Pose 74 Kama Sutras – “guest” position of sex

“Guest” – a pose for sex 74.

Pose 74 Kamasuters are called “guest”. Its name is not at all due to the fact that you can invite the third participant there (however, if there is such a desire, then why not), here everything is twisted on the fact that it can be used in various places, it is very similar to the 73rd posture,But a little changed.

Pose 74 Kama Sutras – “guest” position of sex

Sex in the shower or toilet – pose 74

To perform a pose, 74 partners become facing a friend and penetrates. In this case, it will be good if a woman with a man is at least one height or she’s heels. In other situations, it is better to find a step or a partner will languish on tiptoe. Of course, it is very important that the partners correspond to each other according to the complexion, that is, that there is no excess weight that will prevent the penetration of the penis into the girl in front. And of course, for this position, the length of the penis should be the more, the better-it will not cause pain, since penetration due to anatomical features will not be deep. A partner with a medium -sized men’s instrument is unlikely to enter a girl deeper than half the length of his organ. The seventy -fourth position of sex is convenient in that with the help of kisses and close hugs you can make even more romantic sexual intercourse in a public place.

As we have already noted, the guest pose is suitable for sex in various places: in the toilet, in the club, in the shower, elevator, entrance, balcony, fitting room and so on, everything will depend on an individual taste or if the standard pose of the “back” has come to you. Actually, she got the name because it involves quick interaction, a man “comes to visit” to his passion briefly. Note to girls: if they already plan such a prank, then it is better to get dressed. For example, put on a dress or skirt, so it will be more convenient for a man to penetrate. The main opponent of such a pose is overalls, they will cross out all the plans, if both partners are confused in them and instead of hot sex, they will understand the intricacies of clothes.

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