Pose scissors in sex. How to diversify sex with a partner.

Sex Poses Scissors-7 ways to finish brightly.

Pose scissors in sex. How to diversify sex with a partner.

Intimate intimacy in the scissors, despite some difficulty in implementation, can result in a bright mixture of pleasant sensations and saturated emotions. The pose is extraordinary, but at the same time very exciting. However, not all couples generally know what kind of sex is and how to make love correctly in this way.

To enjoy sex in the scissors pose, partners must sit on the bed face to each other. It is advisable to stretch your legs, but you can slightly bend. The girl’s right leg should be under the left foot of a man, and her left leg – above his right. Or vice versa. It will be more convenient to move if both the man and the partner deviate back and shut up their hands on the bed behind him.

If desired, a girl can throw one leg on her partner’s shoulder. And you can wrap each other with your feet and hands – this will make the proximity more sensual and tender. It will be difficult to perform quick frictions, but in slow shocks there is a special buzz – it will be possible to feel every movement.

Sex in a pose of scissors will become even more pleasant and filled with bright sensations if you resort to some tricks. You don’t have to do anything hard. The main thing is to tune in to pleasure and relax your soul and body.

Contact without penetration

Pose scissors in sex. How to diversify sex with a partner.

In this position, the bodies of the genitals of partners are tightly contacted. Plus to this – the girl can still be rubbed by the clitoris on the hip of a man. The partner does not even have to enter the penis in the vagina of the mistress, he will still be able to bring her to sweet orgasm.

Moving the hips up and down, pressing the genital organs to each other as tightly as possible, partners will smoothly strengthen their sexual excitement. The man will be stimulated by the head of the penis, and the girl will feel an active erotic effect on the clitoris.

Perhaps a man will not be able to finish in such a position. But if he works, then the lover will experience a saturated clitoral orgasm. And then you can start classic sex or go to hot oral caresses.

Orgasm without a partner

Pose scissors in sex. How to diversify sex with a partner.

In principle, for the girl it does not matter, about what her clitoris rubs about – about the thigh of the man, about his genitals or, for example, about a hard pillow. So you can give a lover visual pleasure and make a scissors in an erotic pose in his eyes in his eyes.

It is not necessary to bring yourself to orgasm right away. But if a girl likes to get multi -argm, then he can finish with a pillow, and then enjoy vaginal sex in any exciting pose. To make the mistress more pleasant to masturbate, a man should give her additional caresses – kissing nipples or gently massage the anal zone.

Powerful excitement

Not all pairs like slow sex. But this does not mean that you need to refuse intimacy in the scissors pose. To increase the degree of sexual arousal, you can use special devices from a sex shop.

Sex toys for the clitoris are not suitable, since a qualitative effect will have a high-quality effect on this sensitive organ. But then you can fix elastic clamps on the nipples.

Pose scissors in sex. How to diversify sex with a partner.

And if partners love anal stimulation, it is worth using anal plug (or two traffic jams – for it and for it).

You can still make each other with erotic phrases. If you start dirty curses, you definitely do not need to be shy. Contact of the eye into the eyes will further enhance the excitement, as it will allow to observe the reaction of the partner to each of its sexual effects.

Intimate lubrication

Pose scissors in sex. How to diversify sex with a partner.

Sexing scissors in the pose, partners receive specific sensations. The girl’s clitoris rubs on her partner’s thigh, which is very pleasant, but only if the genitals are well moistened. If the clitoris is dry, then it will clearly be felt discomfort.

In order to prevent the appearance of pain, it is necessary to first apply the lubricant to the intimate zone. It is not necessary to regret lubricants – it is advisable to moisturize not only the clitoris and the penis, but also the entire perineum area. A bottle of lubricant should not be removed far – it is likely that in the process of sex, the lubricant will need to be added a little.

Preliminary affection

Moving in a pose scissors is rather difficult. To realize active shocks, it is necessary to have strong muscles of the press, hips and buttocks. Uplained partners can get tired quickly, and then you will have to change their position to something more familiar.

If you want to end in the position of the scissors, you should devote more time to the prelude. In the process of preliminary caresses, you need to have each other to the maximum degree, so that later, when sex begins, you do not have to wait long for a powerful orgasm.

All the same sex toys will help to get excited. The partner will easily start a mistress by putting a vibro -foole or a vacuum stimulator to her clitoris.

Pose scissors in sex. How to diversify sex with a partner.

And a girl can give a man pleasure with a masturbator, mini-vibrator or prostate massager.

Light BDSM

Pose scissors in sex. How to diversify sex with a partner.

For those who love sado-mazo elements in sex, this pose is also suitable. If a man acts as a dominant, then he can use handcuffs by attaching them to the girl’s wrists to the back of the bed. But you can just clasp the slave’s hands in front of her chest and order her to lie on her back.

The same can do the same partner with a lover if he likes to obey more, and she can dominate. To make surprise elements to sex entertainment, you can tie the sarcock of the eye. It is best to use a special bandage that is easy to purchase in an intimate store.

It will be inconvenient to use a whip during intercourse, but you can first tear out a slave/slave, and only then proceed to frictions in a pose of scissors. Those who like to humiliate or humiliate themselves in bed should pay attention to gags for the mouth of different sizes and forms.


Pose scissors in sex. How to diversify sex with a partner.

From the position of the scissors, you can move to other interesting and exciting poses. For example, partners can turn to the side so that their views are directed in opposite directions. Then it will be easier to move, since you can rely on your hand in front of you.

And if a man longs to completely control the process, then it is worth trying this option – the girl lies on her side, and the partner enters it from behind. The legs should be intertwined in such a way that the girl’s genitals are in contact with the hip of a partner.

It is not difficult to come up with a lot of variations of the pose of scissors, but it is better to start with the classics in order to pick out all the charm of such sex. And then you can safely experiment with sex toys and change the position of the bodies. It is also worth trying to make love in this erotic pose on the floor, comfortably sitting on a large soft carpet.

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