Pose 53 in sex – Kamasutra Description

53 pose of Kama Sutra – Technique.

The pose is 53 Kama Sutra convenient for prolonged execution and pleasant enjoyment of sex of both sexual partners.

Pose 53 in sex – Kamasutra Description

Porn pose 53 – for long pleasure

In 53 pose of kamasutra, the man sits on his knees and leans back slightly. To hold his body, he rests his hands on the bed. At this time, the woman lies in front of him, laying the pillow under her neck. She puts her hips on his feet and wraps around his hands, slightly lifting the pelvis. In this case, a member of a man will enter the vagina as deep as possible. After a member of a man penetrates, a woman can remove her hands and begin to caress her breasts.

Behind the pace and depth of the penetration of his genital organ, the man monitors himself, while he reveals an excellent review to the erotic reaction of his partner. In general, the pose of 53 in sex is one of the most beautiful poses of the Kama Sutra, which is to the taste of a large number of steam, as it is easy to perform and allows the member to penetrate as deep as possible, delivering maximum pleasure to both partners. After such leisurely sex, you can change the pose to a much more active and energy -consuming.

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