What is frigidity in women and how to treat

Feminine frigidity: Reasons.

Many have heard of such a concept as frigidity. However, few people know what it is and most importantly the reasons for its occurrence. Some attribute frigidity to the disease at the physical level, and some to psychological problems. And in this case, both causes of frigidity are quite likely. Many women cannot experience an orgasm from sexual intercourse, but now we will talk about those for whom sex is more testing than enjoyment. However, gynecologists claim that this can be corrected.

What is frigidity in women and how to treat

What is frigidity?

Frigidity – This is the lack of desire to have sex. Even if a person enters into sexual contact, then the whole process does not bring him any pleasure. Despite the interpretation of this term, frigidity is a female deviation, since in 90% of cases it occurs precisely in the weaker sex.

The reasons for frigidity

As already noted, there are two causes of frigidity and why the woman does not want sex, which we will consider separately:

Organic frigidity

From the name itself it becomes clear that the lack of a desire to engage in intimacy arises due to the characteristics of the physical condition of a woman. This may be due to the improper operation of any organs of the reproductive system to which the malfunctions of hormones brought. The low sensitivity of erogenous zones can also affect this, when their stimulation does not cause any sensations in the girl. The presence of sexually transmitted diseases can also lead to frigidity. The manifestation of this state at the physical level is a serious thing and you can get out of it only under the supervision of specialists who will prescribe a number of tests and special medicines.

  • Vaginism. This condition does not allow a woman to participate in ordinary sexual intercourse, since she has an involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina that will not miss a member or another object in the vagina. This condition has several types, t.e. there is primary and secondary vaginism. The first species involves the complete closure of the muscles at the moment when it approaches the vagina, whether it is an penis, finger or other object. Secondary may be a result of any injury, including rape. Experts note that there are times when the muscles of the vagina with one man are completely open, and closed with another. If you find this disease, then immediately contact a gynecologist, it will certainly help you.
  • District is a sexual disorder that occurs in women at the time of penetration of the penis into the vagina. So, each sexual intercourse is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Basically, as a result, women begin to have less sex, which, of course, negatively affects their health. Pain for dyspareunia can be felt both during intercourse and before it. In addition, unpleasant painful sensations can occur in the lower abdomen. In no case should this be endured, such pain can go into chronic, and you will not be able to have sex.
  • Not enough natural lubrication. Moisturization in women is akin to erection in men, and if it is not, then this is a sign of an infectious disease. This is mainly happening as a result of the diseases, operations, including childbirth. Scientists also claim that oral contraceptives can also affect the production of vaginal secretions. Note that such a problem can be solved only using special lubricant.

Psychological frigidity

What is frigidity in women and how to treat

It is no secret that a lot depends on our desire and mental education. So, many little girls from childhood inspire that sexual intercourse is terrible and scary, and on the subconscious they are closed from men. In this case, the reasons that a woman does not enjoy sex with a partner are at a psychological level and there can be many primary sources:

  • negative memories regarding the first sexual experience;
  • Relations towards intimacy within the family. The girl is negative about sex, due to the fact that parents have kept repeating from childhood, that it was shameful and bad;
  • a long absence of sexual relations can also affect rigidity;
  • If the girl is in a quarrel or angry with her partner, then for the period she may disappear in the sexual intercourse;
  • and other memories and events that can lead to a negative attitude.

Anyway,  frigidity – This is not a sentence, a girl can get out of such a state.  You can try to do this yourself, if the problem is in psychology, however, if everything is at a different level, then you should contact specialists and conduct a comprehensive treatment for frigidity.

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