Poses, selection and ideas for using sex toys in a pair | Entertaining sexology

Poses, selection and ideas for using sex toys in pairs.

Poses, selection and ideas for using sex toys in a pair | Entertaining sexology
Sex shops and sex toys have a lot of appointments: they are created for both solo masturbation and for solving various intimate problems (including health), and of course, for a variety of adultery, or to give the heat alreadypassionate and hot pair, curious and open to experiments.
But how to use sex toys in a pair, with a partner? And what to choose?

It was time to write about it Hyde. What am I, here he is!

You never thought that in your principle, initially not bad (if, of course, lucky) sex – something is missing?
When you are a girl … Well, here he is in you fingers, for example, does not insert it when he licks.
Or does not caress the chest. Or not trips clitoris during the classic missionary pose, although it would seem like it is convenient!..
When you are a guy … she does not pay attention to your testicles. Or do you want a finger in ass, when she sucks, and she has a manicure, and not one Anal The warhead does not scare you like, like her extended sharp nails. Or do you want to somehow diversify sexual intercourse, or something. Well, you are bored!
In all these cases, the panacea will not be the second man or the second woman, not an adventure on the side and is not at all infringement.
Get the desired, missing, not leaving your head Sex toys will help.

Let’s start with parsing poses

Missionary position

What could be more commonplace than missionary position? But it is very convenient in terms of both partners. Both a man and a woman have in a missionary pose there are quite a lot of space for mobility, free hands and a good overview of everything that is happening. Well, access to many erogenous zones – clitoris, chest, neck – all in “walking distance”! In addition, the missionary pose varies. You have bouts of tenderness? Hug your man! He has a big one? Squeeze your legs tightly. If you want, on the contrary, a deeper penetration? Put them over and throw them on his shoulders. You can cross your legs, spread their “horseshoe” and throw one behind him, and put one on his knees. You can clasp both legs behind him.
Which sex toy is better to choose for a missionary pose? In fact – whatever!

Doggi Style or Dog Pose

On the knees – it is very convenient for any experiments and all types of penetration. In this case, the girl has many support options – in the palm of the palm of the palm of the palm of the hand, or with his arms outstretched. You can limit yourself with one hand or put a pillow under your stomach (including Special pillow for sex), and the second hand will be free. This is one of the brightest pose as the sensations received, and everything is natural, primitive, without troubles and tricks – the girl is relaxed, the man works. If you beat the lower back in this position, it will be better to feel a member inside, but for a man your ass will be very sexy, who will like the back with a wheel?
A perfectly convenient position for a man is not on her knees behind her, but on straight diluted legs, in this case, the girl should be slightly raised – lie on the table, on the edge of the bed, on the sofa, etc. So energy is consumed less, and sex lasts longer. If you hold the girl by the pelvis, you can completely control the rhythm, shocks and frictions. More Doggi Style – The most convenient pose if you like to completely remove and completely immerse a member, “fly” into it.
I will separately mention the comfort of this posture for anal sex And the introduction of any sex toys – here the partner gets full access to all holes, convenience to reach Lubrication Or change condom, plus control the ass and vagina at the same time, insert and take out sex toys.
As in the missionary position – you can use anything here, but they are especially popular Anal toys In addition to vaginal sex, or Cliter Additional stimulation. We especially recommend trying to use Anal beads In Doggi Style! Well, take this position in front of the mirror – so you can feel like the heroes of an erotic film or a hard porn.

Side pose or spoon

And you started the morning with this? I am sure that I started more than once. Because the pose on the side is optimal. Firstly, it is quite relaxed and does not require strong loads, the distribution of body weight or concentration. Secondly, it is simple and trite – she lies on her side, he gently presses against her, hugs, resting her erect member on her ass (hello, morning erection!) starts both and extremely fast. Why not immediately join the process? Another pose on the side is good when you are tired. It is really convenient in it) experienced anal enthusiasts practice in it Strapons or Anal vibrators, Well, we will advise Universal vibration massagers type Wand. Although, again, you can apply a lot of things in a pose on the side, there would be a desire.

