Erection rings: what is it and how to use? Erication rings

Erection rings: what is erection rings and how to use? Erication rings.

Erectational rings are one of the most popular toys. This is due to the fact that they prevent the outflow of blood down, which makes the erection stronger and long, so that penetrating sex can last longer. Conventional erection rings are quite cheap and are relatively easy to use, although there are various types.

The simplest to use and the best toys of this category for beginners are elastic erection rings. You can take a set of several rings of various diameters and choose the right one, or use several at the same time (both on the trunk and on the scrotum if desired).

Erection lasso, who have the shape of loops with a sectial latch, also found their fans, mainly due to the fact that when putting it on, it is possible to regulate the compression force depending on the desired effect. Lasso can be accurately adjusted to the desired diameter. Lasso is put on the base of the erect penis at the time of the maximum erection and with the help of beads-wire is clamped to the desired size.

The ring with vibration is often used in heterosexual pairs, since the vibrations emanating from the built -in or removable vibro -foil help to stimulate the partner’s clitoris and give more pleasant sensations and additional stimulation during intercourse.

If you want something more elegant and elegant, then such a ring is perfect – the vibro -foil in it is located vertically, and it is even better for sex between a man and a woman, as stimulating the partner’s clitoris.

When using the ring, start by applying a small amount of the lubricant to the inner surface of the ring, which will provide smooth sliding and facilitate putting on. When using lubricants with sex toys, you should always make sure that the lubricant you have chosen is compatible with the material used by the sex toy and condoms if you use them.

Water -based lubricant is suitable for use with all rings and condoms, so this choice is the safest.

This is a fairly liquid lubricant on water -based is really excellent – it can be used for penetrating sex, masturbation and is great for use with all sex toys. Convenient dispenser will facilitate the use, and the consistency of the lubricant is not at all sticky.

There are edible lubricants, with a variety of tastes. Made of safe ingredients, they are safe for use on intimate areas.

Erective rings must fit tightly to help limit blood flow, but should not bring discomfort. If your ring is made of hard material, such as metal, make sure that you put it right – it should be wearing the base of the penis in a relaxed state. Elastic rings and lasso are put on the base of an erect penis at the time of the maximum erection and slightly compress it, due to which the reverse outflow of blood slows down and an erection is supported. If you experience pain or discomfort, remove the ring.

It is recommended to try on a ring before use with a partner so that there is no incident during intercourse with a partner. The ring should limit the blood flow and give the penis a slightly increased appearance. If the penis becomes darker or you are discomfort, remove the ring. As a rule, you can not use an erective ring for more than half an hour, through this period of time it is necessary to remove the ring and return the normal circulation of blood before using the product again. If the above problems arise, try using a larger ring or made of softer and elastic materials.

The ring can be single or double, which will be located around the scrotum and penis. It is easier to wear it until a strong erection is achieved, and it is worth starting with a scrotum. Pass first one testicle through the ring, and then the second, leaving the ring around the scrotum. If this becomes a difficult task, use the lubricant.

But what positions are best suited for sex with ordinary and vibrating erective rings so that the effect is better and the stimulation of the partner’s clitoris was as pleasant as possible?


In this position, you can use both ordinary and vibrating erection rings. In this position, you can easily remove the ring when you feel pain or discomfort, and you can also monitor the state of your penis.

Eyes to eyes

Let the partner sit on the edge of the table and spread his legs, and you go to her, you can even raise it if your physical preparation allows it. In this position you can observe together. In this case, a vibrating ring with a process in the form of a rabbit is more suitable.


The vibro -ring allows you to enjoy large sizes and give the partner additional stimulation. A vibro -ring with an process for a clitoris stimulator is ideal for positions in which a woman is on top. Instead of active frictions, a partner can decide which movements to use for greater pleasure.

Just put on the ring

An interesting fact: in order to enjoy the effect of an erective ring, it is not necessary to enter into sexual intercourse – a partner can stimulate you with his hands. A vibro -ring with an process can be used to stimulate a man’s crotch, which will allow you to experience a super -intent orgasm.


For maximum stimulation, try the erective ring, which is fixed on the penis and scrotum, and also has vibration and clitoral process. The missionary position will acquire new colors!

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