Sex toys 50 shades of gray (Fifty Shades of Grey)

50 shades of gray (Fifty Shades of Grey).

Fifty Shades of Grey — Collection of sex toys based on «50 shades of grey»

It is unlikely that anyone has not yet heard about the sensational trilogy or has not worried about the sexual Christian Gray and seductive to the Anastacian Style in the film, shot according to the book «50 shades of grey». And many learned about the existence of BDSM only thanks to the bestseller. But if you were captured by bed games with sado-mazo elements, you yourself can feel like the main characters of an erotic film if you buy sex toys «50 shades of grey» From the brand Fifty Shades of Grey.

Official erotic collection «50 shades of grey» released in 2013 with the approval of the author of the book E.L. James. All intim-Tovars are licensed by the British company for the production of Lovehoney sex toys. Although the company had to give a huge amount for receiving a license, the production of sex toys under the Fifty Shades of Grey brand paid off in a short time.

What is included in the collection of intim-tovar «50 shades of grey»

Do not think that intimate goods «50 shades of grey» consist only of handcuffs, whips and blindfolds. The first to release a series of sex toys for the pleasure of Fifty Shades, which included:

  • vibrators;
  • anal and vaginal balls;
  • slopes for the nipples;
  • Limiters — rope for fixation, mask on the eyes;
  • Silver tie Christian Gray;
  • an erection ring with vibration of different types;
  • Sado-Mazo sets — Wash, handcuffs, teaser with feathers.

Later, at the peak of the popularity of the erotic collection, a series of Sensual Care products was created, which included: lubricants, massage oil, remedies for cleaning sex toys, candles for massage and condoms. Many toys are names taken from the famous trilogy. So, for example, you can buy the Charlie Tango vibrator, drive me Crazy Glass Massage Wand, the Love Ring Ring Ring Ring.

Intimacy and high quality manufacturing differ. Each sex toy is made in a waterproof case made of hypoallergenic incorrect materials, which are easy to care for.

Separately, it is worth noting a set of sex toys to obtain anal orgasm. Anal plug has an anatomical shape for light sliding. A wide limiter at the base will not allow the accessory to slip completely into the intestines. The anal chain consists of gradually expanding silicone balls, which can be inserted into the anus to a great depth and slowly pulled out one bead, stimulating the internal walls of the sphincter. The prostate massager of a curved shape precisely falls in the end on the prostate gland and is suitable both for enjoyment and for the prevention of prostatitis.

Where to buy intimate-tovars Fifty Shades of Grey

Sex Shop offers customers a large selection of erotic goods from the collection «Fifty shades». Buy classic and bdsm toys, massage oil and candles, Christian Gray tie can be in the online store «Eroshop», Choosing intimate-towars in the catalog.

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