Sex toys for men. Where to begin?

Sex toys for men. Where to begin?.

If you are tired of masturbation with a hand or curious to try something new, there are many options for sex toys. Many sex toys are designed specifically for men, you can also use some toys that are intended for women. For almost everyone there is something that is ideal for pleasure.

If you are interested in toys exclusively for masturbation, keep in mind that many of them can also be used during the prelude or intercourse with a partner.

– Sleeve for masturbation (masturbator). Such a toy surrounds the penis with elastic material, imitating the sensations of penetrating sex. The most famous masturbator is Fleshlight. It can be of various models, including realistic, imitating anus, mouth or vulva. A large amount of lubricant when using such a masturbator will help reduce friction, enhance sensations and make masturbation more comfortable.

– Erective ring. Designed to hold blood in the penis, which guarantees a stronger and long -term erection. Erective rings can be put on a scrotum to extend pleasure and delay ejaculation. Erective rings from various materials are made. They can be made of elastic materials such as silicone, thermoplastic rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, as well as inelastic – leather (often regulated), plastic and metal. Some rings vibrate, adding additional stimulation of the area under the testicles (or clitoris when used during vaginal penetration).

– Prostate stimulator. Many men are pleasure in stimulating a prostate, also known as “Male point g”. Some may experience an orgasm only from prostate stimulation, while others report a more intense orgasm. Falloimitators, anal traffic jams and balls can also be suitable for stimulation of prostate. One useful advice: when it comes to any type of anal stimulation, lubrication is your best friend!

– Vacuum pump. Like the erective ring, the vacuum pump delays blood in the penis to make an erection stronger and the penis is a little larger. However, an increase in size is short -lived. Over time, the penis will return to its usual size. When the air pumps out of the cylinder located above the penis, the blood rushes and fills the erectile. Some men are pleased with the suction of the pump.

– Fetish toys. Belts of fidelity, toys for electrical stimulation, clamps for nipples… The list can continue and continue! There is a huge selection of Fetish toys, and the possibilities for experiments are endless. Think about what you like and use it as a starting point for research.

Sex toys are of various shapes, sizes, materials and prices. Many prefer to buy such goods on the Internet due to greater confidentiality. However, if you want to personally see how the toy works before buying it, think about visiting the store. If you decide to personally study your potential toy, pay attention to its size, texture, vibration intensity and control capabilities. After you bought a toy, do not forget to thoroughly wash it, as after use. Sex toys made of incorrect materials (such as glass, silicone and metal) are preferable, since it is easier to care for them. Toys made of porous materials should be used with condoms. To clean the toy, follow the instructions on the package – most of them can be washed with soft soap and water. Do not use bactericidal soap.

If you decide that sex toys are not for you, you still have options! If you are generally satisfied with masturbation with your hand and you are simply looking for something to enhance pleasure, try new movements or add lubricants with various effects. Successful experiments!

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