5 types of dirty sex, if you are a little pervert | Entertaining sexology

5 types of dirty sex if you are a little pervert.

5 types of dirty sex, if you are a little pervert | Entertaining sexology
Each of us in the soul is a little pervert (some – a lot). Even if you have exclusively “classic” types of sex, no, no, no, no, no dirty thought or fantasy slip through-and don’t say that this was not the case.;) Today we will run through those types of sexual interaction, which for some reason is considered to be incredible vulgarity, explain why, and also tell you how to approach them more accurately. Read and inspire.

Anal sex

Fortunately, now you will not surprise anyone – thank you porn. Hetero and homo-pairs, and even hetero-pairs with an exchange of roles are engaged in anal sex (when a man becomes a passive side-he is pegging). However, it cannot be said that this sexual practice has completely freed from stereotypes and speculation. And we have five reasons for this in a famous song.

The first and main reason is, of course, disgust. In the end, everyone understands that we are making this hole. Second: a common judgment that Anal sex – This is something “gay”. The third is possible pain and discomfort from intercourse. The fourth is a fear of injuries and even diseases such as hemorrhoids, which this very sex allegedly provokes. And, finally, the fifth inherent in the female sex is the conviction that Anal sex humiliating and makes a woman “dirty” and “fallen”.

Disracting speculations about “gay”, “humiliating” and other things we will not even affect – each has its own framework for the permitted. Let’s just say that sex – meaningful and by mutual agreement – cannot be humiliating. A woman does not get worse from a particular sexual practice, the number of partners or the wealth of experience, and gays, according to statistics, generally prefer Oral And manual affection. But the rest of the points, more “utilitarian”, can become a serious obstacle to pleasure. Fortunately, for each of them there is a solution.

Pre -made will help to avoid unpleasant surprises enema or Anal shower. No need to clean the rectum “to the squeak”, just go to the toilet and use a special device that has known everything since childhood. Then you will feel more confident, and the partner will not be unpleasantly surprised. But still it is worth remembering: anal sex is not quite disgusting. Perhaps everything.:)

Pain will help to dance a special Lubrication with anesthetic, Relaxing spray And good preparation. The “receiving party” must be carefully heated and excited – for this you can use anal balls or traffic jam (it can be pre -poured inside to prepare the muscles), and immediately before sex, caress the hole with a tongue or fingers. Good lubricant – 70% success, it is better not to skimp on it. For the first time it is better not to take Grounding lubrication: You have enough shocks.:)) it will help to avoid possible microtrauma and cracks if it contains caring and healing components. What about hemorrhoids, prolapse and other terrible words? Do not worry, even regular anal sex does not provoke these diseases. If you, of course, do not accept giant objects on an ongoing basis.

A little entertaining story: Images anal intercourse Scientists find even in cave painting – imagine how ancient this practice? The Romans and the Greeks were not shy at all: you just have to recall the symposia, where men indulged in absolute hedonism and carnal pleasures. Rumor has it that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was a big fan of this type of sex, and she knew a lot about sexual games! From ancient times, anal sex was practiced as a means of interaction and installation of the hierarchy, as well as the only possible method of contraception – in those days it was, sorry for the pun, tight.

And if our ancestors were not shy, then why should we?;)

Deep blowjob

5 types of dirty sex, if you are a little pervert | Entertaining sexology
Once an ordinary blowjob was considered something terrible and unacceptable-“it kisses these lips of my children!”. Fortunately, it passed: Fellation Now an integral part of any prelude. What about the deep throat? It is easy to guess what it is – when you take a member completely, directly in the throat. The partner can at the same time make frictions independently, literally fucking you in your mouth – this is called Irrumation. Rumor has it that all men secretly dream about it.;) In fact, bringing a partner to an orgasm in this way is very, very simple: firstly, the mucous membrane of the oral and throat is very similar to the mucous membrane of the vagina, and the throat muscles are also able to contract, squeezing the penis. Secondly, it is purely psychologically and aesthetically attractive: the absolute domination of the partner does not start Hilo. Why is this considered a perversion?
The reasons for about the same as in the previous paragraph. The introduction of a penis deep into the throat can cause difficulty breathing, pain and vomiting reflex (which, by the way, may well be realized -!). In addition, this always causes an incredible amount of thick saliva, which flows over a penis, face, chest and everything that will get to. Often, the host side begins involuntary lacrimation – after all, it is not easy to work, a deep sip. In general, from our female side, all this seems disgusting: saliva, flowing mascara and a look of a hamster with eyes in a heap.