Girl from above, pose of a rider or sex sitting

Many men like it when a girl is from above. It is in this pose that they have the opportunity to relax and surrender to pleasure, and besides this, free hands to caress her neck and her chest, stroke her, hold her hair. Well, a good non -standard review. Plus the opportunity to look into each other’s eyes.
If she likes to obey, and you – dominate, you can put on her collar. Land Here is a mandatory accessory, weaken it or, conversely, pull it, clinging it to yourself or giving it the opportunity to move freely.
Perhaps, perhaps, in this position it is worth trying electrical stimulation, Especially if sex takes place on a chair, on the couch, in general – on seated surfaces. Both of you have complete access to each other’s bodies, and intimate zones are not the most important thing here, focus on secondary sensitive points, it can be very interesting.Poses, selection and ideas for using sex toys in a pair | Entertaining sexology
Sex toys for use in pairs

Vibrator for steam

The first place is absolutely exactly occupied vibrator for steam. This is a V-shaped vibrator, similar to a compressed bracket, one end of which is inserted into the girl, and the second is softly laid on her clitoris. Both ends are quite flat, sometimes slightly ribbed, sometimes slightly different in size, but the vibrator for steam is always made so that there is always a place for the insertion. For what? For a man, of course. It is a pair stimulator that allows you to get a mixed orgasm during intercourse, or if a girl in the future will train with him solo, switch and tune in vaginal, even if she had never received it before. A man, of course, also feels vibration on the penis trunk. Because by pleasure no one is deprived.
Important: you should not save on vibrator for steam, the simplest models usually have only a couple of modes and a button on the basis, so it is difficult to switch the modes during the process or when changing the poses, and often the girls prefer to use template vibration during partnership sex,and not multi -speed, probably you would like to have what to choose from.
Therefore, choose a model with a variety of functionality controlled from the remote control distance management (usually comes in the kit) or with the help of a special Applications for a smartphone. (This should be written in the description/technical characteristics of the toy)
If the budget is limited, or you are not 100%sure that the vibrator-slot will come in, you can see Partner or Partner Whale, They both have 10 vibration modes and are not afraid of water, although they are not controlled remotely. The next in line – Satispyer Pro 4 Coupeles, Unlike two of the above models, it has a clitoral part that imitates oral sex, it does not vibrate, but affects the clitoris with vacuum, waves, air streams. This is a new technology that has already won the hearts of people. But we will talk about it in detail later.
A little more expensive Partner Plus Remote, But he is already with a remote control in the kit, which greatly facilitates life. A little more expensive We-Vibe Unite From the legendary We-Vibe, He also controls the remote control, and this is the most budgetary toy from the brand, which was the first to make, and now take his specialization for toys for steam. The king in the category will be We-Vibe Sync Aqua – This is the latest generation vibrator, it has a flexible and mobile skeleton that allows you to fix the stimulator for any anatomy as comfortable as possible, Sync also does not interfere with the change of poses. He has an unlimited number of vibration modes – you can independently draw more and new templates, well, the ability to control not only the d/a remote control, but also from the smartphone! Imto Dolphin a little simpler and many times cheaper, but also controlled from a smartphone, although it does not have many options. And the girls will definitely like it – the whole series of toys is released in pale pink color, made of velvety smooth silicone, and the final stroke will be a beautiful and convenient designer packaging.

Cliter stimulator

Clital orgasm is the most affordable type of orgasm for women, it is tested by the majority. Typically, the clitoral orgasm does not require dancing with tambourines, some particularly lucky women can experience it two, three or more times in a row, this is called multiple (consistent) orgasm. Clital orgasm is achieved using masturbation with hands, shower or toys. For everyone, this process takes a different amount of time, but in 90% of girls, masturbation with toys passes much faster than masturbation in the soul or hands.
And also Cliter stimulants It is very convenient to use during intercourse – firstly vibrator Unlike a person, you do not need to try to keep the right pace and at the same time write something there with your fingers, and secondly, if you charge it in a timely manner vibrator – He does not get tired at the most inopportune moment, thirdly combo from the vibrator For the clitoris and good partnership sex, especially if the pose contributes to the effects on Point G, The chance to get a multiple orgasm, which is more intense and lasts longer than the usual clitoral.
In fact, with clitoral vibrator You don’t even need to do anything really – turn on and choose the modes, listening to the sensations. During intercourse, of course, it will be more convenient Vibropuli or Mini-vibrators, due to ergonomics and small size. You can get to the level of “God” and take Vacuum clitoris stimulator – They don’t even need to move anywhere, put it – turned on – she finished.
Great combination of price and quality – Multistish powerful Rocks Off, exactly Vibropuls Mark became famous around the world. Mini-vibrator QVibry 4GB – vibrator and flash drive in one person, you can leave on the desktop in a box for office supplies, safely charge at home from a laptop, and this is the idea of a cool gift for a girlfriend – she has a wonderful design and box.
Sooo cool, but quite expensive guys from We-Vibe: Tango or Touch, They have the same engines, but different buildings are plastic tango, with a narrow end and very well conducts vibration, literally a jack of a hammer in miniature (look at it video reviews!), the touch is gentle, soft, silicone, but at the same time as powerful and with the same deep vibrations, very ok. If the brand fits into your price category, because this is an excellent quality and always 100% powerful motors, then look at the bunny Gala, controlled from a smartphone, this is one of the sweetest and functional modern vibrators, which I know. And I – for innovation!
Svakom Emma – It is charming Girl clitoris vibrator with an additional nozzle with ears and heating option up to 38 degrees, it is like a set of toys, a box with a barbie, to Emma – you can’t breathe evenly, nothing. Let’s look at the very magical “wave” stimulants – the most affordable of them are Satispyer, In principle, they all work approximately the same and the models do not vary in price, so you can safely take anyone, based on size or design – to your liking. Womanizer They are also very good, they are more worked out, their stimulation is deeper, more resemble tender oral sex, they are somehow orgasmic, or something or something. And more beautiful – there are such models that you’ll sway. Choose Wumanaiser – how to choose a handbag or car. The most affordable line in the line – Travel version Womanizer Starlet, But I recommend it hotly W500 Pro – It has many modes, reliable and for months, really keeps charging for months! Well, lovers of beautiful – Womanizer 2GO In the form of a lipstick.

