Pose of a rider: how to love her and become a queen?

The pose of the rider.

Pose of a rider: how to love her and become a queen?

A lot of female representatives are experiencing problems associated with their location on top of a man during intercourse. Someone does not have sufficient endurance to independently control the situation, someone is experiencing constraint. There are a lot of reasons for the emergence of various kinds of doubts. But there are methods that help overcoming difficulties and achieve pleasure.

The advantage of the pose of the rider

With this arrangement of a woman, all power over the process is concentrated in her hands: speed and intensity of movements, an angle of penetration, the ability to follow the rhythm that the partner likes. In addition, in this position, the clitoris is possible, which will add a lot of pleasant sensations.

The right angle of penetration

The right angle of each has its own. To determine it, you can slowly move back and forward, left and right, which will determine in which direction it is better to move. If you are too deep, you can slightly go forward and transfer your weight to your hands bent at the elbows.


It’s no secret that the body movements in this position require more energy than with a missionary. But fatigue can also be controlled or avoided. It is enough to control the depths of your sighs, the incoming oxygen opposes the onset of fatigue in the muscles. But if the forces are still exhausted, you can change the pace, moving from quick movements to a slower and sensual.

Variations of the pose of the rider

There are a large number of improvements to the classic pose of the rider. A woman can be, like her back to his partner, sit evenly or slightly bent forward, hold on to her arms or on weight. An interesting of them is the deviation to the side, while the woman rests on the hand. In this position, the amplitude of movements increases.


Often it is quite difficult for women to achieve orgasm. And the fault is not the skills of a partner, but the psychological state of the girl. It is important not to focus on what the brain offers, but to give preference to sensations and emotions accompanying sexual intercourse.
Many people of the weaker sex like the pose of the rider in that it gives a feeling of control over a man. But, as in cases with other postures, it requires more than one practice to achieve perfection of skills.

Most often, simple actions help the queen “from above” women:

  • Activity.

At first, prelude the initiator is more often a man acts. But a woman can take the initiative by rolled and saddle her partner. This will diversify the sexual life of partners, bring a drop of sensuality and rapprochement. In addition, most often in this pose, women reach the peak of pleasure.

  • Rhythm.

Realizing what penetration likes more, a woman can determine the frequency and rhythm of movements. A correctly selected combination will additionally stimulate the clitoris without hands (in contact with the pubic pubic pubis) and achieve the desired result faster.

  • Interaction.

If a woman is on top, does not mean that all the work can only be entrusted to her. A partner can ask his man to move his hips towards her movements or caress the clitoris with his hand.

  • Sex toys.

Adding goods from a sex shop for many scare away. But their presence during sex allows you to diversify it, add new sensations. The main thing is to choose the one that both will like.

In conclusion, I would like to note that sexual intercourse is the action of two people. Men should not shift all the work to a woman, even if all activity is concentrated in her hands.

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