Pose 69 in sex: all details

Pose 69 in sex – the best sensations.

Almost every modern couple practices not only classic, but also oral sex. Oral caresses can act as an alternative to the usual intimacy, as well as a prelude or component of sex. It remains only to figure out what the Pose of 69 is in sex, what types and techniques of execution can be tried. If the pair is a ban on oral affection, you should get acquainted with the pros and minuses of position 69 to draw a conclusion based on facts. Sexologists note that people who have not tried oral sex do not know true pleasure. We offer you the best techniques of the 69 posture, a detailed description of all the advantages and weaknesses, as well as facts from the Kama Sutra.

Pose 69 in sex: all details

What is a pose 69? Than it stands out?

Oral sex is the best alternative to sex, as well as a prelude, which will be 100% licked by passion and desire in every person. But is it worth spending strength and trying in one -sided direction, if you can caress each other at the same time. Practice shows that it is this method of caressing the fastest that leads to orgasm.

69 is the most famous pose for oral sex, allows both partners to simultaneously stimulate the genitals using the mouth. Perhaps this is due to the location of the bodies inverted to each other, as a result of which oral stimulation occurs in parallel. Other names – Valeta Pose or French Love.

Oral sex is a branch from the classical appearance, despite the unusual performance. Types are distinguished: blowjob, cunnilingus and even anilingus. All existing poses in Kamasreta allow only one one, and only the sixty-nine position involves uniting them all.
Pose 69 in sex: all details

Advantages of the posture

If one of the partners or both doubt, it is worth trying such experiments in bed, first you should get acquainted with the advantages and indispensable features of sixty -nine positions. The pluses include several points:

  • Both partners simultaneously receive Colossal pleasure from oral simulation;
  • This is an ideal option for women who prefer to take the role of a dominant;
  • Men that more often dominate in sex, in pose 69 have the opportunity Relax and relax;
  • No physical, anatomical and life circumstances and flaws (pregnancy, excess weight, etc.) do not interfere with the execution of the technician;
  • Both partners will have free hands, which will supplement the Oral with tactile caresses and stimulation;
  • Such sex is safe, it does not lead to the infection of the STD or by the onset of unwanted pregnancy;
  • The yell does not require contraception;
  • Pose 69 may be an alternative to sex for innocent girls;
  • This position has different performance scenarios;
  • This is the best way to warm up before quality sex.

Pose 69 in sex: all details

Practice shows that many modern girls cannot achieve orgasm from traditional sex, and oral affection is the only way to achieve the cherished goal. Disadvantages in the pose 69 are also provided, even if the advantages of the advantages they fade and do not have much weight. They are mainly in the following points:

  • Some girls are not so sexually liberated to have such oral sex;
  • Not everyone manages to achieve orgasm from such caresses;
  • Against the backdrop of growing pleasure, one partner can focus on his feelings, forgetting to caress another;
  • With a significant difference in growth, the pose may be a source of discomfort.

Almost 90% of pairs practicing a pose 69 experience maximum pleasure and sexual excitement from this method of stimulation.

Types of sexual games that can be done in this position

To date, the Pose of 69 involves several options at once, which once again proves its expediency in intimate life. In this case, each pair can choose varieties of games and caresses in position 69 for individual characteristics. There are 5 species in total:

Classic view – the standard option, practiced both on the bed and on the floor. A man needs to lie down right on his back, take the most comfortable position, after which the woman in the reverse position sits on top of him so that her knees are near his head. Now she can begin to caress the penis of the partner, gradually sitting down on the bosom on his face. Do not forget to tame the hands to the business, stimulating the genitals and anus.

Pose 69 in sex: all details

Inverted view – A similar way of performing oral sex, but participants need to change places. That is, the girl lies from below on her back, and the partner dominates her, introducing the member neatly into her mouth, as well as leaning over her vagina. In this position, a man performs mechanical actions, regulating the depth of the introduction of a member, it is important to be delicate.

