What is Ballbasting

What is Ballbasting.

Bollbasting is the practice of an active partner on man tests. As a rule, a woman beats her foot or arms, but can also squeeze, click. Refers to extreme and extremely traumatic techniques in BDSM.

People’s tendency to sadism and masochism was discovered many decades ago. During the Second World War, Alan Turing tried to unravel the code of Enigma to declassify the messages of German soldiers. A responsible task was on his shoulders – to find out what the Nazis are talking about, to understand where to wait for the next attack and with the help of this information to prevent the attack.

During his work, he repeatedly asked himself a question – why people are generally prone to violence. And once to his colleagues, Alan said – you know why people love violence? Because it is nice. Remove pleasure from it and the action will become empty!

Absolutely all people on the planet are divided into those who like to cause pain and those who enjoy pain. The manifestation of these needs takes various forms and very well when people decide to experience the sensations in role -playing games with the help of BDSM practices.

Here everyone can get what he needs, without causing suffering to outsiders. One way to come to satisfaction through pain is a bellbasting.

What is Ballbasting

In any BDSM practice, the main goal was, is and will be, sexual orgasm. The difference only in parts of the body and actions. So, for example, Bollbasting is a man of man on testicles and a floor dick with foot. As a rule, a woman acts as a sadist, she is faced with her partner face to face. Shoes are used extremely rarely, usually strokes are applied with a bare foot, the upper part of the foot. The man is waist up to the waist, the legs are wider than the shoulders, so the genitals hang like a target.

Ballbasting is considered dangerous and traumatic practice, therefore, even among the participants of the BDSM community, it belongs to the category of extreme. It is important to understand that the consequences of such blows can be unpredictable, therefore an experienced woman who can adequately calculate the power of influence should act as a lady.

The injury is not included in the task of the Beating, so I do not necessarily peel. The essence of practice is both physical and psychological effects on a masochist. The expectation of a blow gives no less pleasure than the pain after its application.

Is it possible to count the Ballbasting with the norm?

Many experienced BDSMARS claim that it is extremely dangerous to practice the blows themselves and there have been cases of severe consequences. Therefore, recently this practice is more inclined to psychological impact on the lower partner.

He is applied with light slap on the testicles with a foot or hand, shells are used, threats to strike a strong blow. All this leads to a storm of emotions, since the fear of castration and injuries of the genitals in men is laid down in psychology. Experiencing strong fear and experiences, a man with the inclinations of a masochist ultimately experiences pleasure.

Psychologists warn that such behavior can be anomalous. A man, asking him to hit him on testicles, may not be a masochist, but a person with deep psychological injuries who force him to receive confirmation of his inferiority and worthlessness.

As a rule, deviations appear precisely in the intimate life of a man, based on this, your partner should be wary of such wishes. Consultation of a sexologist will not hurt.

If we are talking about the role of a beating, then from the point of view of human essence, his behavior can be considered the norm, although from the point of view of morality, society certainly negatively perceives such actions. As for the adoptive man, a certain dispensation arises.

Nature made sure that the male had a desire and the opportunity to fertilize as many females as possible, therefore his voluntary desire to deprive himself of such an opportunity looks unreasonable. But the desire to experience pain is also quite natural. Strange, wildly, incomprehensible, but naturally from the point of view of human psychology.

Ballbasting technique

Oddly enough, in the technique of Ballbasting, not only blows and not only legs are found. The most common pose is described above, when a man stands in front of a woman, spreads his legs wide, holds his hands behind the back of his head or behind his back. But sometimes a man is too mobile, which causes inconvenience. Then you can fix it, for example, tied to the bed.

In this position, a woman can strike with her hands or whip or spanking.  In addition to slaps, compression, patting and twisting are often used. It is important to remember that any effect on the male genitalia is fraught with serious consequences and prolonged treatment, which may not protect against infertility.

Knowing about the existence of this practice is certainly interesting, but before experiencing all the “charms of Ballbasting” on yourself, think three times. And better four. Until new meetings!

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