Myths and truth about vacuum pumps!

Myths and truth about vacuum pumps!.

Vacuum pump – The second, if not the first (after stimulant prostate) – of the most necessary for every man of goods from a sex shop. Around vacuum pumps There are many rumors and myths, so let’s figure out that this myth is from this – and what is true? We gave Vacuum pump our birthday employee – Alexei, embarrassedly he accepted the gift, and the very next day he was the happiest person. Let’s give Alexei the word: among other gifts donated to me that day, Vacuum pump most intrigued me. Honestly, I was eager to try it out as soon as possible at calm home. I was asked to talk about the sensations received and I am doing it with pleasure! Myth No. 1 "Vacuum pump increases the penis" This is true. I heard a lot about the fact that Vacuum pump increases the penis. Yes, this is so, but mainly only at the time when the air is pumped out with the help of a pump from its flask and a member is placed there. Everyone knows that in a calm, unearth state, the size of the penis does not matter at all, and absolutely definitely the lady should not draw conclusions about his future sizes in an excited state! But if you want to know what size you can achieve your member, you should definitely try Vacuum pump, There are tags on some pumps – like a ruler, so to speak, measure progress. Since a member, like any muscle, is subject to training, then Vacuum pump It’s like a simulator for the main male muscle! The main thing here is not to overdo it – the first days can only be used by a short time – no more than 10-20 seconds in a state of pumped air – since a rush of blood to your not yet trained member for a long time will do only harm. Further – when your cock is so to speak "Meet" Closer with vacuum pump – you can easily increase the period of time when the erect member is in the computer under vacuum. Myth No. 2 Vacuum pump – not naturally and this is not right Puritan and other people who believe that the pump is not normal – they are mistaken! The principle of action of the pump is based on the fact that the flask is created in the flask and the organ located in it (yes – yes, any organ! Not only a member) – under the influence of internal blood pressure, it expands – and this is akin to a sexual act with a woman. Myth No. 3 Vacuum pump Brings harm? This is not so, any remedy can be used thoughtlessly and even the medicine into the poison, and with pomp,. If you want to have a big cock, and just monitor the circulation of blood in the pelvis – you can not do without a pump. If your lifestyle is mostly sedentary and you sit for more than 4 hours a day, then you will begin to experience problems with an erection sooner or later, unless of course you train your cock with sex or regularly not "You vaccinate". You can say that you probably don’t need a pump – let’s say because you are having sex particularly, let you object, in case of sex, your cock is not "revealed" to the full coil. Since during the erection of it "straightens" Excessive pressure in the blood of a small pelvis. And compare this with the circumstance when, on the contrary, the external – the pressure surrounding your penis – decreases. Most likely the work of the pump can be compared with what is happening during a blowjob. That’s why men are so loved by a blowjob, the effect of using a vacuum pump is absolutely the same! This surprised me. Any pleasant external tickling is felt along the entire length of the penis, not every girl is capable of such a thing, and probably this is familiar to any man – they (girls) get tired quite quickly – and do not always do it with pleasure. Vacuum pump It does this without fail and at such a high level creates a vacuum – what will give a head start to any girl – even a professionally blowing a blowjob. Confidence in its masculinity is instilled, there is a feeling and confidence in its power, yes. All the failures with the girls, when he (a member) did not get up, forget, look at the rising member in the pump and understand that such a handsome man (and pumps are specially made transparent so that the man sees progress) did not stand in that situation, only because she was only because she wasNot too beautiful to get me. Let’s say I have become more confident, and forgot all past failures with women. Sometimes I just don’t want sex – then small games with pomp – will bring you in shape – and the girl will appreciate everything, believe me. Love your pump, wash it through a fault after each use! It is very difficult to teach yourself to wash the flask of a vacuum pump after each use. Since sometimes an erection is so strong – so all the naturalness wants to experience an orgasm – what you do – sometimes involuntarily. And after that, the whole world does not exist for some time. It is important to get together and be sure to carefully wash the flask of a vacuum pump, then it will serve for a long time and always delighted with a miraculous erection! How to choose the right pump? Many are trying to save and are shy about buying a vacuum pump, this is not reasonable. Health is more important! This is a mistake on the part of pharmacies that pumps are not for sale there! Think about it, pressure meters, infrared massagers are sold, and a masger for a member is not! After all, this is a tool for male health – both physical and mental. Therefore, they can only be bought in sex shops. Be sure to do it – just to evaluate. To begin with, you can buy something inexpensive (the pump that I tested is already withdrawn from the sale as obsolete) – but inexpensive pumps have one drawback – they absorb the smell and do not fit the body, as a result of which it is more difficult to create a vacuum. Be sure to use a lubricant – any, for example, with a pleasant aroma or vaginal, will come down, and Vaselin will also come off – if you do not bother you that it will have to be washed off for a long time and with a vacuum pump. The result I used the donated vacuum pump for about two weeks, I must say that the changes in me were significant, first I liked the size of the penis in an erect state, and this gave confidence before any woman. Secondly, at least a little but the size of the penis increased by about 1.5 cm, both in an erected state and in non -relevant. Thirdly, small vessels became more direct – blood circulation in the most important organ for any man has improved. In general, this is a common cause of impotence – when the vessels narrow and the member simply refuses to rise – so here – Vacuum pump – It trains the vessels, it becomes easier to achieve an erection, and the erection becomes longer and confident! If you have problems with potency, first contact your doctor – ask to conduct an ultrasound of the genitourinary system – and if suddenly, as a result of dopplerography, you will have a narrowing of the vessels in the penis – be sure to ask your doctor’s recommendation to use the pump! In fact, the pump can be used without a doctor’s appointment – but if you need to consult a doctor, be sure to find out his opinion about vacuum pumps! My choice I liked the use of the pump so much that I now think this is a mandatory procedure (after stimulating the prostate) a pump called a quick effect, or an analogue of the de -lux pump is my choice, and despite the price, this can be afforded when it comes to not afraid to say- vital organ! I feel potency and I like this feeling! And you?

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