Vibration massager

Vibration massager – This is a thing, which, unlike clitoral stimulant can be applied for everything. Well, seriously – any erogenous zone, your or your partner. Such toys are good for long and thorough prelude, massage, role -playing games, they are used in BDSM and aesthetic shows, they are “tortured” – because they are powerful, Vibration masses – Frequent heroes porn, and old women and children confuse them with microphones. Thus they are loved) Small, inexpensive and on a flexible “neck” – Adrien Lastic Symphony, Excellent guys – Svakom Keri (5 speeds and 5 modes, waterproof) or Svakom Emma – He is more expensive than his fellow, but has a heating function and additional nozzle. Domi Mini Wand from kings Telededniki (distance management of sex toys) Lovense – powerful, relatively quiet and controlled from a smartphone. A leading position in this category occupies Le Wand – It is not simple Vibration massager, A full -fledged instrument of orgasms, it is beautiful and causes awe, large, with the function of road blocking and the ability to select and buy Additional nozzles.

Erection ring with vibration

A thing, which, if you speak quite frankly, is also more invented for female pleasure than for male, although the male is also some kind of buns and gets. Ring It is put on a member in order to slightly squeeze it out and prevent the outflow of blood, which gives a delay in male ejaculation and increases the time of sexual intercourse on average from 10-15 to 20-30 percent. Erection ring with vibration – your version, if you end a little (or much) before it. So that she can come to the logical completion of this process, you need to add a little time and sensations. That is why I advise you to take it right away ring with relief and vibration, if possible – with distance management or control from a smartphone, After all, to be honest, to look for a button during hot sex in order to make it “slower” or “quickly” in the area of its scrotum – pleasure below the average. So, pushing your orgasm and bringing it closer – ring A very cool thing if you want to finish at the same time or at least close to each other’s orgasms. This is cool sensations – a joint orgasm! They are sooo cheap, like Lovetoys Beaded – even cheaper than a vinyl – but such only in case you have never used a ring and are very afraid. Well, it seems to try – it’s not a pity if what. And keep in mind that it is not worth counting on steep vibration in this case – rather, such rings, to just understand whether you are comfortable in pair of sex with a ring. An order of magnitude better than rings like Smile Rabbit by Orion – Moderately vibrate, silicone, sit well, also the design of the cute – a ring in the form of a bunny, matte surface, mm! A good ring rarely costs cheaper than 4,000 rubles, if you are ready for this, look at these guys: Adrien Lastic Gladiator with a massive nozzle for the clitoris and a remote control, it looks impressive, a serious gadget for pleasure;Svakom Winni – an ergonomic smooth ring of tender silicone, controlled from the remote control, looks very tender, an excellent engine, the brand as a whole has proven itself as an excellent adult toys and is responsible for quality – look at them, rings with vibration in the assortment of the brand quite a lot. Well, the gods in this category – again We-Vibe, For both rings are unrealistically powerful, with an endless number of vibration modes (create your own, just leading your finger on the screen) and connecting to a smartphone from anywhere in the world. Even if you just masturbate with a ring after a difficult working day in gray Moscow, it can add vibrations from vacation in the Dominican Republic.

