Inexplicable poses in sex. How to fix?

Inexplicable poses in sex. How to fix?.

Inexplicable poses in sex. How to fix?
Some poses in bed may be uncomfortable. But before you refuse them, you should try to improve them. Simple techniques will help better get a job and get more pleasure. And knowing such ways to change the position, you can always get pleasures always and everywhere!

Why the pose can be uncomfortable

Each pair has its own favorite poses. But it is important not to repeat, but try something new. And the feeling is “inconvenient” in experiments manifests itself in the following cases:

  • The discrepancy between sizes. If a member of a man is very large, he hurts the girl’s pain, pushing the cervix strongly. If small, he slips out that he is very distracting.
  • Strong surface. And the points of the support quickly begin to hurt. Hands or legs can even be injured if the case occurs on pebbles, asphalt or other solid surfaces.
  • Friction. For example, on the palace, each movement causes sliding, and this leads to abrasion. You can erase your palms or knees into the bloodstream in a few minutes.
  • Incorrect weight distribution. If the support is one limb, it quickly. It is necessary to distribute weight evenly so that you can be located for several minutes without negative sensations.
  • Insufficient stimulation. In some positions, it is not possible to additionally caress the nipples, clitoris or scrotum, and it is difficult to relax without it. And so the pose does not seem perfect. And someone just does not have enough contact in the process.
  • Small. Separate poses open a view of the problem areas, and a partner or partner can be shy that they will be seen in this form. They are inconvenient precisely because of such frankness.

If you understand what causes discomfort, you can eliminate the cause, and you can decide everything. And it turns out that the pose is not bad, it just requires a little more preparation. How can you cope with the most common causes of inconvenience?

The discrepancy between sizes

If a member of a man is very large, you should choose a limiter. Use Erective ring, but put it on so that it is placed not at the very base of the penis, but 1-2 cm further. And it turns out that he cannot enter too deep, so it does not hurt.

You can try to change the penetration angle. Raise or lower your legs a little stronger, bend in the lower back or strain vaginal muscles. Changing the situation can improve the situation, and the penis will rest against the cervix, but against the walls of the vagina, and this is very pleasant, often leads to orgasms.

. After long caresses and kisses, the vagina becomes more elastic, and the pain is not felt. And if you add a lubricant, then everything can be very comfortable.Inexplicable poses in sex. How to fix?

Unknown surface

If hard, it is worth placing pillows or plaid. Under the arms, knees and back. Soft fabric will soften the touch, remove unpleasant sensations. This is important when having sex, for example, on the floor. With pillows, everything goes much easier.

Insufficient stimulation

If there are not enough pleasant sensations, add sex toys. For example, vibrator for steam will be useful in any pose. It is located between the bodies of partners, and in the process the girl’s clitoris is stimulated by a motor. With such an assistant, she will definitely finish!

Vibrators and massagers are useful. They are applied to the right places in any poses. And with them all positions are more interesting, since the sensations are more intense. Toys can be used different: from mini-vibrators to prostate massager.


And if the inconvenience in unwillingness to demonstrate your body, then you need to change not a pose, but lighting. It is enough to turn off the bright light or replace it with candles. And the process will be pleasant, and embarrassment will go completely.

Any uncomfortable pose can be fixed. It is only important to add sex toys and pillows. Sometimes it is appropriate to buy a special pillow for sex, it will allow you to find dozens of new positions.

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