Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Passion, tenderness, orgasm, mutual trust – all this is fine! In high -quality sex, both partners get a lot of positive emotions and sensations, but do you know that using intercourse you can lose weight?! You think this is a myth? But no. Exist Slose sex poses, The use of which leads to the maximum burning of calories and muscle suspension throughout the body, especially in the area of the buttocks, abdomen and internal part of the hips. In addition, during active proximity and preliminary caresses, several hormones are produced, contributing not only to the normal functioning of the physiology and the human psyche, but also the furnace of fat as in the stove.

Today we will discuss losing weight with sex, and what poses are best suited for this. Each chubby talks about how to lose extra pounds and tighten the figure. Many say that hard workouts and strict diets are needed. We offer lovely ladies to pull themselves together and go to bed to a beloved! A passionate night can wait for you today, and you will be ready for it.

Sex for weight loss, main rules

Do not think that you can get rid of extra pounds, just spreading your legs and relaxing for 15-20 minutes. You have to work a little and take the process as charging or training in the hall!

Active caresses and no less active sexual intercourse are able to take from your body from 300 to 600 kcal in 30-60 minutes. Such embezzlement of fat reserves are comparable to the most energy -intensive sports: running, swimming and riding an off -road bicycle.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Of course, it is difficult to lose weight too thick only with the help of sexual contacts, especially since their desire disappears, if only due to the fact that the complexes grow like yeast. Then combine this with diet and activity during the day. 7000 calories are 1 kg of fat. It is not difficult to calculate that for 8-10 coituses you will lose a whole kilogram! And if you put such a mode for constant? You can throw 10 kg without straining in the hall.

By the way, first of all, try to tune in to the normal perception of a man as a whole, then the burning of calories will go faster. Psychologists believe that women are getting full of rejection from the stronger sex in general, well, or a deep resentment to one representative, transferred to everyone else. You should have all important hormones, and an internal mood is important for this!

What hormones are produced during sex

The most important hormones of sex are testosterone and estrogen. The first is responsible for the excitement and emotional response to the subsequent actions of the partner, and the second – for highlighting the lubricant and the active work of the lymphatic system (goodbye, vile cellulite). They have a powerful effect on the entire coatus and stabilize many processes.

Another assistant is adrenalin, which is produced with fear, strong stress and during sexual contact. He tones all the muscles involved in the process of intercourse, and also helps to start as much as possible. Under his influence, we feel the crazy beating of the heart and the desire to fully possess a partner. In men, it is produced more, because they love to dominate the chosen one. At the time of the orgasm, the peak of its concentration in the blood occurs, after the decline is going on.

For sexual attraction and quality of pleasure, other hormones are responsible, for example, Dopamine, managing the desire to possess and receive pleasure from a partner. He helps to “remember” bodily sources of pleasure.

Endorphin – a hormone of joy, giving in sex a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Its normal concentration allows a person to get rid of eating sweets and fatty foods, stuffed with various additives, in order to replace a depressive state with a positive emotional response in the outside world.

Oxytocin – hormone produced by lovers. With erratic relations, when sex is present exclusively “in the name of health”, it almost does not grow in the blood, although its effect is very useful on the body. He gives a sense of calm, confidence, joy from communicating with a partner.

Cortisone In general, it has a unique effect on all metabolic processes, forcing them to accelerate, while the body under its influence intensively spends energy, that is, its fat reserves, if there are such. The combination of all these effects helps to imitate a good sports training, for example, a bicycle run for 30 minutes or running along a crossed area.

And all this violent chemical reaction with the participation of hormones is simply necessary for the body for a normal physical and psychological state, as well as to maintain a healthy weight category. It has long been noticed that after sex a woman becomes more beautiful, confident, slimmer, even she attracts other males with a special charm. All this is the result of the correct ratio of hormones. It was also noted that holding a diet is much easier when you have an active sex life that brings pleasant emotions.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Basic sex weight loss rules

We do not urge sex to replace sport, but for those who will not be able to run away or swim in an intensive rhythm of 1-2 km due to the lack of proper physical preparation, mobile sexual intercourse with a change of different poses will simply be a salvation. Pyshki can start with this, and then connect the gym or dancing.

