Poses for sex in the bathroom – the best options

Comfortable posts for sex in the bathroom.

You are tired of standard sex under the covers? It is time to diversify your sexual life. Such a variety will bring you sex in the bathroom. Many young couples come to such experiments at an early age, and all due to the fact that their modest housing conditions do not allow sex in bed. But you and I already know that sexual joys in the bathroom contribute to inciting passion between more mature partners. More sophisticated know that the sensuality of the body increases if it is in warm water.

Poses for sex in the bathroom – the best options

Combining pleasant with useful, you must remember some nuances that will arise in this process. As in any process, this will also have its inconvenience. The main disadvantage is that the standard bath has small size, which means that you will be inconvenient to act in this matter, especially if you are quite large people and there will be more useful for you Erotic poses in the bathroom.

Sex in the bathroom – what poses

Some rules that you must observe by having sex in the bathroom:

  • It would be nice if there were handrails in your bathroom or something like them so that you could stay during a sexual act.
  • Buy and bed a rubber mat into the bathroom so that it ensures the stability of your body.
  • Everyone knows that water quickly rinses the lubricant from the vagina, so it is worth making sure that the lubricant is always ready. Silicone lubricants will last longer;
  • Water will prevent any means of contraception. Take care in advance about taking contraceptive tablets or installing a spiral. Only these contraceptive means will allow you not to think about the danger of getting pregnant. It is better not to use condoms, because they can get some water, which will contribute to their slipping or breakthrough;
  • If you decide to make sexual intercourse in the bathroom, then wash yourself until it starts, because the hitting of the detergents in the inside of the vagina can cause an allergic reaction of the body;
  • If you want to use sex toys, then they should be waterproof. Learn about this property from the consultant manager in a sex shop, or read the instructions on the back on the package yourself.

Poses for sex in the bathroom – the best options

It will be most comfortable to have oral sex in the bathroom. In this article we will tell you in which poses you can have sex in the bathroom.

The best posts for sex in the bathroom

What poses in the bath are suitable for you, to solve only to you, and our task is only to list all possible options. We have chosen for you Poses in the bath for two, and you can already modify them of your own free will.

Any romantic evening can be completed with a sexual act in the shower. The posts we proposed for sex in the bathroom will make ordinary water procedures in stormy intimate experience. You need to start sexual intercourse only after you tune in to one wave. Sit in the Lotus pose, which is used when relaxed in yoga. Speak in a whisper, excite from your gaze, vulgar words and gentle strokes in the body.

Some poses will wear interesting names that we have invented, and you will not find them anywhere else, but the essence is not in the name, but in the embodiment of intimate fantasies through porn pose in the bathroom.

Let’s list the poses in the bathroom:

  • Sea Horse. If you were engaged in sexual intercourse in bed, then this position would be called “rider, on the contrary”. The technique is that the man sits in the bathroom, which is half filled with water, and the woman sits on it only with her back. Due to this position of bodies, the partner can actively caress the clitoris of his beloved, who will actively move on the penis from excitement.
  • The second pose without a name, and it must be performed in the bathroom, but without using a water tank. Before the start of the act, season the washing machine, and when it begins to work actively, put your lady with your chest on the machine, and your yourself and actively fuck it. The surface of the washer will vibrate, the woman will receive vibrations on the chest, from which it is clearly excited.

Poses for sex in the bathroom – the best options

  • If you have a jacuzzi function in the bathroom, then this pose can become a reality. If not, do not be discouraged and proceed to study the next position. Jacuzzi will help stimulate your erogenous zones. The jets of water should be directed to those places, stimulating which you are excited. Technique: a woman should kneel so that a stream of water beats her in the very place, and a man should be attached behind to please her partner.
  • We called the fourth pose – “On the Meli”. If you have a bath in which there is a seat, then you can use this position. Technique: a partner sits on a ledge in the bathroom, and his lady sits on top of him. This position will bring the sexual partners maximally, providing very deep penetration. “On Meli” will allow you to experience bright orgasms.
  • Riotes. This sex will bring pleasure to both partners who will experience orgasm and massage at the same time, and what could be better. Technique: Madame lies on his back in a jacuzzi, and the gentleman lies on top and lifts her legs, but the back should remain in a lying position.
  • Jacuzzi owners have more opportunity to enjoy high -quality sex with effective body massage. Sensual sex in this position will enjoy a pleasant pastime with your beloved. Technique: the guy is half -sitting in a jacuzzi, and the girl throws his legs on his shoulders. So you will not actively move, but the understanding that a member of a man completely entered the vagina excites more and more. Caress your beloved back, kiss her shoulders and chest. After that, you can change the pose and continue to continue active sex.
  • Bathroom cancer pose is the most popular, it is still called Doggi Style. The main advantage is that all opportunities are open to the man, he can enjoy the caressing of his partner’s chest, stimulating her clitoris, stroking the back, butt, etc. D. A woman, in turn, can relax and have fun. Technique: a woman kneels, and a man enters her vagina from behind, there should be some water in the bathroom so that she barely sways the genitals.
  • Before engage in sexual intercourse, clarify his erogenous zones with the partner, if a woman says that he is excited from stroking her chest and abdomen, then offer the following position of the phone – the man sits down and leaning on the back of the bath, and the girl sits on the genital organ of her young man, only with her backto him. The partner should squeeze his knees, and the girl will hold on to them. So the knees of a man will be pressed to the stomach and chest of a woman that will excite her.
  • The Vida pose is based on the fact that when engaged in standard sexual intercourse, but only in water do you provide a surge of water, which will additionally caress your bodies and stimulate erogenous zones. Technique: lie down in the bathroom, in which a little water and begin to actively move bodies. Everything will be in the hands of a woman who is on top, will control the process of activity.

Poses for sex in the bathroom – the best options

We have listed enough comfortable poses in the bathroom, which can be easily realized. Already ready to start experiments? Use only the best poses in the bathroom that will give pleasure not only to you, but also to your partner. Remember that sex should bring joy to everyone who participates in it. Enjoy your bodies and each other!

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