Women from above: Pose options “Riddle”

Women from above: Pose options “Riddle”.

Women from above: Pose options “Riddle”

The rider, as one of the best in sex, choose an erotic pose, many women choose, and all men love without exception. In this position, a woman controls the process, controlling the pace of sex, and the man completely relaxes and allows the woman to show activity. Also, this pose opens the man with a beautiful and sexual overview of the female breast and the movements of a woman in sex, which additionally excites him.

Pose options rider

This pose can have several variations that will help to feel all erotic moments and enjoy. Here are some of them:

Classic – the location of a woman on horseback lying on her back. This pose allows you to stimulate the depth of the entry of the penis, set the speed of movement, and allows the man to caress the partner. You can also squat down a woman, or put her legs on her partner’s shoulders, and set a new pace in sex. The same pose can be used, sitting on a chair.

♦ To enhance the sensations, you can try in this position double penetration with the help of a partner’s fingers, small anal toys or anal traffic jams.

Inverted rider – In this version, the woman is with her back to the partner, relying on his legs. This pose drives men crazy for men, since you can caress the partner’s chest and look at her sexy buttocks, which leads them into indescribable delight and excitement. In this version, the pose of the rider is involved all the erogenous sections of partners, which gives pleasure and new feelings.

♦ In this pose, it is not easy to stimulate the clitoris – it’s just hard for a man to reach. Output – a woman stimulates it herself or a man reaches a desired point using a vibrator.

The rider is lateral – In this version of the posture, the woman makes movements on the penis of a man, being from his right or left side. This position needs support for a man, as it causes quick fatigue in a woman, and can be used as an additional pose for a variety of sexual sensations.

♦ If the pose causes fatigue or seems difficult to execute – use support in the form of a sex cache or pillows.

Women from above: Pose options “Riddle”

5 main movements of the posture «rider»

To get the greatest pleasure in the pose of the rider and its variations, it is necessary to take into account all the subtleties in the technique of movements. These simple techniques will help to enjoy and quickly achieve orgasm to both partners, namely such movements:

► Vertical jumps – Such movements stimulate the penis of the man as much as possible along the entire length, and the woman controls the depth and strength of his immersion. Also, changing the angle of inclination, it can change areas of additional stimulation of the erogenous parts of the vagina and member of the man. If a woman leans forward, then the greatest stimulation falls on the penis, and with her tilts back there is stimulating the erogenous female point located in the front region of the vagina.

► circular rotations – Such movements look very exciting, since a woman makes circular movements hips and a basin. During this technique, both partners feel the most touches and sliding of the genitals as much as possible, which gives incomparable pleasure and feelings.

► waves – In this technique, the angles of the input and withdrawal of a member from the vagina are changing, using the woman’s wave movements by a basin. These are beautiful erotic movements that allow a woman to gracefully bend, while showing all the beauty and plastic of her body. During such sex, the interaction of the genital organs of partners is maximum, which allows them to get and feel every sweet moment of this sexual dance.

► horizontal movements – Such slides allow you to feel the complete stimulation of a member of a man and his most deep penetration. In such movements, a woman receives good stimulation of the clitoris and vagina, which gives powerful pleasure to both partners.

The pose of the rider and its options will give you a lot of unknown sensations and erotic sensory moments in sex. Therefore, if you have not tried all its variations – It’s time to start!

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