If your young man is not conservative and is ready to discover something new for himself, then sexual poses for losing weight will become a pleasant addition to the main exercises. There are several rules that should be taken into account if you want them to help you cope with excess weight.

  • First of all, you must be active so that the body moves at different speeds and amplitude, using as many muscles as possible.
  • Intimacy in combination with preliminary caresses should occupy at least half an hour. Remember, even with sports training, fat melts after 30 minutes of good physical activity.
  • Such “trainings” should be constant, and not occur from case to case, otherwise the effect will not be.
  • We advise you to do gymnastics with vaginal balls before sexual intercourse: they activate the functioning of the pelvic muscles and train the sensitivity of the vagina.
  • Do not start immediately with the most difficult “studies”. Do everything gradually, as well as in training.
  • Remember that after such “exercises” you will be very tired. Therefore, you should find the right time for proximity.
  • Tired in the process? Do not stop moving! Just reduce the amplitude and speed.
  • Do not forget that during sex you lose many useful elements and vitamins, so try to eat or drink vitamins normally.
  • Try not to overeat before your body so that the body burns not consumed calories, but fat reserves on the sides and priest.
  • They say that a larger volume of calories is burned if you were able to get an orgasm. True or not, we will learn from you in the comments)))

Lighting sex drives are not so complicated, so proceed to pleasant trainings with pleasure and positive mood! Do not complex about weight, if you have it a little superfluous – everything will be corrected soon. And many men and generally to the light bulb, how much a woman weighs, the main thing is activity and passion. In general, we don’t carry a bar with a sad look, we don’t run around the house with a bunch of yard dogs “on the tail”, do not hunger and do not pay the money to a plastic surgeon for liposuction, but read about 10 pose for losing weight, which will remove excess weight and bringA sea of positive impressions!

Want to lose weight with sex? Then be sure to use vaginal balls to prepare muscles and vagina for active bedding! It is useful, pleasant, comfortable and very exciting! Buy balls that can be left inside even during contact with a partner, and give him new sensations from the night of love.

10 poses in sex for weight loss, which are best suited for weight loss

You think this is the same missionary pose? But how can then be burned at least 50 calories then? You will be surprised, but if you approach this position correctly and slightly modify it, it can calmly take its place in the list of “weight loss posture” list. Yes, the classic is always in trend, then it is classic! As you understand, the effect will depend on your enthusiasm!

Sex pose for weight loss “Spider”

You will need to rest your elbows on the floor or bed, raising your body and straining the abdominal muscles. For friction by genitals, you will have to actively rotate with a basin or help a man with progressive frictions. At the same time, the muscles of the buttocks and all the peritoneum fibers are involved, the same applies to muscle plexuses in the area. By the way, there is an opportunity to pump up biceps)))

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Sex pose for weight loss “Strak”

In a rack with her foot outed up and turning a little on her side, the girl perfectly burns fat in the waist and pulls up the ass. Be sure to change the parties to work out both parts of the “fillet”.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Want to pump up the press, then actively strain and relax the peritoneal muscles to the beat of the movements. Remember, passive compression and twisting of muscle fibers is also very effective.

We cannot keep silent about the pose “rider”, where a woman is active and generally all power in her hands! She even in the simplest variation helps to properly sweat and lose 300-400 kcal in half an hour, and even if you complicate it, adding a couple of “PA” ..

