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Sex toys for gays.

Sex toys for gays | Sex shop | Gay intimate store
What sex toys for gays are most popular? Why do they choose them? We have collected information about preferences, found out which products from sex shops really help make one-sex sex more exciting and brighter.

Several categories of goods can be distinguished, which choose homosexual pairs most often. But heterosexual partners can also use them. The devices are universal, they simply add more sensations to the proximity.

Erective rings

Prolonged sex is the dream of many men. And for its implementation many items have been invented. The most comfortable are erective rings. They are worn at the time of maximum excitement, and then prevent fast ejaculation. The ring grinds the penis tightly, interfering the outflow of blood.

There are many types of erective rings. What sex toys are suitable for gays? We can say that all. But some are bought more often than others:

  • With anal stimulation. A special process is introduced into the anus, giving a feeling of fullness. As a result, each friction is felt in the anus, in the crotch, and sex lasts longer than usual. Flexible design is suitable for men with different physique. The stimulator is rarely large, more often it has a bent shape so that the tip touches the prostate. This is not only a thing for pleasure, but also for the prevention of prostatitis.
  • With diameter adjustment. An erection ring that can be delayed to the desired size is a convenient thing for any pair. The size of the penis is not always the same, so it is convenient to be able to adjust. And such a ring can be handed over to a friend, and then it will definitely suit him. Yes, and it is impossible to make a mistake when choosing, there is no probability that it will be few or great.
  • With vibration. Gays buy erection rings that vibrate in the area of the scrotum. Often acquire rings that clad not only the penis, but also the testicles. And different modes gently massage the crotch, giving maximum positive impressions. Today, such sex toys are able to vibrate even to the beat of music and are controlled even from a smartphone.
  • Sets of erection rings. These are a few rings of different diameters. There is a certain option that is suitable for a friend. This is an opportunity to use different diameter every time. And the width of the ring really affects the sensations. But you need to understand that too strong a tightening should not be used for more than 15 minutes.

Which ring to buy gay? It is worth starting with an option with different diameters or from a set. It is impossible to make a mistake with such a purchase. It is better for experienced users to buy a model with stimulation to enhance sensations from intimacy.


Falloimitators are also in demand in same -sex unions. They are ideal for preparation for anal sex. But the most popular intimate products for gays are as follows:

  • Realistic phalluses. They look like a man’s penis. The head, wreaths, pleasant relief are drawn on the surface. But the main thing is that they are created from materials that are difficult to distinguish by touch from human skin. Flexible, but elastic, delicate and warm – these are solutions for lovers of natural forms. In this case, there may be a different size of sex toy and different bending, which helps to influence the prostate.
  • Giants. Huge phalloimitators for fisting are a frequent choice of gays. Games with expansion give a lot of pleasant moments. At the same time, the dildo is huge not only in length, but also in diameter. It is recommended to first prepare a partner for such penetration, so as not to injure delicate skin. Today on sale there are phalluses up to 45 cm long, and in diameter up to 12 cm. When using them, a large amount of lubricant is required.
  • Fallomitators with extension. A device that can grow at the right time is a great solution for anal sex. The phallus is inserted into the body in a blown state, and then you can increase it to the maximum size. An increase is possible by 70-100%, but the entire process is controlled, at any time you can reduce the girth. Increasing phalluses can also be equipped with vibration, which makes it more interesting.

Gays buy phallimitators for both masturbation and paired games. Similar sex toys are very practical, have been serving for many years. And the anal phalloimitators are safe, the base has a scrotum or suction cup, which serves as a limiter that does not allow sex device to get stuck inside the body.

Anal traffic jams

Anal plug is a device that prepares for anal sex, and also gives fullness. It is not intended for progressive movements, usually it is left in the body so that the anus is used to the sensation of the object inside. There are models from different materials, different diameters. And there are also options with additional options.

  • With vibration. Anal bushings with an internal motor affectionate affectionate on the anus and the prostate gland. The more vibration modes, the more interesting the use. Vibration is turned on by buttons on the device, from a remote remote control or even from a smartphone. Vibration pattern and intensity are easily adjustable. Such traffic jams work from batteries or batteries.
  • Giant. Large anal traffic jams stretches the ass to huge sizes. They are gradually immersed, giving fullness. It is recommended to start experiments with small bushings, and then gradually increase the size. You can choose a cork of an unusual shape in the form of a hand.
  • For wearing. Use anal plug is permissible not only in bed, but also in any other place. Special forms of anal plugs for wearing do not interfere with movement. They are immersed in the body and worn during the day. A flexible base of small size gives only a pleasant sensation. If there is vibration inside, it turns on remotely. Such models work silently, and even if the device is turned on, others will never guess about this. The most popular models are connected to a smartphone.
  • With expansion. Swing anal traffic jams can increase by 30-100%. They are created from elastic material inside which air is pumped up. An increase in a special pear or pump is regulated. Using the trigger, the cork in seconds can be returned to the original form.

Anal cork can be called a sex toy for gays that are just starting to experiment. Can Buy a small diameter, helping to get used to, and only then increase the size. And there are also sets of anal traffic jams, which include devices of different sizes. The kit is always more profitable to buy than several items separately.

Anal stimulants

Anal plug has a narrow leg and a large submersible part. Anal stimulator has a long length, it has no leg. Such sex toys are created precisely for progressive movements, sex toys for gays are suitable. Used for masturbation and experiments together.