Pose 69 in sex: all details

Valet – In this version of execution, partners need to lie on their side, in a valet position to each other. Partners lie completely or half, leaning on the elbow hands. Then they spread the legs of each other, proceeding to oral stimulation. This is a great alternative for those who do not want to dominate and strive for equality.

Pose 69 in sex: all details

Standing or vertical – For such a script, a strong back and legs of a man is important, as well as a willingness to extreme experiments in a woman. A man stands on the floor, leaning on the wall, takes the girl on his arms so that her legs are on his shoulders, and the head in the area of the groin. To do this, she needs to lie on the edge of the bed so that her head hangs down to the floor, and he lift her by the hips and lean against the wall.

Pose 69 in sex: all details

Sitting – This is a more simplified version of the previous type. First, partners need to take the pose described above. But after that, the man carefully approaches the bed and sits down on its edge. In this position, the woman holds herself, leaning her hands on the bed. At any moment, the couple can quickly take a lying position, returning to the classical version.

Pose 69 in sex: all details

What erotic zones in a woman participate in this?

So that the sixty -nine pose is a source of maximum pleasure for both partners, it is important to use all available erogenous points in its performance. And if everything is extremely simple with a man, then it is important for a woman to work hard over the pleasure of a woman. What points should participate:

  1. Clitoris – the protruding tubercle of the external genitalia, responsible for the approach and onset of orgasm. It is important to affect it delicately at a growing pace, since more than 8,000 nerve endings are concentrated here. Practice shows that about 80% of women receive an orgasm against the background of clitoris stimulation.
  2. Point G – During oral sex, you can get to it, for this you need to insert a finger in two -thirds in the vagina, groping the protruding zone. If you stimulate the point g with the finger at the same time, and the clitoris with the tongue, the woman will very soon shudder with a powerful orgasm.
  3. Anus – And here there are many erogenous points that enhance pleasure from oral stimulation. A man can caress both his tongue and with his fingers anus on the outside, or he can gently introduce a finger inside, which will give the woman incredible sensations.

Remember that it is better to practice a pose, like a prelude before sex or a separate type of intimacy, since after vaginal or anal penetration the yoke can be unnatural for hygienic reasons.

What should be the role of a man?

The role of a man in this type of sex can be completely different, it all depends on the chosen type of pose. If a woman is located on top, most of the movements, rhythm, intensity depends on her first of all. A man can only play along with her, raising the hips to the beat of the oral stimulation.

If a man is from above, in this case it is extremely important for him to show delicacy and caution. It is he who is responsible not only for the caresses of the vaginal and the clitoris of the partner, but also for the depth, speed and intensity of the introduction of a member into her mouth. Having overdo it, you can get the opposite effect, but it is also impractical to be immobilized.

Video about pose 69

To clearly familiarize yourself with the techniques of execution of the post 69, the rules of oral stimulation, the distribution of roles, we offer you several videos:

Secrets of sixty -nine positions;

Why women love a pose 69;

Advantages and disadvantages of the posture 69.

What does KamaSutra say about the pose 69?

Kamasutra is an ancient Indian treatise on the topic of the Kama. The book examines the spheres of sensual, emotional life, lust and love. The main attention is focused on positions in which partners can engage in oral, vaginal and oral sex. The subtleties of the pose 69 are also considered here.

The book says that oral stimulation in this performance is a great way to warm up partners. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments, try all types of execution, as well as in addition to caressing the tongue to resort to additional stimulation with fingers. This is also an effective way to obtain mutual orgasm.


Subtle connoisseurs and simply professionals of oral sex argue that the pose of 69 is an ideal option for bringing both partners to a powerful orgasm at the same time. Partners can practice as many as 5 execution options – standing, sitting, sideways, as well as lying in one or reverse location. Oral mutual sex for many women is the only way to achieve orgasm, it is also a great alternative to sex during pregnancy or other contraindications.

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