Sex pose for weight loss “reverse rider”

But this is a slightly modified “rider”, because her legs are not bent down, and the emphasis is placed on her feet instead of knees-this does not make it possible to move in a twist or backward or forth. The woman is forced to jump up and down, which, of course, is harder and energetically costly. The muscles of the priests and abdomen will be worked out perfectly. Believe me, the next morning you will definitely feel the very painful sensations as after the gym with a bar and a gear.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Sex pose for weight loss “Mastard”

This pose for active sexual intercourse can be attributed to both the “missionary on the contrary” and the “rider”. In principle, the classification does not matter, because we are more interested in how effective it is to burn fat. Believe me, very much! Even more than. The girl has almost no support points where you can transfer weight. She has to move not only her hips, but also to use her legs, torso, to hold her back correctly so that the spinal column does not let herself know in the morning with wild pains. It is concentrated and tense as much as possible, controlling each body muscle. She has to catch a general rhythm with a partner and remember that a member sometimes jumps out of the vagina, and at such a moment you can injure her beloved.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Sex pose for weight loss “Undine”

Here is such a wonderful “woman from above” not only will help to remove the sides with the tummy, she will still like the man very much, since the beautiful and sensual female breast will seductively bounce right near his mouth! We have already said about the benefit: stomach, sides and buttocks – these are the main areas of study. It doesn’t matter if you will use it in water or on land, sexual intimacy will be very sensual.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Do not forget about the sexy pose of Doggi, where, with a slight adjustment, a woman will also take active physical participation. For example, “crustacean” and a canopy.

Sex pose for weight loss “Flight”

The man is in a standing position, and the girl should stand with her back to him. After she leans and rests on the floor or bed. The partner must take his companion by the hips and raise it. The lady will have to rely exclusively on her hands, the legs are extended back. A great study of the press, hips, buttocks, manual/foot muscles, and even backs, you are provided with. If you hold out for 10 minutes, burn 150-200 kcal. Although it is worth recognizing that this pose is complicated, and for a long time you will not stretch.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Sex pose for weight loss “Swallow”

In this perspective, you will also be able to have a benefit and lose time and lose the gram of 200-300 at a time, pulling up the chubby sides and having worked as a sagging stomach. By the way, your “shortcomings” are not visible in it, a seductive neck, delicate back and shoulders fall in the field of view of the man. You can passionately kiss and whisper obscene phrases in the ear.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Probably the most energy -intensive posts will be the poses where both partners are worth. All muscles are strained in them, as when swimming in the pool. We try and lose weight with benefit! If you have a big difference in growth, which greatly complicates the docking of causal places, use a stool, chair and other household “assistants”.

Sex pose for losing weight “Kamasutra Standing”

If there is no stretching, then at least take the leg to the side or bend at the knee, and in the process of the act, change to another. We have already said that all the muscles will strain, in addition, you will learn how to control breathing and the general rhythm of movements – here it will have to be caught up constantly. This concentration makes you spend a lot of calories.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Sex pose for weight loss “near the wall”

The girl wrapps up her partner’s torso, but this does not mean that she will be easier. To move with it in a single plane, you will have to strain the muscles of the abdomen, crotch, buttocks and legs, reconciling the main effect on the genital area. Hands will help you a little not to slide if you hug a partner by them by your shoulders or abundant the wall. Most likely, after an act of love, your legs will tremble – this is a sign that you worked perfectly and did everything right.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Is it possible to lose weight by making love on the side? Why not! Of course, this position is the least stressful for both partners, but with its modification, calories are spent no worse than in Doggi or Ridnails.

Sex pose for weight loss “Octopus”

Webace of arms and legs, passion, pressure, lust, desire to possess a partner … And also an excellent training of the gluteal and brutally muscles, especially the oblique muscles of the abdomen! Just do not forget to change the right and left side of the body so that the effect goes evenly.

Slose sex poses, which to choose for active weight loss. Is it possible to become slimmer with sex

Try to have anal sex – preparing for it will make you reconsider your diet! Less incorrect food, enemas, stress from fear of possible pain (hello, excreted adrenaline) will do their job, and you will lose the treasured calories, also cleanse from slags.

Remember! Slimming poses will help to drive excess fat, but sex itself has a lot of utility! During making love, a person dulls pain, depression and insomnia disappears, the cardiovascular and genitourinary systems are strengthened!

In the XVIII century, women with apathetic and stressful conditions were prescribed as a medicine – sex! Let’s say more: thanks to one doctor who treated female psychoses and a vibrator appeared. Where do not look only the pluses! So use the gifts of nature, enjoy and be healthy.

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