Lookbook: Top sex toys for fashionable girls | The best sex toys

Lookbook: Top sex toys for fashionable girls.

Lookbook: Top sex toys for fashionable girls | The best sex toys
Each of us chooses a toy for ourselves your principle, your requirements, your desires. It is important for many beginners that it is Inexpensive. Fans – so as not a vibrator, but jackhammer Others – so that the toy belongs to a certain brand. Someone hunts hot new products or even some specific models. (How many girls are waiting for a plush shark in Ikea, so many are waiting for us Tango) And there are those who are important not only Internal functionality, but also appearance. Therefore, in today’s guide we will analyze Stylish and beautiful toys for girls!

Perhaps I’ll start this review with Tag #Girls Stepeedhechki – Otherwise, I can’t describe it. Very beautiful things, and if you have a passion for shoes, dresses and lipsticks – that’s for everything, then you will definitely like it. Because, I’m sorry for the repet, girlfriend, now there will be lovers. Little vibrators.

Claimed vibrators

The simplest model – lipstick vibrator from Toyfa Series Black&Red.
He one of the first, released in such a design. The ancestor, so to speak. Practically 1 to 1 with real size lipsticks. She has no special bells and whistles, and simple multi -speed mechanism, but she Inexpensive and cute.

Much cooler than a series of lipsticks from Womanizer. This is a work of art both outside and inside. What is the system – Vacuum-wave principle of operation, different nozzles for different anatomy, (shorter and longer) quiet work and a reliable battery.Womanizer – One of the few toys that Hold the charge for months. Months! I really don’t exaggerate. I’m ready to argue with you for money. Or for another vumanayer!) I have two, one in a bedside table and one on a shelf in the bathroom. But I would still be the third in the desktop drawer.. And they also Three different colors, which are duplicated on boxes. And each resembles a specific cosmetic brand.

For example, Mint-pink Womanizer 2GO associated with Clinique – They love to use shades of this plan, and make all sorts of bright designs.

The combination of white and gold in 2go – Michael Kors, They love this. Expensive, exquisite, stylish.

Black with gold 2GO – Almost certainly fFuchsia -colored fawars from Marc Jacobs. black is the most elegant color in the world, to lose with a black thing in principle impossible. AND Black always to place. And yes, you will love him so much that you will surely want to correct me – Womanizer is more than a thing.

Lelo Mia 2 also a little like a lipstick. Although, rather, this is still more mascara. Or a flash drive. But Flashka is not so romantic. Flashshki has Qvibry And quite for himself Real, data storage and vibrator – two in one.
But back to mia. There is in lilac And Direct pink color.

Mia has three features:

  • Power (which is real and surprising for such a compact size)
  • Design (b – lack of waist)
  • Direct recharge from USB (no adapters, cords and wires – Mia is stuck into the USB connector and the process is launched)

Callie Vibrating Mini WandDesigner mascara, Imagine this limit, rare. Very Beautiful design, Again elegant and fresh white, crystal at the base. Charging from USB, Forget about batteries and problems with them. Excellent Modern model.

Fifty Shades Freed Crazy for You – it is for aesthetes. Non -standard in sex industry, but inherent in the whole collection “50 shades of freedom” – Deep, muffled matte purple relaxes and soothes, at the same time pulling his gaze. This Mini-vibrator velvety Soft Touch Silicone surface. 7 vibration modes, 3 different speeds, Rehazing battery. But the most important thing is what the hell is he beautiful!

Ah, yes, I completely forgot. We-Vibe Tango – There is a classic one Blue color, but there is pink, Because #girls
Tango is disassembled like a shark from Ikei. And we are constantly carrying Tango, so that everyone is enough)
This is how we have a story with him. He does not have much Soil framing or rhinestones, but it is The most powerful mini-vibrator around the world. They can be crushed asphalt, seriously. So be careful with your clitoris)

Delicate pink color

Delicate pink – this is also for girls. Those girls who do not like delicate pink, simply do not know how to cook it. Dusty pink, tea rose color, powder – shades can be mass. And in the toys of delicate pink color there is its own, special charm.

Kit Inspire Kegel Training Kit – It is as if you went to a new gym. And you have a pool, and simulators, and running. Thanks to Kegel exercises We are becoming Beautiful and fit not only outside, but also inside. Endless pursuit of perfection. The kit includes Three different vaginal balls of soft elastic silicone, slightly different in weight and size. The largest ball is at the same time the easiest to be convenient to hold novice. The smallest is, on the contrary, the most difficult. Change simulators in terms of training your intimate muscles, this is very comfortable!

