Safe poses for pregnant women in all trimesters

Safe poses for pregnant women in all trimesters.

Safe poses for pregnant women in all trimesters

Pregnancy is far from a reason to deny himself and the future father in natural physiological needs. The opinion that intimacy negatively affects the health of crumbs and the future mother is mistaken.

On the contrary, sex brings a woman positive emotions, having a beneficial effect on a psychological state and general well -being. And if it is good for mom, then there is no reason to fear for the baby. Moreover, he is reliably protected in the uterus. The main thing is to make the right choice in favor of a suitable post for sex, which will not harm the pregnant woman.

Orgasm is useful for the female body during the period of gestation, and it is easy to explain at least because sexual intercourse prepares the uterus for labor at any time. In the last weeks or in the case of overstraining, intimacy with her husband can play the role of a natural stimulator of delivery. However, for each trimester, it is necessary to select such poses in sex, which will be absolutely safe for pregnant women. After all, with every week the stomach increases, which means to be given to love joys as before, to become risky and impossible.

Safe poses for pregnant women in all trimesters

How to choose the right pose for sex with a pregnant woman

Starting with news about the upcoming replenishment of the family, the attitude to sex should be changed. And although the volumes of the abdomen have not yet created any discomfort, the usual and favorite sexual positions need to be reviewed. At first, let’s say even oral or anal sex, which also allows you to make diversity into the intimate life of happy spouses.

Meanwhile, pay attention to the fact that anal sexual intercourse implies the mandatory application of the condom. The contraceptive will protect a woman from infection of the genitourinary system, the consequences of which can be very tragic – from premature ruptures of the fetal membranes to miscarriage.

Oral affection, in fact, does not carry any threat if the mouth of the partner is sanitized, and if you want to make my husband a blowjob, a pregnant woman should make sure 100%that her partner has no infections. Any pathogenic microorganisms can cause complications that are a potential threat to the life and health of the future baby.

In what poses in the first months of pregnancy can you have sex, many learn from a doctor. In particular, gynecologists recommend adhering to the following recommendations:

  1. If up to 12 weeks of intimacy could occur in the usual mode, then after this period all the positions in which the expectant mother lies on her back, and the partner is better to exclude on top.
  2. The choice of a suitable position should be caused by caution to the vessels and blood circulation of the womb as a whole: the blood should flow to the fetus constantly.
  3. Any pressure on the stomach is unthinkable, since reckless actions of the couples can end at least the threat of termination of pregnancy.

Safe poses for pregnant women in all trimesters

The most convenient and non -hazardous poses for future mothers in the second trimester

In the second and third trimesters, when the waist circumference increased markedly, sex poses for pregnant women must be changed, based on the proposed pictures.

Surprisingly, the libido of the future mother during this period can increase significantly, therefore, in the absence of contraindications to sexual intimacy from doctors, such postures for pregnant women during sex should be used:

  1. A woman from above or the so -called “rider” is a classic version of “careful” intimacy. The partner’s knees and hips will serve as a strong support for the lady and will make her position easier.
  2. “On the side”. Safe pose and as convenient as possible for future mothers with big stomachs. There is no danger for the child. Both partners will be pleased to enjoy: a woman to go to her side, a man gets up from behind and begins frictions.
  3. “Man from the back” is practiced during pregnancy if a woman does not rely on the elbows, but on fully extended hands, in order to exclude the minimum effect on the uterus. This pose is one of those in which pregnant women are best to have sex, since an orgasm of a woman is achieved much faster.
  4. In the position of reclining, the girl needs to lie on her back and bend her knees. Partner, located nearby, enters the vagina. In this position, a woman is absolutely relaxed – the whole process is controlled by a man.

In what position can you have sex in the last dares

As already mentioned, from most poses, in which you can have sex with a pregnant woman in the initial period, you will have to refuse. It is important to remember: a woman should not even experience minimal discomfort or painful sensations. The state of the expectant mother needs to be attentively, even the slightest physical efforts during intercourse are contraindicated for her. Calm and measured home sex – the basis of the health of a pregnant woman and her future baby. The poses in which doctors recommend experiencing an orgasm and receive a mutual pleasure with a partner are few, moreover, their number is reduced in the last trimester.

Safe poses for pregnant women in all trimesters

The safest pose for pregnant women in sex at this stage of bearing a baby is a “spoons”. They help to relax as much as possible, reducing discomfort due to chest pain, slowness and high level of irritability. As a rule, the last months of the prenatal period are considered the most difficult for women, but sexual attraction among ladies in the predominant cases does not weaken, but on the contrary, reaches its peak. It is not necessary to refuse sex in the third trimester, but it is advisable to use a contraceptive in order to prevent premature birth.

In addition, the poses that provide deep penetration cannot be practiced. These include the “rider” and “Doggi-Stayl”. Anal sex is also banned – in pregnant women, the risk of inflammation of hemorrhoids increases several times, so why once again endanger the health of the future mother?

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