But wait, doesn’t this excite men? No matter how “dirty” the partner may look, the man does not give a damn – he is excited by this depraved look. Yes, and saliva too. And you can and should fight with vomiting reflex – if you really need it.

How to make your task easier? Well, let’s start with the fact that the courses in the technique of deep blowjob There are many – choose to your taste and wallet. You prefer self -education? There are books and video tutorials. And even ours Special guide with step -by -step instructions. If briefly: the right pose is very important (the throat should be relaxed and as if on the same straight line with the mouth and penis) and, of course, training. The gag reflex is dulling over time, and proper breathing during the process will help make it more comfortable. However, you can’t do without cheating: a goodly lubricated member slides much better, and sucking it is more pleasant. Especially if it’s delicious Oral lubricant. A little “freeze” the throat and dull the sensation will help a special deep blowjob spray – It is made on the basis of benzocaine and significantly facilitates the process. And mint lubrication will not only make a blowjob tastier, but also a little refresh the sensation.


In general, the term “Fisting»Formed from the English word Fist – Fist. But this practice includes a wide range of manipulations, starting with Fingering (fingering – introduction of fingers) And finishing Footfisting (Foot fisting – manipulations with the feet and/or foot). And if we talk easier – this is when something big is thrust into you. More than a member.:) Why do people love Fisting? Because in this way you can get a feeling of incredible fullness and even crowded, as well as to massage the vagina or anus as deep as possible, touching all the nerve endings.

This, of course, is not a pleasure for everyone, and newcomers should better get experience before switching to the level of “hard”. Thoughts that you might have a whole fist that can be scared by anyone – after all, it must be painful and traumatic. But if there is a desire, it needs to be satisfied, and it is better with minimal risks.

If we are talking about vaginal fisting, Everything is somewhat simpler. Firstly, the female vagina is, first of all, the birth canal that are able to stretch out and then contract. With proper patience and good aids, everything will pass as comfortable and safe as possible – most importantly, start gradually. To begin with, you can practice fingeering, gradually increasing the number of fingers and reaching the palm of your hand. When the muscles are quite stretched, you can proceed to more voluminous objects. With anal fisting It is already more complicated – the sphincter muscles work more likely to go out than to input, and you will have to sweat a lot to overcome their resistance. It is better to practice Fisting, If you have a passion for Great phalloimitators and deep penetrations – it will not be possible to jump from a place in the quarry.

Safety and life hacks:

Use gloves! This is not only hygienic, but also facilitates the introduction, but also prevents the occurrence of microcracks and injuries, which can be carelessly applied with nails. And we don’t need bacteria exchange either.
Do not regret lubrication. It really needs a lot of it. It is best to take specialized creams and lubricants – their special formula includes caring and healing components, super -slip oils and a little anesthetic to reduce pain. They are sold at once in large volumes – just what you need.
Do not neglect toys! Maybe, Smooth latex fist For Fisting will enter a little better than a “living” hand. In addition, this is ideal for those who practice Fisting As masturbation. You can start with something smaller, and then go to big – remember about the gradual? Another great option: phallos And Pugs with pumping. These are toys made of elastic material that can be inserted into the body, and then inflated with a pear inside. Thus, you will not have to put something huge into yourself, and the muscles will stretch, preparing you to penetrate.
Watch your health. The physiological capabilities of a person vary from the individual to the individual, and someone can calmly accept in himself A huge dildo, And someone will have enough palm. Perhaps this is not the case when it is worth jumping above the head – therefore, with the slightest discomfort, pain, and even more bleeding, it is better to postpone sexual practices and visit a doctor.

BDSM and fetish

5 types of dirty sex, if you are a little pervert | Entertaining sexology
Oh, these Sado-Mazo of the game! Some consider themselves fans of the genre, limiting themselves to slaps on the ass, and some yells from only one thought about whips And handcuffs. When we see these treasured four letters, the imagination draws terrible paintings: predatory bitch in Latex, Huge men in the executioner masks, a hole, buttocks torn in the blood, pain, horror, torture. Is it so?

