Amazon pose in sex – Kama Sutra technique

Kamasutra 47 – Porn Pose Amazon.

The Amazon pose in sex from the world -famous love book – Kama Sutras, has a warlike name, because in this position the bodies of two partners are intertwined in wild passion. This name is quite symbolic, the girl in this case is more active and dominates. She controls the speed of movements and the depth of the entry of the penis into the vagina. There is nothing more attractive than when the girl tries to take the role of the dominant on her fragile shoulders.

Amazon pose in sex – Kama Sutra technique

It is no secret that the main role in the sexual act was given to the man, and it is he who is usually the leading, and not the led in sex. However, a woman in the Amazon pose provides for a change of roles, now a man can enjoy, just relaxing, without thinking about anything: this can be seen by studying a photo of sex positions.

Pose 47 Kama Sutra – for a powerful woman

To fulfill the 47th position, you will need a chair, or you can sit on the edge of the bed or a low table, only make sure that the chair or table is strong enough to withstand your “hot” night in the porn pose of the Amazon. After the man sat down, his partner sits on top of him, face to face. It is advisable to use a chair so that a woman can rest on the floor and make movements, but if the girl has strong hips, then she can work with them. For a greater speed and strength of the penis, a man can help her, and, holding the buttocks, slightly lift and lower her body.

In addition to sexual satisfaction, a man in this method of sex can consider the female body, namely the chest, the touch to which is made from the half -turn. The received aesthetic pleasure reflects a man’s sympathy for her partner, which she naturally feels without words and begins to move more actively, which delivers satisfaction with both partners.

Amazon pose in sex – Kama Sutra technique

During frictions, the girl can rely on the man’s shoulders, as well as hold his neck and head, even boldly press his face to her chest, which will be very appropriate in a passionate act of love. This position is quite comfortable, it can be engaged in it for a long time, but a man should think that after a while his partner will get tired, so it will be better to change her to something else. Fortunately, today you can find a large number of provisions in the Indian treatise for a couple, which are no less attractive for a sexual act than a warrior from South America.

Note that earlier the position of the Amazon in the intimate sphere was not too widespread, especially in the east, where a man could not allow his woman to take leading roles somewhere.

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