Sex toys during pregnancy

Sex toys during pregnancy.

With a large number of talk about what is possible and what can not be done during pregnancy, you can wonder what is allowed in bed. If the pregnancy proceeds normally, your obstetrician -gynecologist could tell you that sex during pregnancy is normal, but how about the use of a vibrator? Is it safe to use it during pregnancy?

For most pregnancies with low risk levels, internal or external use of the vibrator is safe. This can even be a great means of relieving stress, which will help save you from some inconvenience related to pregnancy, and give you the opportunity to better know your body during pregnancy. If your vibrator with electrical stimulation, this rule does not work. Electrical stimulation during pregnancy is strictly contraindicated, an electric stimulus can lead to an increase in the tone of the uterus and, accordingly, threaten the normal course of pregnancy.

Your fruit is reliably protected by amniotic fluid and uterine muscles. The mucous plug closes the cervix and helps to protect against infection. Be sure, even during the penetration, the penis or vibrator will not contact the fruit.

However, when using a vibrator during pregnancy, you must remember some things.

– Make sure your vibrator or other sex toys be clean to avoid infection.

– Listen to your body and stop using the vibrator if you feel bleeding or discomfort. Hormonal and physical changes due to pregnancy may mean that you need to add a lubricant or try other positions.

– Completely stop using it if the water is left or your obstetrician-gynecologist recommends avoiding sexual life.

If you doubt what sexual actions approved by your midwife or which classes are safe, do not be afraid to ask about it.

What about other sexual intercourse during pregnancy?

Many measures for safe sex necessary during pregnancy are similar to those that are applicable at any other time. – The risk of infection with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during pregnancy is still very high. Some STIs can harm your child and pregnancy, so be especially careful if you are not sure about the sexual anamnesis of any partner you meet.

– If you decide to have oral sex, ask your partner not to blow air into the vagina. Although this is extremely rare, this can lead to embolism, which may be fatal for you or your fetus.

– As pregnancy progresses, review some sexual positions. For example, after about 4 months you may not want to have sex, lying on your back, as this can exert additional pressure on some basic blood vessels. Try to use this as an opportunity to talk with your partner and enjoy new experience.

Although sexual activity can lead to the fights of Braxton-Hix (contractions that you can experience after orgasm during pregnancy), they are unlikely to cause a miscarriage or provoke birth much earlier than a set time. If there are concerns about premature births, the obstetrician may ask you to refrain from sexual life closer to the end of the third trimester, especially sexual intercourse in the vagina, in which sperm can act as a softener of the cervix. However, many people can continue to have sex throughout pregnancy, and this can even naturally cause childbirth when time comes.

Remember that your sexual attraction and activities that bring you sexual pleasure can change during pregnancy. It is important to be open and discuss any changes in desires or feelings with your partner (s), since some things can be more or less desirable than usual.

The fact that you are pregnant does not mean that you must abandon all sexual! If only your obstetrician did not impose certain restrictions, you can do what libido requires. Your sex drive can fade and weaken, while different sexual acts become more or less desirable during pregnancy. However, during pregnancy with a low level of risk, many sexual acts are safe, and this usually includes the use of a vibrator. Just listen to your body, keep all the toys clean and protect yourself.

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