Pose 27 "Classic" – Description of technology

Sex pose 27 “Classic” – a man from above.

Pose 27 in sex called “classics”. This position really refers to traditional ways to have sex, it can also be attributed to missionary. Despite the fact that this pose may be bored with someone, it is quite effective and allows you to get maximum pleasure with minimal activity.

Pose 27 "Classic" – Description of technology

Pose in sex classic – close contact

For execution  Poses 27 Kama Sutra the partner spreads his legs to the sides, while lying on the bed with his back. The man is above her, his hips are between the woman’s legs. After he penetrates inside his partner, his hands rest against the bed, and the woman brings her legs together. The role of the leader here is assigned to the man, he completely sets the pace of sex. In this position, the penetration of the penis is shallow, which is a positive factor if a man has a big member and, with full introduction, a woman experiences pain. From the features Pose in sex classics It can be noted that it naturally stimulates the clitoris, which gives additional pleasure to the girl. And because of the unusual angle of penetration of the penis, the man feels pleasant pressure on the head of the penis.

Sex pose 27 suggests that the role of a woman is passive, she can just lie and enjoy the efforts of her partner. But since her hands are free, she can caress her man with them, drive them along her neck, shoulders or periodically squeeze his buttocks. Also, a partner can be served by a basin towards the penis, from which the man will be delighted. After some time, the hands of a man can get tired, so he can transfer all weight to his elbows or completely change the position of the Kama Sutra to the one where the lead belongs to the woman.

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