Sex pose 1 "Missionary" – description

Missionary – 1 pose in sex.

Everyone prefers their positions in sex, but 1 pose of sex is quite standard. It is the most common and it is used by the majority of steam.

Sex pose 1 "Missionary" – description

This pose is ideal for defloration (loss of virginity), as it allows you to reduce pain during the rupture of the virgin rod. For men, this pose is less convenient, so it cannot accept it for a long time, but it is simple and effective.

Sex in the classic pose – advantages

To accept this pose, it is necessary that the woman falls on her back and spread her legs widely. A man falls on her from above and makes his dick between female legs. Missionary pose of the Kama Sutra in the picture is presented above. Women especially love her, since in this position a man dominates and directs his partner, she experiences less discomfort and stress. He himself sets the beat of sex, and his cock may come in as deep as possible. Sex in a classic pose will make it possible to experience a sufficiently deep orgasm if you choose the right further tactics of sex.

Some will say that this position is outdated and is boring, but it is most of the steam that uses it. A man can kiss the girl’s chest, neck and ears. To fix the position, a man must rest against the bed with elbows and knees. Of course, this is difficult to withstand for a long time, however, if you place them correctly, then pleasure can be extended. All caresses from the side of the man will not go unnoticed and he will also receive his.

Sex pose 1 "Missionary" – description

Intim-pz No. 1-to whom it is suitable

Couples resort to this first newlywed night: a girl can less painfully survive her first sexual experience, and the guy to hide the uncertainty and lack of knowledge of sexual appeal. In order to somehow stimulate her man, the girl can grab her arms behind his ass, many guys like it. It is also easier to control the rhythm of sex and get into one beat, which is very important for men to achieve a peak of bliss.

Of course, a missionary pose in bed may seem to someone banal, but it remains an effective and ideal option for beginners. In addition, if you choose the right affection strategy, you can experience a strong orgasm, even simultaneously. That is why it is better to start your first sexual experience precisely with the first sex and then you will achieve real pleasure.

Sex pose 1 "Missionary" – description

1 pose of sex is perfect for those who prefer to clearly define the roles of a partner during love making. That is, when there is an accurate idea of which of you are dominant and submissive.

It is traditionally believed that in pose No. 1 the upper position belongs to a man. According to statistics, one can agree with this, since 70% prefer, but still most of the men would not refuse to enjoy how their woman will be from above. It is the missionary 1 pose for sex still forces the partner to hold the leadership position, because the woman from above is a completely different story ..

It is not worth neglecting this method of intimacy from Indian Scripture, since sex poses 1 do not require special physical training, which means it is suitable for a completely larger number of people. In addition, it is very difficult to get injuries or injury in a missionary position, which means that you can use any improvised means that will diversify your sexual intercourse. Since the strong floor dominates here, it is he who will set the pace and speed in sex. The girl in this case should obey and prompt only with the depth of the entry of the penis into the vagina.

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