Pose for lazy sex: top of the most exciting

TOP-7 poses for lazy sex.

Pose for lazy sex: top of the most exciting

Even strong fatigue after a hard working day should not be an obstacle to obtaining sexual satisfaction. If there is almost no strength, but I really want to finish, you just need to choose a pose that will not require any of the partners of active actions. And also it is worth using small assistants-exciting sex toys.

1. Classic

The missionary position is ideal for partners who want leisurely and lazy sex. A man does not have to move intensively and assertive. You can erotically snuggle up to each other and make smooth movements, enjoying the moment of emotional and physical unity.

Pose for lazy sex: top of the most exciting

So that the girl ends faster, a man can additionally caress the erogenous zones of her body with a vibrating device – vibropuli. The device is great for soft clitoris stimulation. Another good option is to fix a pair vibrator on the partner’s body – then the sensations from frictions will become aggravated by both partners.

2. Tablespoons

The girl lies on her side, stretching her legs. The partner is attached from behind and gently presses the partner to his chest. The legs can be slightly bend in your knees. It will not work to move quickly in such a position, but you can rub against each other by bodies, increasing sexual excitement. And if a man will whisper the mistress of tender words in the ear, but pleasure from sex will become even more.

Pose for lazy sex: top of the most exciting

In this position, it is convenient for a man to caress both the nipples of the partner and her clitoris. You can simply iron erogenous zones with your fingers, but it is better to use a small sex toy for this purpose-for example, a vibrator or a mini-vibrator. If the girl loves a light bdsm, then on her chest you can fix silicone clamps for the nipples.

3. Missionary on the side

Partners lie on their side to face each other, their legs are intertwined. The pose excites the fact that you can look into the eyes of the partner and understand by the expression of his face, how pleasant he feels. You can still stroke each other and kiss hotly, synchronously and rhythmically moving your hips.

Pose for lazy sex: top of the most exciting

If one of the partners (or both) love anal stimulation, it is reasonable to use anal plug, preferably with a vibration effect. The main thing is not to forget to apply a lubricant to the device before immersed in anus. And if it is not possible to achieve orgasm, you can apply exciting grease to the genitals – the waves of bright pleasure will spread through the body.

4. Deep penetration

With deep immersion of the penis in the vagina of the pleasure of sex, you can get more. To realize a deep penetration, but not sacrifice comfort, you need to make love in a missionary position. However, the girl should raise her legs and throw them on the shoulders of the partner. Another option is to put a small, but fairly dense pillow under the buttocks.

Pose for lazy sex: top of the most exciting

In this position, point G is well massaged, since with each frictions the head of the penis presses on it. The option is ideal for flexible and sports girls. A man in this pose will have to strain slightly, but, of course, not up to exhaustion. For an orgasm to come faster, you can use the same vibrator for steam.

5. Cross

The man is conveniently arranged on the side. For convenience, you can lower your head on the pillow. But if so uncomfortable, then you should lean your head on the palm of the bent arm. The girl lies in front of her lover so that her body is perpendicular to his torso. The partner’s buttocks are pressed to the hips of a man. A tense member unhinderedly penetrates the vagina.

Pose for lazy sex: top of the most exciting

Move in this position is more comfortable for partner. To do this, he needs to bend his legs a little, or you can rest his feet on the wall behind him or in the back of the bed. If desired, the girl can eat on the member, moving her hips in a circle or making weak progressive movements. To enhance pleasure, you can fix the nozzle-butterfly on the clitoris.

6. Rider

It is important that the man is in a sitting position, leaning his back on the pillow or back of the bed. Another good option is to make love in a soft chair. The girl is located on top, facing a partner’s face. The position will not allow you to make quick or sharp movements. So the girl simply cannot get tired.

Pose for lazy sex: top of the most exciting

Control of frictions in the pose of a rider belongs to a partner. So the chances of achieving orgasm are very high. To feel even greater comfort, the girl can reject the body back and press her back to the bent legs of the partner. For the especially lazy, you can hug tightly and almost do not move, making only light shocks. As a pleasant addition to proximity, you should use an intimate lubricant with a delicate aroma.

7. Position 69

Typically, mutual oral sex in this position goes this way – one of the partners lies on the back, and the other is located on top. But then fatigue can occur very quickly, because one of the couple will have to control movements so that inadvertently not pressing the body on a partner who lies from below. For lazy sex, you need to have oral sex in 69 positions on the side.

Pose for lazy sex: top of the most exciting

Oral affection will be even more pleasant if the partners previously apply a special lubricant to the intimate organs. For oral entertainment, special lubricants are created – edible with a variety of delicious aromas. Also, small vibrating devices – a vibroyaite or vibrator per finger will not be superfluous.

Lazy sex is a great way to experience saturated pleasure and at the same time relaxed by soul and body. Successful positions and care of partners to each other – a guarantee that intimacy will end with bright and sweet climax.

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