What does a man need to say in bed, and what is better to keep silent about

What does a man need to say in bed, and what is better to keep silent about.

What does a man need to say in bed, and what is better to keep silent about

If a woman knows what and how to tell a man in bed, she has quite decent chances to turn the most routine sexual intercourse into an incessant intimate action. Not only the naked parts of the body and juicy forms of the partner are able to turn his head: a correctly selected word or staring an exciting phrase – no less effective means for a decisive sexual start.

With their help, you can greatly arouse a partner in a matter of seconds, and sometimes even accelerate the onset of his orgasm. What is the language of love, And what words in bed should say to a man?

What does a man need to say in bed, and what is better to keep silent about

Basic rules of intimate appeal to the desired man

To choose keys to a long erection, the lady must be guided by certain principles.

Firstly, the secret of exciting words lies in their naturalness and the absence of pathos. Sooning complex formulations of a man simply need to understand and, concentrating on them, he will spend some time on them. Phrases that stimulate libido should be lightning fast, immediately comprehend the goal. What these words can be depends on the fact that a man in bed prefers to hear: hot passionate motives or naive timid hints. Their partner should speak naturally, without falsehood and pretense.

Plays the role and choice of the most suitable moment. By the way, it is wrong to think that sexually exciting words should be said to the guy exclusively in bed. Sometimes the task of intimate phrases is seduction, provoking his desire to make love right now.

In most cases, the men are “light on the platoon”, their mechanism works with extraordinary ease. To catch the right moment you need to partner. As soon as she feels relaxed and free, she will not experience constraint or fear, the words emanating from the very outback of her sensuality and intimacy, will sound as organically as possible. At the same time, it does not matter what kind of words she will say to a man. In bed, all representatives of the stronger sex need to hear the female timbre, which affects their libido in the most positive way.

What phrases will ideally enter the intimate vocabulary of a woman

Dilute the ordinary sexual relationships with correctly selected speeches. Knowing about the nature of his man, his interests and tastes, as well as how he prefers to behave in bed, the girl should prepare the most suitable phrases or individual words in advance.

Creating a love “dictionary”, it is better to adhere to the following tips:

  1. Maximum transparency in hinting phrases. If the lady wants sex, you do not need to be afraid to say too frankly about it. Men sometimes poorly versed in hints, so “I want you right now” or will be the best way to declare their desire.
  2. Do not order, but as a veil to ask. “Beloved, maybe let’s go to the bedroom?»Sounds much more pretending and exciting than” go to the bedroom!”. But having reached the bed, the words that a man must say should become a little tougher – “Take me!”. Like a true challenge, such a phrase can spur its instincts.
  3. Praise – balm on men’s ears. “It was unforgettable, dear, you are an ideal lover!” – and let it be slightly exaggerated, but no one will understand. Of course, it is forbidden to bend too much with the flattery, but it is not difficult to disguise a rich praise under the expression of gratitude during sex, and this will bear fruit.
  4. Express their emotions and sensations with words. Silents, bends and screams, accompanied by phrases such as “o, yes, yes, exactly, deeper, come on more …”, incredibly make men. They like to watch how, thanks to their efforts, a woman enjoys.

What does a man need to say in bed, and what is better to keep silent about

To guess with effective words, you should pay attention to phrases that a man should not say in bed. To begin with, women should understand what kind of infantile creature their chosen one does not seem to them, in sex – he is a true male, and perhaps even a giant. Susyukania is the most important mistake of a young lady, the assumption of which leaves no chance of a worthy continuation of sexual intercourse. For example, “you are my pretty, come to me” should be addressed to the child, but not an adult, sexually mature man. And no less important: the careless phrase “oh, how small it is” can be “killed” by potency and sexual attraction in the root.

With what words for a man in bed you need to be careful

Some words should even be a taboo for women.

Under no circumstances, you can’t say to a man in bed:

  1. “Maybe we just lie down, I have no mood” something “. Any guy will have the impression, as if he was not at all happy about at all, because representatives of the stronger sex perceive such a statement not in favor of tired or upset companions. For them, such words are the verdict.
  2. “Just definitely turn off the light!”. If at the beginning of the relationship this passes past male ears, then the girl’s constraint will play against her. Guys love their eyes, they like to see the process and admire the charms of a partner.
  3. “Today you do everything yourself, I will just lie down”. Of course, it sounds slightly exaggerated, but still the meaning is preserved. Such statements by the guys are extremely negative, feeling that the girl was doing him a favor, allowing him to touch herself.
  4. “In bed I have no one better than you!”. This is one of the most prohibited techniques. Compare it with other partners means throwing stones in your own garden. Similar words will promple him to think about how many men had men before him, which in itself could not affect relationships in the most positive way.
  5. “Just don’t end in me!»About contraceptive means or where the man will ejaculate, you need to agree in advance. At the moments of an approaching orgasm, such a phrase can kill everything that before that brought unearthly pleasure.

What does a man need to say in bed, and what is better to keep silent about

Thinking about what to say to a man in bed, you need to remember the importance of fantasies. New poses, pleasant joint memories of sex in the car, thoughts about scenarios of role -playing games – anything, if only the treasured phrases relax both partners, increasing the attraction to each other.

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