How to diversify sex and save marriage? Adult toys – first aid in intimate life.

How to diversify sex and save marriage? Adult toys – first aid.

How to diversify sex and save marriage? Adult toys – first aid in intimate life.

Statistics are inexorable, it constantly recalls that in the fifth year of living together 3 out of 5 pairs are crisis. This applies to both domestic problems and intimate life. A woman begins to walk around the house in a torn robe, and her husband, lying on a family bed, hits from the beer just drunk. Such a picture not only does not cause excitement, but, on the contrary, forces the spouses to separate from each other. Psychologists have written considerable literature telling how to save a marriage, but to study time «Talmudes» The couple, as a rule, does not have. In this situation, sexologists advise contacting toys. Yes, vibrators, handcuffs, vaginal balls and even whips are able to not only deliver momentary pleasure, but also keep marriage forever.

How to offer a partner for the first time to use a sex toy?

If the pair has long been gone for a long time, openly tell about the acquired strapon, it is unlikely that it will work out. But if you bring a partner smoothly, for example, during preliminary caresses, you will not have to waste time on conversations. Having created a romantic situation, the spouse should try to bring her beloved to absolute excitement and at that moment to offer her something really new. To begin with, you can choose the most simple intimate toy that will not scare away, but, on the contrary, will make you play your imagination and tremble even more with anticipation. It can be handcuffs, films, small phallimitators and vibrators or universal vibropuli.

«He and she recommends»: vibroyeis and vibropuli

How to diversify sex and save marriage? Adult toys – first aid in intimate life.

If the spouses can still discuss life and work without quarrels and busting, you can talk about sex and toys at breakfast. Tell me that in the evening you want to try a new vibrator or tie your spouse. Let him prepare, send the children from the house. And you can indulge in love joys without haste.
According to statistics, in 4 out of 5 cases, the spouse immediately agrees to try a sex toy. Surely, he was already thinking about it and his fantasies are about to be realized. Moreover, it will not have to be afraid of shame or the fact that something will not work out, because there will be a native person nearby, who like you missed bright and memorable sex.

Sex toys are better than meetings with a psychologist and literature?

So, how sex toys save marriages?

  1. Adult toys refresh relationships. For an inexperienced pair of toy, there are really novelty, in an adult cynical life there are so few places of miracles that cause a feeling of tickling in the stomach, as in childhood when skating on high swing. Unknown causes some fear and a surge of adrenaline along with the interest and desire of new adventures.
  2. Intimate toys reveal new opportunities for the couple:
    Men – feel like a conqueror, a winner who subordinates to himself «victim»;
    Women – reveal new facets in themselves, to feel the desired, sexy.
  3. Sex toys will keep a marriage from betrayal. During a long absence, neither her husband nor wife will have to deny himself the pleasure. To satisfy the desire and remain healthy will help vibrators, rings, vagina.
  4. And psychologists note, that those couples that actively use sex toys and constantly come up with new role-playing games become almost inseparable. They seem to have a secret that you should not talk about, but there is no need to forget. Confidence appears, the desire to constantly be nearby returns to experiment again, come up with something new and original. By the way, men willingly share successful experiments with friends, telling how vivid and memorable sex with his wife, satisfying both. This fuel their self -confidence, pushing new exploits.

Sex toys – This is not only entertainment 1 time. This is an opportunity to open up without fear of experimenting and trying. They are able to overshadow everything – Both delicious dinner and affectionate word. Having indulged once with mutual pleasure, the spouses will not get tired of looking for intimacy again and again, but not routine and everyday, but rich and interesting.

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