P.S. If you are an ardent opponent of “pleasure in the same gate” and see here the infringement of his rights, and in the restaurant you ask that everyone pays for himself – that is, a vibro -ring is not with a clitoral process, but with an anal stimulant, like Rock Hard Ass-Gasm. And it can also be very interesting! 🙂

Anal plug

Anal plug – This is always good for boys and girls. First, if cork In the ass – this prepares it for anal sex, Secondly – cork as if pressing on a thin wall between the anus and the vagina, so that the vagina becomes without creams, sprays and shamanic chants.Poses, selection and ideas for using sex toys in a pair | Entertaining sexology
Optimal in the Doggi Style pose. Choose cork Without fanaticism – from 2.5 up to 4 cm in diameter, compact, drop -shaped, preferably smooth (ideally seamless) and with a reliable limiter. The material should be elastic and tender, so that during movements and fraud with a cork, reduce discomfort to a minimum. If smooth traffic jams are a passing topic for you, take a small one, but with the relief – for example Hot Planet Unicorn Playful.
An excellent hack suitable for both sexes, but in advance, is in advance, this is to introduce a cork already in the process of sex, when both partners are quite open.
Do not forget about grease, Better take it Anal, But on water -based – She approaches all types of toys and condoms. Yes, I mention condoms As an important part anal sex – After all, there is a special microflora, which does not need to be transferred to the vagina, well, and if finished in the ass, this is also not always safe, and no, we are not talking about an undesirable pregnancy, but about the reaction to foreign liquids. Condom with thickened walls, or specially designed for anal sex – your friend! The tip from me – Durex Extra Safe, BOOOLSHAYA BOOK!

The new level of pleasure is Anal plug with vibration. The vibration here is equally good for her and for him. For example, a traffic jam in the ass, you have ordinary vaginal sex, a man feels vibration, an erection is increasing, a member becomes firm, he catches a buzz and is pressed even closer to the vibrating zone, which is part -time, the strongest erogenous zone of the girl – point g. Especially for girls, a pink plug with vibration was created Rocks Off Ass-Berries Raspberry, You can look aside Svakom Primo – It is unusual, but very easily introduced, controlled from the remote control and approaches both boys and girls. “Hot guys” stand on leading positions We-Vibe Ditto And Lovense Hush, both with a smartphone and other technological bells.

Anal balls, beads and chains

Anal balls – This is a way to strengthen and extend her orgasm, and it is also, but about Male anal stimulation We will talk in more detail another time.
So, Anal balls They came up with Thai girls, they were carefully loaded into the anus before sex and pulled out when an orgasm was approaching. With each link passing through the anal sphincter, the girl receives the whole new and new wave of pleasure.
And here are three basic rules:
Anal balls – This is not for disgusting, sometimes, especially if they are torn sharply and passionately, traces may remain on them.. Well, you understand.
A man here (or a leading partner, the one who takes out balloons) – not just dominates, but fully controls the situation.

You can’t do without trust – for you need to say absolutely honestly about the moment of approaching orgasm.
When choosing, pay attention to the surface – it is better without seams, smooth, high -quality and reliable silicone, and more budgetary and affordable ABS plastic, both of these materials have excellent technical characteristics. Try not to be led to a very large length – such balloons Rather for another, and start when choosing from your intentions – cunning silicone chains like Fun Factory Flexi Felix or Bendybeads are quite delicate, despite the unusual forms and relief. Beads like FIRST TIME LOVE Beads suitable for beginners – they are easily introduced, easily removed, soft, moderately tangible inside. The most hardcore, the most intense sensations here will give anal balls – short Joyballs Wave, Basic Essentials® Beaded Probe Pink or even Posh Silicone set “O” Beads For him and for her.

Electrical stimulants and myostimulants

Toys with electrical stimulation. Toys that turn your attitude to this world. Could you think that electric current could give pleasure? And he can. And what else! How it works – you can read in our Gaida for electrical stimulation, In the meantime, I will tell you what to take and what to do about it. Oh, yes, be ready for the fact that electrical stimulation – This is not cheap, and observe all safety rules specified in the instruction manual. Gloves for electrical stimulation Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Luv Gloves – You turn on the minimum mode and begin to slowly and smoothly move them over the body, lower them down, drawing patterns and passing your fingers along the reliefs and lines. Let the body get used to the sensations, after, if desired, add power and go to intimate areas. If the gloves are not impressed, the slap Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Luv Paddle. Eat Vibration massagers with electrical stimulation And similar Vibrators. In general, you can take a power supply like Pure Vibes or TenSion Love, and select any accessories or toys for it – Belts on the scrotum, gloves, clamps on the nipples, Anal balls or Vibroyayko.

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