Split bamboo – pose 13 in sex

Intimate pose 13 – “split bamboo”.

13 The “split bamboo” pose is very consistent with its name and is one of the most popular positions in sex. It helps to diversify your sex life, make a deep penetration and does not require acrobatic talents.

Split bamboo – pose 13 in sex

13 pose in bed – the man works for two

The essence Sex poses broken bamboo It is that a woman lies on her back, and a man lifts one of her legs, laying on her shoulder. At this moment, a man should seem to sit on the thigh of the other leg, but it is better not to do this, because women are fragile creatures, so it is better to transfer all to the knees of a man. So that during the movement of the girl’s hips, the girl’s leg does not jump, the man must hold her hand in pose 13 in sex.

Thus, a man seems to rise above his partner and the whole leading role switches to him. A woman here is more passive, she can just lie, and her hands are free, so she is free to create anything with them. But this, rather, can touch only herself (caress his breasts and stomach), since it will be difficult for her to reach a man, and the pose is not a bamboo for this is not designed for this. You can combine it with other postures in which the bodies of partners are in contact much more closely.

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