Sex toys with remote control: what is it and how to use?

Sex toys with remote control: what is it and how to use?.

Sex toys with remote control includes not only those that are controlled by the remote control, but also high-tech devices, the management of which can be carried out using a smartphone. Such toys are perfect for suitable in cases where you and your partner are not nearby when you want to try something unusual and new, thereby adding peppercorn to your relationship, and even when you do not want to suffer with the control panel.

We-Connect application

How does it work?

The We-Connect application allows you to connect We-Vibe sex toys and control them using a smartphone. When both of you have a We-Vibe vibrator, you can simultaneously exchange pleasure with each other.

How to connect?

1. Download free We-Connect application from App Store or Google Play.

2. Synchronize We-Vibe and smartphone.

3. Send a request to the partner to invite him for adventure.

Application functions

– Creation of user playlists. You can choose the modes, intensity and duration, and then save them in the list of reproduction.

– Video / text chat. You can communicate with your partner using a text or video chat in the application.

– Changing modes and intensity by touch. You can draw a smartphone on the screen to change the modes and “pinch” to adjust the intensity of stimulation. It is worth remembering that pre -installed vibration modes depend on the product. SYNC offers two exclusive modes. When you connect to SYNC, the BEAT and Touch mode will be illuminated pink, which shows readiness for work.

– Vibration in the beat of music. You can use the playlist right from your phone to set the mood you want, or use another mode mode, captures the sounds surrounding you.

– Touch mode – real time. This regime makes partners feel great proximity. Each action performed on the screen is instantly converted into vibration.

Magic Motion app

How does it work?

Thanks to the Magic Motion application, you can create your own vibration drawings, contact a partner and even a player. Through Bluetooth 4.0 Users can connect a number of Magic Motion intelligent devices to the application. Each device has its own unique settings.

How to connect?

1. Download free Magic Motion application from App Store or Google Play.

2. Connect Bluetooth and select your own from the list of devices.

3. Turn on the vibrator after the activation of the application. In the operating mode, the stimulator will ignore the commands of the smartphone.

Application functions

– Music player. You can turn on any file saved on your phone, and the toy vibrates in this rhythm.

– Kegel mode. Exercises for training intimate muscles: 4 seconds strain the most secret, 4 seconds rest. And so 4 times. Then you need to squeeze and unclench female muscles under the clicking of a metronome.

– Music mode. The mode works in conjunction with any radio.

– Voice mode. The vibrator can obey your voice, even distinguish a whisper.

– Scheme mode. The modes and speeds can be changed on the smartphone screen. The user mode allows you to configure the contrast of vibrations to your taste, and the settings will remain until the next application. – Game mode. Based on the action of the motion sensor. That is, your partner or you yourself must wave a smartphone as a conductor’s stick to control the vibrator.

– Remote control. You invite your partner to connect to remote control in several variations.

– Statistics. The Magic Motion application maintains a diary of your sexual life and records games. At the end of the month you can understand how many minutes spend on secret pleasures.

Toys on the control panel (at a short distance)

Sex toys with remote control can be controlled using the remote control, and the range is quite small – up to 15 meters. Toys such as anal traffic jams, clitoral stimulants in panties and vibrators for steam are more popular. The convenience of such management lies in the fact that it is not necessary to switch the stimulation modes on the toy itself, you do not have to remove and the probability of spoiling the intimate moment is extremely small.

You can turn on the video chat and use synchronized toys for a greater sense of intimacy. So you will see a partner’s reaction. You can also communicate through the chat or even by phone, so you will not see each other, but the intensity of passions can be even more.

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