How to use a vibro -yard | Types of sex toys

How to use a vibroyaite.

How to use a vibro -yard | Types of sex toys
There is an opinion that “the more – the better”. But sometimes even a miniature sex toy can give a lot of bright and unforgettable sensations. And the vibroyite proves very well. What is this device and how to use it in sex – we will tell in this article.

What is a vibroyaite

This is a small vibrator in the form of an egg. It works for batteries or batteries, has different control options (button and remotely – remote control or application on a smartphone). Materials – medical silicone or plastic. The surface can be smooth or textured: ribbed or pointed for additional stimulation.


Restrained appearance. No need to worry that someone will guess about the appointment of a device if he accidentally notices.

Compact. It is convenient to take a vibroyaite with you – it will fit even in a small ladies’ bag. It is also easy to hide at home.

Quiet. Vibrations are strong, but at the same time they are unlikely to be heard by outsiders.

Universal. Can be used for different types of stimulation (external and internal), solo or together with a partner.

How to use a vibroyaite

During the prelude

Before introducing the vibrator inside, tease with it other sensitive points on the body: neck, nipples, inner thigh surface. Gradually go to the genitals – tap the vibration label, crotch, scrotum. Close your eyes and imagine as if someone caresses you in these places. Even if you do not experience an orgasm, such additional stimulation increases excitement and enhances the production of natural lubrication.

For masturbation

Take a convenient position: sitting, lying (on your back or on your side). Apply grease to the clitoris and press the vibroyite to it. Squeeze the hips together to keep the device and turn on the vibration. Change the modes to find the one that will bring more pleasure.

Advice. If the clitoris is very sensitive, try stimulating it through clothes, for example, panties.

Vaginal stimulation. Find a comfortable pose. After warming up the body, add a water -based grease for a vibro -based. Gently and slowly enter it into the vagina to a depth of 5-7 cm, then turn on the gadget and enjoy the resulting sensations.

If desired, the vibroyato can be left inside for several hours (from 3 to 6, depending on the coating material), to experience pleasure at any time when you want it – along the way to work, during a date, etc. D.

How to use a vibroyezo paired

If you have not yet tried to use adult toys during sex, the vibroyite will be a great option for starters. This device has a more restrained design compared to phalloimitators and classic vibrators, and the partner will not be jealous of it. Due to the small size and simplicity of control, the mini-vibrator is ideal for various sexual caresses.

During oral sex. There are several ways to use a vibroyaite:

  • The partner makes cunnilingus or anilingus while you enjoy internal or external vibrations;
  • You are orally caressing a partner and at the same time stimulate his vibro -yield or your erogenous zones.

Double penetration. Anal sex will become even more pleasant if you add a vibro -tie to it.

The device is placed in the vagina and is turned on after the partner penetrates the anus with a penis or strapon. At the same time, both will feel the vibrations. Be sure to use a lot of lubricant for this type of sex. The anus has no natural moisture, so lubrication will help to avoid damage to delicate tissue.

Attention. Vibro is forbidden to introduce into the anus. The vibrator can easily “get lost” inside, since it does not have an expanding base. The anus can only be stimulated from the outside.

Together with a strapon. Pegging is an exciting sexual practice for two, but sometimes there is not enough stimulation in it for the giver. The vibro -yard helps to get additional sensations and at the same time does not interfere during the penetration.

For a hidden public game. These vibrators are quite quiet, so they can enjoy them in public. Submit the management of the partner: you enjoy the secret stimulation, and he enjoys observing you. For more encryption, it is better to choose vibrators with control through the application.

Advice. If you liked the idea of public sex, but you prefer external stimulation, then there is Vibrogrusiki and vibrovalics.How to use a vibro -yard | Types of sex toys
For the preparation of. The partner should return home soon? Or would you like to spend a sensual evening of self -love? Why not arrange a small warm -up? You can wear a vibro -yard while you are preparing, increasing excitation and anticipation. If you want to overcome even more, listen to erotic audio stories in the background.

Water games. If the vibro -yield has a high degree of water resistance, insert it before going to the bath. You will enjoy vibrations while you wash or take a shower, allowing the orgasm to slowly increase.

For BDSM. As for public sex, a vibroyite will become an ideal toy for the exchange of power. Give the remote control to the partner so that he completely controls when and how much pleasure you receive. The dominant decides whether the humble beg for more or asking to stop – this is a real torture by orgasm. Increase the “bet”, limiting the lower one with the help of the bondage: ropes, handcuffs or fixers for the bed. Or use other accessories: floggers, whips, feathers for tickling.

For relations at a distance. If the device supports remote control through the application, you can have amazing virtual sex. The partner connects to the vibration and controls it while you caress yourself.

Recommendations for use

Choose a suitable one

You need to decide which vibrator you need: wired or wireless. The latter, as a rule, cost more, but they have more functions, as well as some also support remote control through the application. Ask yourself questions:

  • Is it convenient for you to control on a “tail” or do you need a separate remote control?
  • Do you want a smooth or ribbed surface?
  • From what material you would like a vibroyaite: silicone, plastic?

Be sure to clean before and after use

Regardless of whether you took out a new vibroyaite out of the box or from the bedside table, always wash it before the start of the game. Everything related to your intimate places cannot be “too clean”.

Do not forget to clean the sex toy after. To do this, use warm water and soft soap or A special cliner.


When playing with a vibrator, try new poses, sexual practices, touch different places, and not just the genitals.

Vibroyayko – This is an interesting multifunctional vibrator capable of giving many orgasms to both beginners and experienced users.

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