What is virginity and who is a virgin?

What is virginity and who is a virgin?.

Answering questions in the comments on articles on the topic of virginity, I felt that many young girls have a rather clear idea of what virginity is, who is a virgin and what girl is considered a virgin. Therefore, in order not to write in the future another hundred answers to such questions, I decided to write a separate article where I will try to clearly illuminate this issue.

In fact, as for me, the concept of virginity and what was invested in it earlier no longer corresponds to the realities of today. Therefore, analyzing this topic I will dare to make my own adjustments to these definitions.

What is virginity?

Virginity – This is a state of body and soul until the first sexual experience.

A good definition is enough to catch the general meaning. Now let’s analyze this definition in more detail:

  • Body condition. As you know, every young girl has a virgin pleasant at the entrance to the vagina, which is a kind of seal and a guarantee that no one had penetrated inside, for example, a male member)). Of course, the main function of the virgin play is not this, but in the perspective of the topic we are considering, it is just that. So the state of the body implies the state of the virgin rod and its integrity, as a guarantee that the girl had no sex yet. In addition, it should be mentioned that the rupture of the rings also leads to serious changes in the hormonal system of the girl, which also leads to a change in the state of her body. Therefore, all this is defined as a body condition.
  • State of mind. The soul here is meant as the experience of a girl, her feelings, feelings and experiences that she has not yet experienced, but which she has to experience when she enters into an intimate connection with the guy.
  • Sexual experience. This refers to the first sex, during which the male member penetrated the girl’s vagina and broke through the virgin pleasant (changed the condition of the body). Although I personally have sexual experience, as a concept, I would consider wider, but then our definition will need to be clarified, and here.

I consider it more correct to consider the concept of virginity from both sides, depending on the context, that is, what exactly is being discussed.

2 types of virginity

Perhaps there was no sense in this division before, but in our time, personally, I, I see it. Let’s see what I’m talking about:

  • Virginity according to physiological characteristics – that is, the girl is considered a virgin if her virgin feather is intact and sound. This is the main feature and proof that sex with the penetration of a penis into the vagina did not have a girl.
  • Virginity in terms of sexual experience – that is, the girl had absolutely no sexual experience with the opposite sex. It is not for nothing that I emphasized the words “absolutely no”, since sexual experience, it seems to me, implies any interaction of a guy with a girl (not only the penetration of a member into the vagina), which can lead one of them or two of them to orgasm. Now you will understand what I mean.

Virgin, but not really!

The level of sexual emancipation in our time is much higher than it was literally 20-30 years ago. The Internet in this regard played a decisive role. People and especially modern youth, who simply does not represent their life without the Internet, learn more about sex, its versatility, about their sexuality and sexuality of the opposite sex.

Alternative types of sex. Thematic articles, teaching courses, forums and porn are all that youth learn about many alternative methods of sexual interaction and satisfaction. I mean anal sex, mutual masturbation (petting), oral sex, etc.D. That is, the types of sex in which the female vagina does not take part in the process or takes only to the extent that the virgin is not damaged.

Experienced virgin. As a result of all this girl, they repeatedly have anal sex, able to suck a member and masturbate both for themselves and a guy, firmly declare that they are still virgins, because the virgin is a virgin in place and intact!) And in fact it turns out if it means by virginity only the integrity of the film. But personally, I have the language to call such girls as virgins somehow does not turn!) It also happens that the girl does not break the virgin pool, but stretches. Thus, her spit can remain intact after the 1st, 2nd, 5th and even 10th sex.

No longer a virgin, but without sexual experience. Or, for example, the opposite situation: the girl accidentally damaged or broke the virgin, unsuccessfully falling, sitting on the twine, intensively washing, from physical exertion, damaging with a swab or tumbling during masturbation (as often happens). So now she is no longer a virgin? As for me, so she remained her.

That is why I believe that the concept of virginity should be considered in two directions that we talked about above.

So who is a virgin and what girl is considered her?

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that:

Virgin – This is a girl with a whole hymen or not entirely whole (torn, injured), but also in the first and second case, having no sexual experience with a guy.

This is such a full and most correct option, as for me. All other options will already be ambiguous.

Only the girl knows the real truth

Since, in general, the girl’s sexual experience cannot be determined by any external signs, she can always hide it easily. And if in her life there was a guy with whom she had already shared sexual pleasure (not in a traditional way), and her virgin playing remained whole, then to the question: “Are you a virgin? – She can easily answer: “Yes”. And no one will prove anything. As they say: “Not a thief is not caught”!) Although, in fact, as I said earlier, it is already difficult to call such a girl a virgin. By physiological signs – yes, by experience – no.

These are the things. It would seem a simple question, but if you think about and consider various options, then there are nuances, with my thoughts about which I shared with you in this article. And now I propose to consider a number of frequently asked questions on this topic.


So the most popular questions that are asked in the comments on this topic.

There were attempts at the first sex, but the guy could not enter me. Virgin is I after that?

I think that you can consider yourself such, since he, apparently, failed to break through the Pleve. And between you, so in fact, nothing happened. As they say: “A little bit-it is not considered!) “. All kinds of options for similar situations were also considered in this article.

The guy completely entered me, but there was no pain or blood. I’m still a virgin?

