FUN FACTORY Sex toys: How to create, views why you should choose a FUN FACTORY?

FUN FACTORY Sex toys: How to create, views why you should choose a FUN FACTORY?.

History Fun Factory

Fun Factory was founded in 1996 in the city of Bremen by two friends Dirk Bauer and Michael Pale. Young people were distinguished by grandiose ambitions and love for technology, and one of them also worked at a factory for the production of children’s toys. During gatherings at the table in the kitchen, they gathered the first prototype of an unusual phallimitator in the form of a penguin. It was made of simple children’s plasticine and absolutely did not look like a device for sex. But in the future, the Paddy Penguin toy really entered the market, though it was made not from plasticine, but from a medical silicone.

Inventors switched from the kitchen table to a modern, environmentally friendly production enterprise in Bremen. After the first color silicone phallimitators, FAN FACTORY released the first battery, becoming the first company for the production of sex for sex to receive a well -known award for the design of vibrators.

FUN FACTORY was awarded the highest award of the International Design Competition Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016 for its innovative G5 vibrators line — Miss Bi, Lady Bi, Patchy Paul, Tiger, Big Boss and Moody.

Red Dot Design Award — Authoritative design award awarded by the European Institute of the Earth Design Center North Rhine-Westphalia in the city of Essen (Germany). The award is awarded to designers and manufacturers for outstanding quality and special achievements in the design of widespread goods. The works marked by the award are exhibited at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, which today is the world’s largest collection of achievements of modern design.

A feature of toys from the brand Fun Factory

Despite a huge number of competitors in the sex toys market, Fan Fectori were able to gain great popularity among people and form a team of devoted fans. This was some features of the brand that distinguish it in the eyes of buyers:

The first feature – This is the production of products. While most companies place production in China to reduce the cost of production, Fun Factory comes up with, design and produces toys in Germany.

By the way, all toys are gathered at the factory manually. Employees personally cast forms, and then collect devices from many mechanisms and engines. The buyer can be sure of quality, because everyone has heard about German pedantry.

Fun Factory are so confident in their quality that a lifetime warranty is extended to each toy. It includes a guarantee on the mechanism, integrity of the coating and even fading of the silicone coating. This approach says a lot about the relationship of the brand with its own customers.

The most popular Fun Factory toys

The Fun Factory assortment contains classic vibrators, masturbators, vaginal balls, pulsators and much more. All toys are distinguished by a bright and juicy design, well -known designers and artists were involved in work on the appearance.

Some devices were awarded special praise among users. Among them, for example, the Miss Bi vibrator-Rabbit. Small vibrator (working length – 8 cm) with an anatomical bend directedly massage the point G, and the soft process stimulates the clitoris. Miniature and a wide range of vibrations allowed Miss Bi to become a product that suits almost any girl, regardless of her experience of acquaintance with sex toys.

At the same time, an increased version entered the market – Lady Bi. The toy has all the same advantages as the smaller model. Working length 11.5 cm and diameter 4.5 cm are suitable for those girls who want to get a feeling of fullness from the device.

Big toys called Big Boss and slightly smaller devices also received a well -deserved share of popularity – Mr.Boss. They are preferred by those who are important with a realistic appearance and large diameter.

But the company’s pulsators are recognized as a separate achievement. These are toys that imitate a partner’s movements during sex. The Stronic line uses a double magnet technology that provides devices with the ability to move at different speeds and intensity. This technology was patented by the brand from the very beginning of its creation, therefore, the Fun Factory pulsators have no analogues.

Why do people love Fun Factory?

Fun Factory – This is a brand that is proud of its reputation. Each toy is created, based on anatomy and sexual human psychology. The brand really does not have a single toy that would ultimately be recognized as unsuccessful. Many of the devices have been produced unchanged for many years in a row and they invariably lead the tops of sales around the world.

Here’s what Fun Factory themselves write in contacting their fans around the world:

«Our sex toys from Bremen are as diverse as possible. We hope that you will use them to explore yourself and your passion, question habits and remain open to new things. Every day we do our best to use our knowledge and experience in every little things in our products. The name speaks for itself: Fun Factory means branded toys that make you want more. We continue to explore new development paths and study every day – for successful innovation in our products. We want to develop with the spirit of innovation, invent new types of movements, program incentives for each mood and allow forms to speak for ourselves.

Our whole team here, in beautiful Bremen, collects everything that you then hold in your hands, with sensitivity, heart and mind. All processes, a full cycle of production and positioning – we do all this here, in one place. And throughout this time we maintain a connection with you and interact with the industry. We like your reviews (well, if they are constructive), because we can rely on them! Just as you can rely on us, love what we do very well».

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