Inspire Kegel ExerciserSimilar simulator, gurus of vaginal muscles and all that, unlike Training Kit, In the set of everything one copy, but with Ten vibration modes! And yes, with remote control. Vaginal muscles react to vibration And they start contract, And also Exerciser can be used as Vibroyayko, Exclusively pleasures for the sake) Rechargeable, works from the battery. The remote control range – five meters.Lookbook: Top sex toys for fashionable girls | The best sex toys
A set of phalloimitators Adrien Lastic Femintimate Intimrelax was created for treatment of some female diseases like vaginitis, discomfort in sexual intercourse and so on. But I will tell you a secret – this Ideal phalloimitators for girls with a small (narrow or short) vagina. Or for Anala. Gods, how good they are for anal! And yes, everyone has a small restrictive base, So that everything is Comfortable and safe. And they have a design unusual, They are pretty, and they look like fabulous Silicone icicles, rather than on a dildo. If you suddenly be shy or just the soul does not lie to Realistics – then this is your option.

Vaginal bowls Eve Cup From the same Adrien Lastic – The wonderful and The simplest invention For female hygiene. Soft Silicone cups, not providing negative effects on the vaginal microflora. Ideal When playing sports and fitness. Indispensable at night, or while traveling.
Cup in size S ideal for women who still did not give birth or have standard discharge.
BELE ideal for women who gave birth or have abundant discharge.
To each – more!)Lookbook: Top sex toys for fashionable girls | The best sex toys

Other cool

If you, like me, for example, this whole topic of sex toys on the joke, you will drag, then you will definitely like this toy – Key Ring Vibe. This Croosetic keychain on keys, bag or phone in the form of a vibrator. And, what is especially fun, as the real vibrator he also works. True, all on one speed, But since the products are more Souvenir, there is no more. And if emergency The impatient to masturbate And at hand, nothing more, and you do not know how with your hands and shower or you are lazy, then It is enough.
Mini vibrator Luxeluv Santiago Play – This Stylish and slightly extravagant ring in Hi-Tech style. You can combine it with multi -colored leggings, with a clock, with almost any sneakers and even with a classic dress. And after stylish or business events, you can combine it with nipples, clitoris, with a scrotum or egg testicles, use for sensual massage or an express prelude. Charges from USB, has nine vibration modes, powerful and at the same time quite quiet. You can try to masturbate under the desktop, imagining that the boss is about to enter. Or even dared to hire him)

Pocket clitoris stimulator in rhinestones The Rabbit Factory Crystalized – Very Beautiful vibrator, impeccable! By the way, it even goes included A set of spare stones in case you are so passionate with him that part will be lost. Very prudent! Modern battery, intuitive Clear management, water resistance. (True, him do not recommend loading under water longer than fifteen minutes).
Well Form with ears Very successful – many girls claim that clamping the clitoris between two processes, it is much easier to get a clitoral orgasm.

Adrien Lastic Double Ended Vibrator – not easy Bilateral stimulant, he looks like The tubes of a fabulous hookah, Or some Elements from Alice in Wonderland. Him An unusual form with a spreading diameter and relief, it is flexible and looks spectacular. For convenience, it is controlled with distance remote control, It has Ten different vibration modes, recharge. If you like Unusual, not like everyone else, or you are on double penetration – We must take!

Well, so that you were not bored with these toys ..

A selection of fashionable lubricants

Yes, to cool toys We need cool lubricants, This is 100%. And not only to toys, but to sex in general. Something unusual without foreign intervention, many shy or only studying their sexuality love this.
It is for you Top cool lubricants, which I personally tried and hot I recommend!

Lubricant for oral affection Oral Delight Vanilla Thrill System Jonot just “taste” or edible, From those who have already become popular in the market, it is also enhances sensations during oral sex, Accelerating the approach of orgasm so that it does not have to work for a long time. So pleasant tingling, light chill, taste and aroma of bananas. Imagine that you are in the tropics, it is on a convertible between your legs, cocktail, palm trees.. Cum?)

Female cooling silicone lubricant Jo Premium Women Cool – mega slippery and mega cool grease, Suitable only for metal or ceramic toys or for contact “body to body”. With silicone, cyberc and other soft realistic materials – NOTARICE. Such a lubricant is good for sex with a partner after a hard working day, traffic jams, public transport, a hot shower, if at home, it was overdoed with heating and tade. Very refreshes) oh yes, and for anal it is very good, but also – the body to the body! (in this case – a member to the ass, it is not combined with condomes)

Gel-Lubricant for narrowing the vagina You and me minimini You need you if you want to surprise or please (or all at once) your man. He really works, Apply 15 before sex And you are delightful. If you want to look at the effect in advance – try to use it alone With vaginal balls, Even if they went quite easily, at the exit it will be problematic to pull them out. Narrow-uzko! By the way, it also works effectively in tandem with Kegel exercises, but to overdoing all the same is not worth it. And unlike many similar means, the gel of this brand costs quite reasonable money. Available)

Cream for the clitoris exciting and enhancing sensation Shunga Secret Garden – It is something! Usually it Disassemble quite quickly, Buyers praise him and say that he is awesome. He does something with nervous endings And The sensations are aggravated several times, so use this moment to get the maximum pleasure!

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