No, you are no longer a virgin. As I said above, everyone has different. Therefore, her gap is not always accompanied by bleeding and pain. It depends on how thick the virgin is and how much it contains blood capillaries and nerve endings. That is, the case when the first sex passes painlessly and without blood is quite frequent.

I masturbated by introducing a toothbrush (finger, pen, marker, etc.e) in the vagina and my blood went. I’m no longer a virgin?

Perhaps the most popular question of young girls on this site. You are still a virgin. Because, firstly, if virginity means a whole virgin pole for you, then you should know that in order to break it off, you need an object of approximately the same size as an average male member (in thickness). Secondly, the fact that your blood has gone most likely indicates that you may have a careless movement with a careless movement and injured it a little, which caused a slight bleeding. In almost every pleura, there are holes (see what kind of virgins are). It can be as one, but there may be several. Their dimensions and location can also be different. This is what allows the girl to enter narrow objects there during masturbation. Therefore, you are still a virgin. You can get acquainted with a lot of such questions and answers to them by this link.

What does it mean to deprive virginity and how to do it?

This means breaking through the girl a virgin pleasant with a member (defloration) or in other words to have her first sex with her. How to do it is not difficult, but if you are not indifferent to a girl, then in your own interests it is so that it doesn’t hurt her at least (or not much painful), but at the maximum pleasy. If you are interested in the last option and you want the girl to fall in love with sex, then it will be useful for you to find out the most basic rules of the first sex, then how female genitals are arranged, how to prepare a girl morally and physically and much more about what I have already told in detail in the article how to deprive howGirl of virginity.

Is it possible to deprive yourself of virginity itself?

If we consider this issue only in the context of the rupture of the virgin rod, then in principle it is possible, but how well it is difficult to say it is difficult. All that is necessary for this is the courage and any phallic object, that is, an object in shape and size, close to the middle male floor dick. It must be introduced into the vagina and thereby break the pleu. In some cases, this is easily done, in some more complicated. It all depends on the rod, its shape, type and thickness.  We have already talked about this subject in this article.

How to distinguish a virgin from a virgin?

Depending on what you put into this concept. If we are talking about her sexual experience, then she was engaged in mutual masturbation, anal or oral sex, you can never. And if you mean the integrity of the virgin rod, then only check it yourself, looking into her panties!) And then, if you do not own certain knowledge and experience, then you can understand and unequivocally determine you can hardly determine.  I have already developed thoughts on this subject in the article how to find out a virgin whether a girl.

Is it possible to get pregnant as a virgin?

Can. But this applies to already sexually mature girls with an established menstrual cycle. Festivities in all girls come at different ages, who has before, who later has. From this time, in principle, she can become pregnant when male sperm gets into her vagina. How can this happen if there is a rod? The fact is that the virgin pole has a hole or even several. If male sperm somehow penetrates inside them, then this can create a certain risk of pregnancy. This does not mean that if a man ends and his sperm falls on girlish genitals, then she will certainly become pregnant. No. Only risk will create. How much is unknown. It depends on many factors, starting from the girl’s menstrual cycle and ending with the activity of a man’s sperm.

Is it possible to lose his virginity with a finger?

It is very difficult to do it completely and normally with a finger. Your finger can only be torn off the virgin Pleve, since it is compared to the member, it is quite thin. As a result of such defloration (rupture of the virgin rod), at the next penetration of a member (which is thicker than a finger), the girl can still feel pain and even bleed. Therefore, it seems to me, it is better to do it at once as Mother Nature conceived this, that is, with the help of a male member. But even if you do it with a finger, you will only save yourself from the physiological signs of a virgin, but in fact you will remain like that.

How many years can you lose virginity?

According to the law, you can not earlier than 18 years!) But as life shows, girls start sex life much earlier. Especially nimble at 13-15, more restrained 16-18, and so on. There is actually a clear definition when possible, this question is definitely impossible to answer. It all depends on the girl herself, her physiology, her consciousness, life views and positions. Here’s what I advised about this. I also talked more about this here.

Is it worth storing virginity before marriage?

In fact, you must answer this question yourself, based on your life positions and values. You must clearly understand what it is, why you need it, what it will give you and what will deprive. Weigh everything and decide for yourself. The main thing is that you resonate with your decision, that is, you agree with it and accept it internally. Do not live your life according to other people’s laws. Listen to your heart – it will tell you.

I believe that in our time it is much more important not to keep innocence before marriage, but to lose it with a normal guy (and not with anyone.) This is important in the first place because your first sex will largely depend on how your first sex happens to sex and the ability to get pleasure from it. In addition, there is an interesting assumption about the influence of the first man on the offspring of a girl, which should be known about. Believe in this or not the case of everyone personally.

You can lose virginity during masturbation?

In general, this is possible. It all depends on how the girl masturbates and with which (fingers, objects, etc.e). This topic is described in detail here.

Does it hurt to lose virginity?

Everything is very individual, since all girls are different, the girls themselves are different, their partners are also different. In general, everything is different for everyone. And the fact that your girlfriend had the first sex and had a lot of blood does not mean that you will also have. You can go completely painlessly and you can even get an orgasm. In general, how it will be with you no one knows. Read more about this.

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