  • Balls and chains. Compound stimulants from several parts on a soft clutch. They are immersed in anus, and at the time of maximum excitation begin to extract. This enhances sensations, makes orgasms unforgettable. Often the links have a different size or relief on the surface, which gives a massage effect. At the end of the loop, for which you need to pull to extract. Can be removed quickly or slowly, adjusting the experiences.
  • Anal Christmas trees. This is a hard anal stimulator with a unique shape. Visually a trip to the Christmas tree, since each part has its own shape. With it, you can make progressive movements and simply extract at the time of orgasm. The length of the Christmas tree is not large so as not to injure the inside of the body.
  • Relief stimulants. On the surface of the anal stimulant there may be a pattern. The stronger it is expressed, the brighter every movement is felt. And the diameter of the device can be different in individual areas. Change of size also enhances excitement. Sometimes you can use the device from different sides, such devices expand the range of possible sensations.

Anal stimulants in terms of functions are similar to phalloimitators, but often have a neutral shape that is not like a man’s penis. Can be tough and soft, flexible and solid.

Anal tunnels

Anal tunnel is an anal sleeve of a small length with a hole at the base. It is introduced into the body and is fixed on the spot. And in a special hole you can easily pour a lubricant, enter a vibrator or even a member. With the help of such a thing, you can look inside the body, which is very exciting.

Anal tunnel of gays is often used to cleanse the intestines. To do deep washing with such a device is not difficult. And if thorough preparation is required, then without this device everything will be more difficult.

The diameter of the anal tunnel is different. Wide preparation is needed – stretching of the anus at first smaller objects. A lubricant must be required so that there are no cracks on the skin. And you need to understand that anal tunnel of even small diameter is not suitable for wearing. Even if there is a closing cork, it is still possible to select feces or aroma when using a sex toy.

Anal shower

Anal sex is not always a hygienic process. Often, special preparation is required for it – intestinal cleansing. Of course, the enema is not mandatory, but if you want to feel more confident, then it is better to make it.

Anal shower was created specifically for the washing of the intestines. Convenient tip is easy to enter into the body. A pear with liquid can be large or small. If you buy a shower of small container, then you can repeat the procedure several times.

Anal shower is sometimes used for BDSM Practitioner. This is a sex toy for gays and heterosexual steam. And washing the anus can become an interesting prelude to further action.

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pump an indispensable thing for any man. It allows you to get a stone erection at any time. Just a few movements by the pump – and you can proceed to sexual intercourse. But only after applying the pump, it is recommended to immediately put on an erective ring.

Vacuum pumps are also a simulator to increase the penis. But this is an individual practice that gives the result after several months of classes. This is a really effective method if training takes place at least 4 times a week. And to increase, you need a special cream that will cause blood flow to the organ.

Anal lubricants

Anal sex is impossible without special lubrication. In the area of the anus, there is no natural secret to moisturize, so intimate lubrication is required. Gays anal lubricant often choose a special:

  • For fisting. This is a composition that does not evaporate quickly. Such lubricants are quite thick, and make sliding perfectly smooth. Compounds are produced on both the water and silicone basis. With sex toys for gays, it is worth using only water lubricants.
  • With anesthesia. Special anesthetics relieve unpleasant sensations, allow you to relax. Such lubrication is especially necessary for those who are just starting to practice anal sex. It is applied 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse, so that the components have time to act.
  • Antibacterial. With anal sex, it is easy to catch some kind of infection if you practice proximity without a condom. It is possible not only infection with some diseases, but also the hit of someone else’s microflora on the body, inflammation of the skin from this. To avoid such effects, antibacterial lubricants are used. They do not protect against STDs, but reduce the risks of infection of micro -rattles, which often occur in the process.

Which anal lubricant to choose for gays? If sex in water is planned, then a silicone -based lubricant is better. It evaporates less and is economically consumed. But the water lubricant does not leave traces on clothes, it is easily washed off without soap.

Urethral masturbation goods

Masturbation can have different forms, and immersing objects of the urethra is also a way to enjoy. People with a variety of orientation practice such experiments.

Sowning items have a small diameter. They are neatly introduced into the urinary channel. The first experiments can be painful, but then contentment will appear.

Exciting creams

To strengthen an erection dream of many men. And use the most safe drugs for this. There are special exciting creams that cause a rush of blood to a member, which immediately gives strong excitement. With such drugs you can be confident in your capabilities at any time. And such funds do not affect the gastrointestinal tract.

Exciting creams also enhance sensitivity. Due to the large amount of blood, nerve endings are activated, and the usual touches may seem more intense.

Prostate massagers

Prostate massager is an excellent remedy for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis. Most often it is bought when the problem has already appeared, but a person does not want to attend massage from the doctor, but chooses the independent stimulation of this area. And regular procedures help to maintain male power.

But the prostate massager is also able to give a pleasant sensation. Stimulation through the anus can be very interesting if you combine it with caresses of other areas. This is a sex toy for gays that opens up new opportunities. Especially unusual emotions give vibrating models. By adjusting the intensity, you can bring it closer and delay orgasms, and this is a fascinating practice for any pair.Sex toys for gays do not differ from adult goods that use heterosexual couples. They are interested in BDSM-Tovars, erotic linen for men, role-playing costumes, massage oils and other devices. All these things are always available in our store. We offer a wide range of things for sex, which make proximity brighter and more exciting.

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