What to do if the blood goes on at the first explosion?

What to do if the blood goes on at the first explosion?.

If during the first sexual rapprochement with a partner there is blood – this is normal. Nothing needs to be done. You can just go to the bathroom, put yourself in order and go to bed again in an embrace with a partner. But what should not be done is to panic. Blood after the first sex – a natural phenomenon. We will tell you why the hemorrhage is observed, is it possible to avoid this, and also consider cases when blood may not go at all.

The cause of bleeding

Defloration – this term indicates the deprivation of virginity in girls. Defloration, as a rule, occurs after the first intercourse with a partner. The entrance to the vagina of virgins is closed with a special thin film – a virgin balm.

The virgin pole is not a door that can be opened, and not a tape that can be cut. This is a thin elastic fabric that can break.

The penis of the partner during intercourse stretches this film, as a result of which it is torn. This leads to bleeding.

Usually, blood discharge is small. This will fairly say in relation to girls who have a very thin and elastic ball. However, in some girls she is very thick and fleshy. If the partner manages to break its penis at the entrance to the vagina, then there will be many blood discharge.

Moreover, blood can go in small portions in the following days. This is also normal – just the cause of abundant bleeding in this case is an anatomical feature of the film.

What to do if the blood goes on at the first explosion?

Bleeding after the first intercourse – a natural phenomenon. In the structure of the fabric of which the film consists, there are small capillaries – blood vessels that feed local cells. When the penis tears this film, the vessels are also torn – this leads to bleeding.

Therefore, with bleeding, you can do nothing. For comfort, a girl can go to the bathroom and put herself in order. Then you should relax and go to bed.

Duration of bleeding after the first sex

Blood that flows after the first intercourse usually has a dark red color. Sources of bleeding are usually localized along the edges of the virgin rod – in most cases near the breaks. 3-5 days after the rupture, the amount of blood decreases greatly, the color becomes pale. And a week after the rupture of the edges, the films are covered with scars – this is a sign that the wound healed.

As we have already noted, the duration of the hemorrhage depends on the features of the virgin rod. If the film is thin and elastic, then the bleeding completely stops 5-7 days after the gap. The spit during this time completely heals. If the film is thick and fleshy, then blood can go in small portions and 2-3 weeks after rupture of the rifle.

Is bleeding always observed

Many believe that deprivation of virginity (defloration) is necessarily accompanied by blood discharge. However, in fact, this statement is erroneous. In some cases, blood does not go. These are the main reasons for this phenomenon:

The virgin does not just tear. The fact is that the film can stretch. In some cases (very rarely found), the spit clasps the head of the penis, but does not break. The girl can assume that the partner broke the pleura, although in fact she continues to be a virgin;

The girl did not have a virgin rifle from birth. Yes, this also happens, although it is very rare. This is an innate anomaly in which a girl is born without a virgin rod;

The girl already had sex with another partner. Lack of blood may indicate that a girl has this not the first sex. Perhaps she had a partner that you do not know about;

The girl inadvertently broke the Pleve. This can also happen. For example, a girl during masturbation could accidentally break a pleu, or damage it during hygienic procedures. And the film can break through when classes in some sports: horse races, cycling, stretching exercises, etc.;

The guy cannot tear the pleubs. An erect penis becomes very firm and, as a rule, can easily break the pleubs. However, in some cases, the guy does not manage to do this. Reasons: the spit is too thick, the guy shows uncertainty, etc. In any case, if you could not tear the pleu, you need to seem to the doctor.

Some peoples still have such a vision according to which the blood remaining on the sheet after the first intercourse indicates the innocence of the girl. It is believed that if there is no blood, then this is a bad signal. They begin to perceive the girl as a walking, and a stigma of shame is applied to her whole family.

This vision is still common in rural areas. People even take out a sheet with blood spots on the street for everyone to see as a sign that the family from which this girl came out is normal. Note that from a scientific point of view, the lack of blood after the first sex is quite normal.

What to do if you don’t want blood

Not all girls want to see blood on the sheet after the first sex. In this case, you can go through defloration in the clinic. We are talking about surgical deprivation of virginity. The doctor performs a small operation under local anesthesia, during which the virgin playing is completely removed. The procedure is painless, passes quite quickly.

Also, along with the removal of the rod, you can carry out a slight correction of the entrance to the vagina. Then the intimate zone will look very beautiful. After surgical defloration, you can safely have sex. Blood in this case will not work.

Hemorrhage after the first sex is normal. It lasts about 5-7 days (after the first day the blood goes in small portions). There may not be blood. In this case, you should not worry too. For confidence, you can check with the doctor.

If you do not want to see blood on the sheet after the first sex, but I want to focus on the process itself and enjoy rapprochement with a partner, then you can go through the surgical defloration procedure in advance.

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