Pose 76 "Superova" – Description of sex

Supernova, or 76 pose for extreme.

Pose 76 in sex has a complex and not clear name: “Supernova”. It is worth noting that the pose is 76 and such an extreme position is not suitable for everyone, here a man requires good physical preparation and a healthy back.

Pose 76 "Superova" – Description of sex

76 pose – traumatic erotica

To perform this extreme pose, 76 man lies on the edge of the bed, and the woman sits on top. After that, the man should lean back, bringing his head to the floor. For more convenience, a woman can lean back and transfer all her weight into his hands, but a man can put a pillow under his back. After that, she can jump enough on her partner, giving pleasure not only to herself, but also to her man. The main thing in porn pose 76 is not to overdo it, since you can damage the lower back to your partner or something else.

As soon as a man feels that he can no longer be held in this position, it is better to stop and go to another position. Yes, in such an extreme pose in sex, you should not heroize in order to get as many pleasant feelings as possible, but not harm yourself or worse than your partner. So that she is certainly comfortable, and you yourself are ready to work hard, then feel free to choose a juniper sex pose.

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