Of course, so – if you yourself want it yourself. Three principles BDSM – Safety, Sanity, Consensuality, or Security, Reasonability, Volunteering (in an alternative – and more, in our opinion, accurate description – accuracy, sanity, coordination). This is not a punishment or torture in the classical sense – here no one has a goal to harm or cripple. All parties must be informed, discuss the boundaries of the permissible and choose a stop word, after which the process will be immediately completed. In other words, if you do not agree to bloodletting or a notorious caulch – no one can force you. If you take the role of a submissive (slave, “lower”), “upper” is simply obliged to ensure that its actions do not cause damage to you, and vice versa. The facets of the permitted are determined by discussion and necessarily – by achieving consensus. Not so scary, really?

BDSM and fetish – This is a huge sphere of sexual life, which includes a lot of practices. Flogging, Pete-Ray, the aforementioned pissing, footfitish, transvestism, electricity torture and so on, so on – the list is truly endless. The main thing is to decide what really excites and attracts you. And also:

  • Determine the role. Upper you, lower, or Svitch (a person who is capable of accepting both the side) is a predetermining factor in this matter. Most likely, it will not be difficult to understand: the couple always has a more dominant and more submissive partner, and your sexual behavior will tell you more about you than anyone else.
  • Find a suitable partner. Find an experienced mistress on a thematic site, or go this difficult path with its half – if only there was mutual understanding and trust. It is very important, again, to properly distribute the roles: the 100 % Nizhny cannot dominate (or will do it very unconvincing), and the dominant will be clearly uncomfortable in the image of a submissive slave. Better don’t even try to adapt to the inappropriate role – this is a hype. The search for a partner can take a certain time, but subsequently it will pay off in a hundred times size.
  • Choose the scope of the permitted. Perhaps later they will expand greatly – but everything has its own time. Start with something “light”: let it be soft Shplepalka And delicate silk Binding ribbons. Metal Spacers And the leather shackles will not run away from you. This also includes a stop-word: it will definitely be needed in the process of the session, if something goes wrong (but we sincerely hope that this will not happen).

Of course, not a single BDSM session will do without special devices: either Accessories for flogging or Clothing to create a suitable image. Go around thematic section – Perhaps one of toys He will promp the interesting thoughts.

Pissing and Coprophilia

Perhaps the dirtiest fetish, in the literal sense of the word. Sexual manipulations with feces and urine are unlikely to understand the majority, but fans of such entertainment, believe me, are a lot (yes, they are among us). Pissing, He is golden rain, he Ralangia – process, ahemist, urination for a partner or adoption of urination. Can be both independent practice and an addition to sex. Urofilles can both irrigate the body of a partner and urinate in a vagina, anus or mouth of a partner. It sounds disgusting, isn’t it?

However, as we have already said, Pissing – Quite popular entertainment. Illustrations with Rolandy They painted several centuries ago, and now on the request of Pissing you can find gigabytes porn. If you are not squeamish to a certain extent, and the thought of peeing on someone does not bother you – this is one good advice. Buy Vinyl sheet – This will not only save your bedding, but also save time and nerves on cleaning. It is easy to wash such a sheet, and not a single smell on it will linger.

But even Pissing It may seem innocent pranks compared to Coprophyliasexual thrust for excrement and defecation. It is difficult to say why people do this – most likely, the psychological component plays an important role here. With the help of defecation, a person unequivocally shows his dominance (or submissiveness – depending on the chosen side), and it is unlikely that there is a more unambiguous way to express this. In extreme cases Coprophilia Accompanied Coprophagia – eating excrement, which, however, can be completely unsafe, since this is, nevertheless, the waste of life, including harmful bacteria.
CoprolaliaCompulsive pronunciation of obscene words – It is also included in this term (yes, the notorious Dirty Talk is also considered – however, it is not entirely clear why).

Sex – This is not just a process for continuing the genus: it is an art, it is a language of interaction, it is a tool for self -expression and pleasure. To do this, it is not enough to have the genitals, as many can count – in sex it is possible and necessary to improve, open a new one, study and train, as in any other lesson. Toys, sex lights and your own indefatigable curiosity will help in this: you will see, you just start to start. And even if something seems to you dirty, vulgar and condemned, you do not need to push it into the far corner of consciousness. In the end, no one can determine the framework except ourselves, and it is high time to stereotypes to self -destroy.

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