What is a rainbow kiss: a new brand or an intimate fantasy

Rainbow kiss: new trend, sexual game or perversion?.

What is a rainbow kiss: a new brand or an intimate fantasy

Everyone must understand what a rainbow kiss is. After that, he will learn to give pleasure to his sexual partner. You need to correctly understand the meaning of the term and find out at what point you can use the technique.

When young people come across the concept of “rainbow kiss”, they imagine something romantic, but this is not entirely. This is an interesting intimate adventure that helps to plunge into new emotions. Sensations from the process cannot be compared with nothing else. So it is better to study in more detail amazing oral affection during menstruation.

The essence of the rainbow kiss

What is a rainbow kiss: a new brand or an intimate fantasy

Asking the question of what a rainbow kiss is, people cannot figure out the details. The essence of intimate entertainment is in simultaneous oral affection during menstruation. Pose 69 is considered preferred, but this is not necessary. Sophisticated partners looking for new sensations will definitely find an alternative.

The very essence is that through saliva, a mixture of male and female discharge occurs. Sperm and menstrual blood enter the body of partners, making them a single whole. It is worth discarding doubts and trying it. From ancient times it is believed that such intercourse is fraught with something mythical and helps sexual partners to feel each other better.

The benefits of a rainbow kiss

Realizing what a rainbow kiss is, some young people immediately lose interest in him because of the wrong judgment of menstruation. This is an erroneous solution, it is such pairs of such couples who are usually quickly lost interest in sexual relations with each other. Do not face such problems, they often lead to breaks. It is better to see the true benefit of a magnificent trick.

  • simultaneous pleasure;
  • boundless relaxation;
  • Strengthening excitation.

It is impossible to overestimate the resulting effect. Partners will instantly appreciate it, deciding to use it more often as preliminary caresses. If there are still doubts, you need to consider each moment in detail, and then draw conclusions.

Simultaneous pleasure

What is a rainbow kiss: a new brand or an intimate fantasy

Each partner receives the pleasure of a rainbow kiss. This is a significant moment, since both the girl and the guy should enjoy every second of sexual contact. I always want to amaze a partner, and nothing special is required for this, it is enough to use a well -known way, no matter how rare it is considered.

Unlimited relaxation

In addition, a rainbow kiss can be used as preliminary caresses. Before starting sexual intercourse, you should lead a partner to intercourse. Men perceive this aspect incorrectly, disappointing women. It is harder for them to get excited and then completely relax. It is better not to mock a partner, but to help her distract from reality and surrender to her soulmate.

Strengthening excitation

Young people rarely perceive their partners. Sometimes years pass in a relationship while they manage to find the right way to excite a girl. At first it’s easier to offer her a rainbow kiss. It can be continued to infinity, gradually filling the woman’s body with internal energy, waking in her lust and tenderness, reinforced at the time of menstruation.

How to perceive a rainbow kiss?

Understanding what a rainbow kiss is, sexual partners are sometimes shy or do not know how to use a non -standard technique during intercourse. It’s time to change the situation and teach them to perceive the moment. The reason for this should be the understanding that this is not only preliminary affection for excitement.

In reality, simultaneous oral caresses can be applied at any time. Experienced partners, for example, use them as a vacation between sexual intercourse. Although it is better to recommend them to extend sex. Interviewing intercourse, it will be possible to increase the duration by a tangible period not to damage to the last outpouring and storm of emotions.

What will give a rainbow kiss?

May oral affection for some partners are unknown. In the first stages of sexual relations, some points fall under the ban. In sex, constraint is unacceptable, since it does not allow you to completely prove itself completely and enjoy the process. Of course, you cannot destroy your own principles, but it is also unacceptable to limit fantasies.

The introduction of a rainbow kiss liberates partners and helps them to plunge into a pleasant nebus warm sensations. After that, sex is revealed from the other side, becoming more vivid and diverse. No need to neglect fairy -tale emotions, without which one cannot imagine true penetration and pleasure.

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