What is the stimulation of urethra?

What is the stimulation of urethra?.

The stimulation of the urethra implies the introduction of a sex toy into the urethra – a pipe along which urine is removed from the bladder. This practice actually began as a medical procedure to eliminate obstacles in the urethra. And when everything is done correctly and safely, it can be a satisfactory form of sexual game. Intrigued? Read further to find out more about why this is done, which products are used and (most importantly) how to do it safely.

Why do people stimulate the urethra?

Urethra passes past particularly sensitive areas. If the stimulant is inserted enough, it can even directly stimulate the prostate. Urethral stimulation can be exciting simply because it is something new and unlike ordinary masturbation, as well as somewhat risky and unconventional.

Is there any health benefits?

Urethral stimulation itself does not bring health benefits, but it can provide sexual satisfaction.

How can one characterize such stimulation?

Your sexual tastes, sensitivity to pain and willingness to such simulation can affect your perception. At first, urethral stimulation may seem strange, as if you need to go to the toilet or something scratches the inside of the urethra. But as soon as you find out which toys and techniques are best for you, it can bring more pleasure.

Urethral stimulation is safe?

Yes! But only if you do everything right. And in order for it to be safe, you must remember the following things:

– mandatory purification of urethral toys before stimulation;

– the presence of a stimulant of a suitable size (not too thick or thin);

– slow and careful movements;

– In case of injury or stimulant stimulant, an immediate appeal for medical help.

Whether the urethra will stretch?

The size of your urethra will not change if you practice its stimulation from time to time. But if you are engaged in it regularly and use toys more and more or more textured, your urethra may begin to stretch. For some, this is also part of the pleasure. If you are planning to expand the urethra, do not rush and be careful not to stretch the urethral channel to such an extent that it will harm or cause discomfort.

Will urethral stimulation affect urination?

Safe urethral stimulation does not have a long effect on how you wet. During urination, after stimulating the urethra, it can burn a little, but usually it is temporary. The only real risk arises due to the use of too large toys or made of too hard material.

Are there any risks that should be taken into account?

Before testing this practice, you should take into account several basic risks:

– urinary tract infections (IMP) due to the ingress of bacteria on the toy into small cuts inside the urethra;

– damage to tissues due to too rough processing or use of the tool with an abrasive texture;

– The toy is stuck if it enters too deep in the urethra or you do not use a sufficient amount of lubrication.

Are there anyone who should not try it?

Do not try urethral stimulation if you have:

– any abnormal discharge from the urethra;

– an active outbreak of sexually transmitted infections (IPP), such as herpes or gonorrhea;

– frequent urinary tract infections (IMP);

– urethra injuries;

– Prostate condition, such as prostatitis, benign prostate hyperplasia or prostate cancer.

What stimulants are?

When choosing a urethral stimulant, you need to pay attention to several important parameters of the toy.

1. Type

The following types of urethral stimulants are most common: – a stimulator that has a small working length, and can have a ball, rhinest or ring at the end;- a long and thin stimulator designed for deeper administration into the urethra;- a catheter, which is used in medical procedures and is designed to enter the urethra.

2. Material

Most urethral stimulants are made of surgical stainless steel or titanium, silicone and plastic. Metal stimulants are easier to insert, because they are quite heavy, but they do not have flexibility. Silicone stimulants are more flexible and soft, but it is more difficult to insert them due to a textured surface.

3. Length

Urethral stimulants can be of different lengths – starting from 1 cm to a length of 30 cm, and sometimes more. Most often their length is from 7 to 15 cm.

4. Diameter

The girth is usually measured in millimeters. If you are just starting to get acquainted with urethral stimulation, select a stimulator of small diameter and gradually replace it with stimulants with a slightly large diameter.

5. Form

Most urethral stimulants are long and thin. Some are completely straight, others are slightly curved or have bulges. Some of them can put on the head of the penis, like a hoop with a attached ball that enters the hole of the urethra.

