diseases, will be able to bring offspring. All this is a very indirect and inaccurate feature, but one of.

What depends on the size of the men’s testicles in fact

The norm flies both in the size of the testicles and in volumes. All the business is that these indicators periodically change under the influence of a number of factors.

For example, prolonged abstinence leads to the fact that sperm accumulates in the testes and cannot go out.

. This is when the ejaculation occurs unconsciously, without an erection and orgasm. Just an excrete of excess.

In this case, the production of sperm slows down, and the available loses its quality. Therefore, from the point of view of conception of a child, a man with large eggs is not always good.

Before such an important event, doctors advise to refrain from three to 5 days. No more, no less.

During this time, the sperm manages to dig, but the excess does not appear and the quality is preserved. But from the point of view of sex drive, the large size of men’s testicles suggests that the representative of the stronger sex will definitely not refuse intimacy.

Tricky wives check business husbands with simple tests. Visual examination of the testicles and planting a man in a bath can tell about possible betrayals.

If the eggs are large, and in the bath they fell to the bottom, then there was no sex.  If the tank is empty, then the man either masturbated or found a woman on the side.

Is it worth repeating that the overall health of the eggs affects the size of the testicles. High motor activity, proper nutrition, rejection of fat, fried, salty, cigarettes, alcohol and, if possible, stress.

Increase the size of men’s testicles in fact it is impossible. And also pointless. The only way to lead a healthy lifestyle, regularly have sex, and then refrain from sexual contact and masturbation for several days. Then the developed sperm will fill the “tanks” and the size of the testicles will seem significant.

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