Pose 61 in sex – implementation technique

Porn pose 61 – “Pile”.

Pose 61 bears a very funny and impudent name – “Pile”. No, no, here you will not have to use gags or other things from intimate stores. All actions will be performed independently without using improvised means.

Pose 61 in sex – implementation technique

Intimate pose 61 sex – relaxation

To perform a pose, 61 man should lie on his back and spread his legs wide along the bed. At this time, his partner falls on him in such a way that his member is at the level of her vagina. After that, he penetrates, and the girl, clutching her gentleman, stretches her legs down. The couple can manage the progressive movements alternately, sliding up and down over the body of a partner. The amplitude of frictions in pose 61 will be the minimum.

Kama Sutra Poster 61 will go for those couples that love dense bodily contacts in order to kiss and hug their partner as much as possible. Also, the position of the “plug” can be applied when the girl feels pain or discomfort with deep penetration. In addition, 61 pose does not require special physical training and does not consume a lot of energy, so it can be used often and for a long time, and then switch to another position.

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