What will happen if you finish in a pregnant woman?

What will happen if you finish in a pregnant woman?.

One of the most painful topics for women in position is sex and intimacy consequences for the baby. Some representatives of excellent on earth try to avoid sexual intercourse and postpone the moments of intimacy with their beloved spouse until better times. You can find out the answer to such a delicate question from the attending physician, but not every woman dares to ask him, especially when a man-male doctor is conducted.

If, nevertheless, a woman manages to bypass the constraint and internal discomfort, she will receive an unequivocal answer from the doctor-with the normal course of pregnancy and the absence of any anomalies in the development of the fetus, the lesson sex with the ejaculation of the partner inward does not cause any harm.

Each pregnancy passes in different ways, so you need to be able to ask uncomfortable questions and consult a specialist for any reason.

Is sperm harm into the woman’s body harmful?

During the bearing of a child, in the woman’s body there is no ovulation process, so a priori can not be a second pregnancy. The uterus for active sperm is completely closed.

It is important to understand that the seed fluid itself does not pose a threat to the health of both the future mother and the baby. Potential danger can come from the sexual intercourse itself, especially if the partners are accustomed to active intimate life with a variety of poses, intricate experiments, unusual sex toys.

Sex has sex with ejaculation of seed fluid inward leads to:

  • Normalization of microflora in the lower genital organs of a woman;
  • softening of the birth canal;
  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • stabilization of mental health and inner harmony.

In some cases, a woman is recommended active sex life in the last trimester. This is due to the fact that the ejaculant softens the cervix and reduces the likelihood of ruptures during the birth of the child to a minimum.

If pregnancy is coming to an end, male seed fluid can provoke the beginning of labor. As a rule, this is due to the relaxation of the intimate muscles in the pelvic organs, which the body perceives for a signal.

Is it possible to end in a pregnant woman during anal sex?

An important aspect with anal sex is the observance of personal hygiene and the absence of sudden movements. The seed fluid is completely safe and will come out naturally.

The danger lies in the fact that anal sex can cause the spread of pathogenic bacteria, falling at the time of sexual intercourse in the vagina of a woman. With careful contact of partners and complete sterility, anal sex is safe.

Is it possible to end in a pregnant woman with oral sex?

Oral sex is considered the safest for a woman. This is due to the lack of physical overvoltage. The seed fluid does not contain toxins, poisonous substances and harmful trace elements that can harm a woman or fetus. Getting inside the seed fluid does not cause negative sensations and unpleasant consequences.

Oral sex is an alternative for steam, which is the usual sexual intercourse for some reason. Studies of doctors from the United States have shown that oral sex and ejaculation inward reduce toxicosis throughout the entire period of gestation. In addition, this method helps to normalize protein levels in the urine and positively affects general tests.

Contraindication of ejaculation inside a woman is the presence of an alcohol intoxication or intake of narcotic substances. In this case, in sperm there may be a small percentage of toxins and harmful trace elements, which will negatively affect the well -being of the troubled mother.

Why you can’t end inside a pregnant woman?

One of the good reasons that is a contraindication of sperm inward is a disease that is transmitted sexually. An intimate life in the presence of such diseases threatens a woman in a position with serious problems, since infections and harmful bacteria can be transmitted with seminal fluid.

If the sexual partner has any infections, rashes and inflammatory processes in the inguinal region, you should seek help from a specialist. In order to avoid infection and development of diseases, it is necessary to completely eliminate the ingress of seed fluid in the vagina of the partner. Doctors recommend limiting sex during pregnancy in this case, or do it only in a condom.

Contraindications for the ingress of seed fluids can be from the side of the woman:

  • Fungal infections in the vagina;
  • thrush;
  • risk of miscarriage;
  • bloody issues;
  • too small gestational age;
  • Inflammatory processes in the body (not necessarily in the pelvic organs).

Despite the fact that the child himself in the womb is reliably protected by amniotic fluids and mucosa, some infections can cause unpleasant consequences (premature birth, unstable mental health, increased risk of bleeding, weakened immunity, etc.D.).

Advantages of seed fluid entering the inside of the pregnant woman

Sperm for a woman in a position is a kind. The soothing effect is achieved thanks to the large number of hormones that are part of the seed fluid. Moderate sexes and sperm entering a pregnant woman contribute to the fact that the expectant mother minimizes the risk of postpartum depression.

Pregnancy is a unique opportunity to enjoy sex without contraceptives, receiving a dose of hormones by ejaculation in the vagina for a woman. Remember that for a loving couple intimate relationships in any manifestation are safe. At the same time, male sperm does not carry any danger during pregnancy. The main thing is to do everything slowly, keep the process under full control and listen to the signals of your body.

If a woman has no health problems, pregnancy proceeds without complications and a danger of a breakdown, then you can end inside, and even needs.

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