6. Texture

There is a wide variety of textures, including smooth, ribbed, wave -like, spherical, and t. D. To understand which texture is most suitable for you, you will have to experiment.

How to stimulate the urethra?


Before use, be sure to process the stimulant. Steril it in boiling water if the toy material allows you to do this. When washing with soap, use soft soap without smell and warm water. Use cleansing products for sex toys.


1. Satch more comfortably! Stand up, sit down, lie down – the main thing is that you are comfortable. 2. Apply the lubricant abundantly on the urethra hole and stimulant. Use water -based lubrication that does not contain chemicals. 3. If you are a woman, spread the labia so that it is easier for you to get access to the urethral opening. 4. If you are a man, you need a weak erection. Remember that a strong erection can make the urethral hole more dense or make the penis is too sensitive to introduce.


1. With one hand, carefully spread the urethra hole, and enter the toy with the other hand inside. 2. Enter the toy slowly. Do not try to insert the toy by force if you feel pressure, or if it jumps out of the urethra. Heavy toys, such as steel, are usually introduced easy. 3. Gently move the genitals or pelvis, if the stimulator stops diving. 4. Do not use force when introduced if the stimulator is not included as deep as you want. Remove it carefully, then apply more lubricants to the toy and the genital area. You can also try a smaller stimulator or thinner.

Manual stimulation

After you feel comfortable with the entered stimulant, try to move it in several directions to understand that you are pleasure and what nerve endings you can stimulate. You can also gently massage the genital area to get additional pleasure.

Extraction and purification

As soon as you finish, follow below the described step -by -step instructions. 1. Carefully and slowly remove the toy from the urethra. Take your time! Stop or move more slowly if it hurts or discomfort. If necessary, add more lubrication next to the urethral opening. 2. Imark immediately to remove bacteria or lubrication from the urethra. This is normal if it is slightly burned for one or two days after stimulation. 3. Again, wash everything, including your hands, the genital area and the toy you used.

What precautions can you take?

Uretra stimulation is a safe practice if you take appropriate precautions.

Use the lubricant in the urethra a lot of muscles that help to push the urine from the bladder. You will not be able to enter the toy into the urethra without a large amount of lubrication, which will help the stimulant slide.

Do not use a lubricant with analgesic effect, such a lubricant can reduce both pain and pleasure that you experience, which can be dangerous. A sense of discomfort is the only way you know to stop stimulation or change its intensity.

Remove the stimulator and stop immediately if you notice:

– pain;

– numbness;

– a feeling of cold around the genitals or throughout the body;

– unusual changes in the color of the genital area, for example, pallor or bluishness;

– unusual discharge;

– swelling;

– redness;

– bleeding.

Other precautions – do not use objects not designed to stimulate the urethra, such as fingers, forks, straws, etc. D. – Do not use oil -based lubricants or aromatic lubricants.

What to do if you cannot get a stimulant?

Here are some tips that will help to extract a toy that could get stuck or is too deep.

– Keep calm and focus on what you are doing.

– Try to relax the muscles of the genitals. This will help to relax the muscles of the urethra and increase the likelihood of a toy slip.

– Try to find the toy on the skin on top. Then try to push the toy, carefully squeezing the fabrics in that place.

– Sit in a warm bath to make the skin more elastic and expand the urethra.

– If a warm bath does not help, apply a little lubricant around the urethra opening and try to drip it a little in the urethra. So it will be easier to pull out the toy.

– Does not exceed? Immediately contact the emergency service or the emergency department. Keep the genital area as motionless as possible to prevent any sudden or sharp movements that can damage the urethra.

– Be honest and frank with your doctor. Embarrassed is normal, but do not miss any details when you talk to a nurse or doctor. They need to know which tool you used and how it is stuck there to ensure the most effective treatment.

Uretra stimulation can be an interesting way to diversify sexual life. Make sure that you take appropriate precautions, choose a toy suitable for you and experiment until you find a technique that you like best.

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