5 advantages of sex in the dark | Practices

5 advantages of sex in the dark.

5 advantages of sex in the dark | Practices
. At the same time, touch and smell enters the game, the sensitivity and tactile sensations from preliminary caresses and intercourse are intensified. There are other, no less good, reasons to try sex in the dark.

Many people mistakenly believe that high -quality sex requires a certain atmosphere and surroundings, like silk sheets, candles in exquisite candlesticks and outright underwear, but this is not entirely true, sometimes it is enough to draw the curtains and muffle the light to plunge into the mysterious twilight of the bedroom. What is still interesting sex in the dark?

It’s easier to relax in the dark

Sexologists conducted a number of experiments in which more than one hundred pairs participated. One was proposed to make love in the daytime or in the light, the other had sex in complete darkness. At the end of the experiment, the results were published that stated that people engaged in love in the light did not enjoy fully due to the fact that they could not completely relax and experienced some constraint. People who have intimate contact took place in the darkness completely enjoyed love joys.

Easier to hide the flaws of figures

There are not many people who have a perfect body, but they prefer sex in pitch darkness, embarrassed by existing, often invented, flaws. Naturally, in the dark, the partner will not consider cellulite, folds on the stomach or suddenly jumping up a pimple, and men will not be embarrassed due to the presence of a beer tummy, an excessive amount of hair on the body or scars. Lack of light during proximity makes people more confident and liberated.

The opportunity not to be disappointed in a partner

Having turned off the light, having tightly drawn the curtains or hiding by a blanket, you can not only get rid of your complexes for a while, but also not be disappointed in a partner, this is especially true with the first sexual contact. Imagination draws it in all its glory, but far from always the invented image corresponds to reality. This situation is applicable to representatives of both sexes, because we are all living people, and not the pictures processed in Photoshop, without any flaws. To avoid an awkward situation in bed, stew the light, ladies and gentlemen.5 advantages of sex in the dark | Practices

Lack of light will help surprise a partner

Even if you have long and firmly married, you tested all the techniques of mutual satisfaction, and at the same time a good half of the poster poses, this does not mean at all that there is no place for a new and surprising way in your bed. Express the light, dive under the blanket and start to easily slide your hands over the body’s body, not forgetting to whisper all kinds of obscenities in his ear, the thoughts of which will definitely not visit you in the light of day. Twilight and tender, attentive partner sometimes start more than the opportunity to contemplate the body of a loved one.

Proximity with extinguished light gives a secret

The abundance of modern gadgets does not allow the house to plunge into complete darkness, and sex in the illuminated room deprives the intimate contact of romance and mystery. The proximity in pitch darkness becomes common for two secrets, brings morally and strengthens the relationship between partners.

Other receptors are activated

And in the absence of light, other senses are activated. Touch, smell becomes more pronounced, which changes the idea of the usual. In sex, other parts of the brain become involved, which makes it more exciting. What to do if you create complete darkness? In the modern world, lanterns often shine outside the windows, and there are gadgets with backlights around. Then blindfolds will come to the rescue. You can use them for one partner or for two.

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